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Space-Time distortions

Forum-Index Suggestions Space-Time distortions
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Posted: Wed, 13/07/2022 06:00 (2 Months ago)
There is this cool feature in pokemon legends arceus where randomly a space-time distorsion appears. These events consist on a crash on the space and time where pokemon and items from diferent time (like fossil pokemon or futuristic pokemon like magnemite or porygon) spawns.
First how would this feature work?
First ill explain how could spawn
Well i was tinking that S-T distortions would appear randomly while changing pages, the percentaje could depend on the amount of interactions you've made from last S-T distortion
1001-5000--------50% (MAX)
For avoiding this to become to overpowered there should be a limit of 1 S-T distortion per 20 trainer levels

Ok, i already explained how can they spawn, but what does it do?
When you find the distortion you will appear in a page saying
"It seems like a space-time distortion is forming, do you wanna go in?"
Once you enter a minigame will start where you can get pokemon from easy rarity to rare, fossil pokemon and past event distributions (with at least 3 years old representing past of pokeheroes) and hisuian forms, you can also get items like mystery items, berries, evo stones and a new item: the shards. These last ones would be the most common ones and their purpose could be to trade them for accesories at beauty contest.

Why to add this?
The main reason i wanted to suggest this is because it would be a nice way to redistribute events that are no longer available (like ducklet's party events or retro radar) without simply having them at the event shop (now we will steal them from the past lol)
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Posted: Tue, 26/07/2022 19:32 (2 Months ago)
This suggestion has received Mod approval and is now open for discussion.
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Posted: Wed, 21/09/2022 17:57 (6 Days ago)
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Posted: Thu, 22/09/2022 09:55 (6 Days ago)
Being someone who is currently collecting OT event pokemon that is not bred in the daycare, this is a feature that I will use a lot.

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