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Trainerlevel: 46

Trainerpoints: 1,397/6,393


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Alcremie (Matcha))
1,0383,062,848 / 3,235,447
~Reiki~ (#2167; 88 OS)
(Mega Lucario)
6541,206,397 / 1,522,599
(Lycanroc (Dusk))
586876,511 / 1,031,947
8752,561,060 / 2,733,236
532611,884 / 1,004,928
Ledyba16181 / 654

Shiny Hunt

~Lycario is currently hunting Rokkyu.
Hunt started: 14/11/2022

Chain: 64
1 1 0


~Lycario is currently hunting Rokkyu.
Hunt started: 24/12/2021

Chain: 113

2 ___1 ___0

(Hunting for a Shiny Mega Lucario-sensei without buying premium, event passes, flutes and mega cuff.)

Chain 1 - Shiny @ #50
Chain 2 - Mega @ #14 (64th overall), Shiny @ #43 (93rd overall)

~Lycario is currently safari-hunting Vivillon (Marine).
Hunt started: —/—/2022

Chain: 24


~Lycario is currently voucher-hunting Charmander (Retro).
Hunt started: —/—/2022

Chain: 59

0 ___0 ___0


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #42387202
Registration: 21/09/2021 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 1260:09 Hours
Total interactions: 537,913
Money: 731,596
Starter Pokémon: Giga Charizard


This XD

ignore low nuggets
9 Days ago
She’s finally level 1000! :D

Now hopefully my luck will improve. The 323 clover sweets or 644 shiny star dusts I have aren’t working, so maybe she will instead xD

Already got a Rokkyu egg from DC, so maybe, just maybe, it’s working, and my luck may somehow get better :D
13 Days ago
Leah is back! Spoilers in comments.

Interaction exchange? ❤️ for return.
14 Days ago
(Late) Happy New Year from New Zealand! :D

I’m currently on holiday right now, so don’t expect me to be online much (or at all XD). I’ll reply to messages in a while, the signal’s not so great where I am.

So apparently I won an award for liking feeds!? Probably because I have too many people on FL, and I like every feed, and get this message all the time XD: “You like too much! Please try again in a few hours.” Thank you, and congrats to the other winners! :D

Wish the premium was given as vouchers though.. Same with advent calendar, and other contests.

Oh, and got the egg to get to max chance! The hunt really begins now! :D
1 Month ago
[Attention all Event/SM/Shiny hunters]

Have you noticed you’re getting less eggs lately? And none of them are event/MA/shiny? That’s because the Buff Daycare Owner is stealing most of our eggs! The Daycare Owner is an old man who (I’m sure you already know) steals our eggs. The Wide Lens is actually a tool that he uses to find out which eggs are event/shiny/MA. He takes these special eggs and keeps them for himself. The normal eggs are either eaten by his stolen Pokémon to make them stronger, or sold to Rowan and the Gem Collector as part of a deal. The ‘released to wild’ message is just a cover story for this. And when confronted, he turns into the Buff Daycare Owner, who owns thousands of strong, rare Pokémon.

Full theory by Teller and Penguin in comments.


(Credits of linked artwork go to Hunterz~Wolf)
1 Month ago
1OS? :D Please let me know if you see another that’s been hatched earlier. (The eggs have special sprites by the way)
2 Months ago
"By Anniversary - 2 Hours and 55 Minutes ago.
You've been a member on PokéHeroes for more than 1 Year now!

→ Claim your gift

Has it been a year already!? It doesn't feel like it..probably because I was hunting half the time

Quite a successful year: Level 42, almost 1000 hours of game time, just 3 badges left, hatched an SM, first on a ranklist, all dexes except hisui complete, all currently buyable plushies, 24 out of the 34 storage boxes I need, 3/7 shiny mewtons unlocked (almost 5), final galar map, unown quest complete, all normal harvest sprites, gardener level 32, fisherman's hat

❤️ this feed and feed him for a chance to win some random stuff. don't expect too much though Ends when my premium ends, on the 30th. :D
4 Months ago
By PokéRadar - 2 Hours and 22 Minutes ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Riolu hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #2167)!

Finally!! Took over 3 months. Adamant Male SM!! :D
4 Months ago
ShinyMegaLucarioGuy >>> ~Lycario

<<< #NewAvi ©Hunterz~Wolf <3
9 Months ago
My new number was 1 - so it was lower than 5!

You made it to round 55. You won 10570 Game Chips - congratulations!
[Try again!]

OMG!! First on ranklist!!! :D
1 Year ago

About Me~

Lycario/Lucario | He/Him
Aussie | ISTP-A

Formerly: ShinyMegaLucarioGuy

Favourite Pokémon: Lucario, with Shiny Dusk Lycanroc in close second.

11 hours ahead of server time~

Feel free to friend me, I will most likely add you back! :D If I randomly add you first, that means you’re a nice person!

If you have any questions about this game, feel free to PM (Private Message) or PP (Palpad) me!

One thing: I will block/report constant rule-breakers..

Luck Charm, by Yamper

First on the HoL ranklist since 13:24 19/01/2022!

Winner in the first category of the first ever Offical PokéHeroes Awards (2022):

Avatar ©Hunterz~Wolf on Toyhouse @her shop.

Holiday Avatars ©Grei on Toyhouse @his shop

Lycario Artwork ©Leolion/Leon Albertus on Toyhouse.

Lycario Sprites ©Yamper @his shop.

None of these are to be used without the artist/spriter’s permission, and my permission.

(All sprites used in other profile panels are from PokéHeroes)

Goal: OT Pokédex [Pt. 1]

yes, I am crazy!

(OT of normal, shiny, forme change and gender different sprites of all Pokémon)

So, this is probably my biggest goal on PH, so I’ll use this profile panel (and a few others) for it.

Currently hunting: SM Lucario-sensei
Currently LF: PD

First, I’ll need storage, and I’ve calculated that it’ll be 17,200,000 more PD for storage boxes and upgrades. And I’ll need egg storage too, for some hunts, so 377,625,000 PD more for a 100. 😅

Then, I’ll need these gems for Shiny: Aura Trio, Bird Trio, Ditto, Legend Horses (3x each) and Raylong:
568/250,000 + 1000 x2
1131/250,000 + 7500 + 1000 x3
299/1,500,000 + 250,000 + 7500 + 1000 x3
506/750,000 + 7500 + 1000 + 1000
294/1,500,000 + 1000
1042/1000698/1,000,000 + 1000 x4
117/1000 x5 + 7500 x2 + 500 107/1000 x5
847/7500456/7500 + 1000 x2
290/7500 + 1000 465/1000 x4465/1000 x3 729/1000 x2 452/1000 x2 423/1000

Goal: OT Pokédex [Pt. 2]

Summon items:

Meltan Candy - 0/306
Nebula Stone - 72/800
Enigma Stone 0/400
Resolute Stone - 3/200

Ultra Saddle - 2/200 + 100 x 9

The Art of Defense - 0/200
The Art of Combat - 0/200
Purple Feather - 5/100
Orange Feather - 1/100
Grey Feather - 7/100
Eternal Rock - 14/200

Old Vinyl - 17/600?

Light Stone - 0/100
Dark Stone - 2/100

Hard Rock - 1/100
Light Rock - 0/100
Cold Rock - 1/100

Azelf Egg Voucher - 1/50
Mesprit Egg Voucher - 2/50
Uxie Egg Voucher - 1/50
Shiny Lugia Egg Voucher - 0/1
Magearna GB Egg Voucher - 0/1
Magearna UB Egg Voucher - 0/1
Magearna MB Egg Voucher - 0/1
Shiny Magearna Egg Voucher - 0/1
Shiny Magearna PB Egg Voucher - 0/1
Shiny Magearna GB Egg Voucher - 0/1
Shiny Magearna UB Egg Voucher - 0/1
Shiny Magearna MB Egg Voucher - 0/1

Retro Mew Egg Voucher - 0/50+ (1:50 chance)
Retro Starter Egg Voucher - 0/? (For Charmander (Retro) - Currently hatched: 59)

Star Piece - 45/500

White Powder - 4/750

Bird Fossil - 7/100
Dino Fossil - 7/100
Fish Fossil - 7/100
Drake Fossil - 5/100

Frozen Lava/Submarine Volcano (Map)/Bottled Message - 3.8/100

Adamant Orb/Vortex of Time (Map) - 0/200
Lustrous Orb/Hollow Space (Map) - 1/200
Yellow Lunar Wing/Full Moon Island (Map) - 0/100
Red Lunar Wing/New Moon Island (Map) - 0/100
Sapphire/Marine Cave (Map) - 0/200
Ruby/Terra Cave (Map) - 2/200
Emerald/Sky Pillar (Map) - 2/200
Magma Stone/Volcano Cave (Map) - 1/100
Dark Orb/Spooky Manor (Map)/Griseous Orb - 0/300

Other Needed Items
- A lot of Everstones (3272/a lot)
- A lot of Mega Stones (5/a lot)
- A lot of Dynamax Crystals (23/~756)
- A lot of Soothe Bells (373/a lot)
- 16x Celestica/Azure Flute
- 2x Rusted Sword and Shield
- Leek
- 4x Focus Sash
- 2x Peat Block
- 2x Black Augurite
- 2x Destiny Knot
- 371x Super Honey (Shiny Nappy)
- 4x Scroll of Waters
- 3x Scroll of Darkness

Goal: OT Pokédex [Pt. 3]

Shiny Mewton Log

Coinflips: 20,442/500,000
Concentration matched pairs: 15,176/20,000
Bought lottery tickets: 210,010/200,000
Higher or Lower correct guesses: 6,245/5,000
Solved hangmen: 1,520/1,000
Opened treasure boxes: 4,805/5,000
Spent Golden Game Chips: 31,900/50,000

Shiny Harvest Sprite Log

Dishes cooked in the Berrygarden Toolshed: 654/10,000
Pokémon caught at the Honeytree: 120/500
Total interactions: 533,241/10,000,000
Berries at Level 100: 1/10
Adopted lab eggs: 964/50,000
Pokémon caught at the Beach: 2,799/10,000
Adopted tall grass eggs: 489/7,500


1001/119,730,000 (excluding Magearnas from Raffle and Shiny Lugia from Lottery)


112000 or 1932/1400000 for event legendary hunts.

12320 per years premium with flutes (shiny hunts)
15020 per years premium with flutes and mega cuff (SM hunts)

Luck: 323
Shiny Dust: 644

All profile panels are updated at least once a week. Last update was on 04/01/2023

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