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Posted: Sat, 04/02/2023 01:35 (3 Months ago)

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Posted: Sat, 04/02/2023 01:14 (3 Months ago)
Hey C H I L D E

hows life :>

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Posted: Fri, 03/02/2023 01:38 (3 Months ago)
hug :D

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Posted: Fri, 03/02/2023 01:20 (3 Months ago)
hey stoopid <3

theres no landscape form TwT

could i order a flower feild with lillies and/or sakuras pls? Completely desaturated and mainly gray tysm

(also u forgor to unlock me)

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Posted: Wed, 01/02/2023 01:14 (4 Months ago)
Update! Adding a sparkle gif is now an option!!!

@Moose Aww thanks for making it ur pfp! :D
@Sobble accepted :)

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Posted: Tue, 31/01/2023 00:46 (4 Months ago)

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Posted: Mon, 30/01/2023 03:26 (4 Months ago)
just shiny???????? I'll add sparkles too.

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Posted: Mon, 30/01/2023 03:25 (4 Months ago)

that was eevee ;-;

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Posted: Mon, 30/01/2023 03:24 (4 Months ago)
10/10 love the use of BBC Code to make that mini game thing

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Posted: Mon, 30/01/2023 03:22 (4 Months ago)
you really just want to hatch your eggs but haven't figured out the train widget yet

why do i feel like for me someone's gonna say "you have regrets" or "you're depressed."

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Posted: Sun, 29/01/2023 22:02 (4 Months ago)
✿ Ⓢⓤⓟⓔⓡⓝⓞⓥⓐ    '⃝ⓢ Ⓢⓟⓡⓘⓣⓔ Ⓢⓗⓞⓟ ✿

꧁༺______________ ༻꧂


꧁༺______________ ༻꧂

I mainly do recolors, but I can also do additions to pokemon. Please don't ask me to make anything from scratch, because I can't. I use PH bases for my sprites, and that's why everything is free. Please do not overwork me and stress me out. I'm doing this for practice <3

Important! Adding a sparkle gif thing is now an option! It costs 10k pd to add that because of the tremendous amount of work it takes! Examples of shimmer are under examples!

-Supernova- owns this shop and does all the art, RoyalUltima is a moderator!

꧁༺______________ ༻꧂


꧁༺______________ ༻꧂

꧁༺______________ ༻꧂


꧁༺______________ ༻꧂

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[center][color=gray]༺Nova, I'd like a recolor༻[/color]
Recolor Description:

𝓣𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓴 𝓨𝓸𝓾, 𝓒𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓐𝓰𝓪𝓲𝓷


1. ShinyCeleby- done! Delivering when imgbb is back up!
2. AliciaDragon- done! Delivering when imgbb is back up!

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Posted: Sun, 29/01/2023 21:06 (4 Months ago)
uhm sure! How 'bout now?

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Posted: Sun, 29/01/2023 19:00 (4 Months ago)

Hi Ducky! I want to buy some art >U<
Reference/description, etc. : solar eevee but kinda gray and white (aka desaturated) (like my pfp theme)
Plushie or regular art: plushie
Payment (set a range, pick exact price after I'm finished): 15k-30k
Tips (optional): Maybe a 5k tip
I have read the rules:yep!
Other: yabbadabbadoo how are you

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Posted: Sun, 29/01/2023 18:37 (4 Months ago)
claiming aerie's swan!!!

❄🪻🌌 please!
♦🪷🦩 is okay too

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Posted: Sun, 29/01/2023 16:55 (4 Months ago)
...why is this in country clans

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Posted: Sun, 29/01/2023 16:24 (4 Months ago)
Claiming the 🔥☄️🐍! (thats a snake right?)

Done, will post when you post your for the user above you

For me, I'd like
⚫🦊🌌 (grey+fox+galaxy) (please dont make it purple i cannot stand the color purple)

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Posted: Sun, 29/01/2023 07:16 (4 Months ago)

edited together...it plays out beautifully. A perfect crime.

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Posted: Sun, 29/01/2023 03:34 (4 Months ago)
I feel like this should be ascociated with the Dream World Shop since regular claw machines normally have plushies! So like u could claw for a plushie to send to someone else for like idk 20 dwp? and theres a random selection of like 5-7 plushies raging from 10-70 dwp :D

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Posted: Tue, 24/01/2023 02:06 (4 Months ago)
Nova was back outside. She looked down at Nagaysaki.
"No." she muttered, and walked away.

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Posted: Tue, 24/01/2023 01:47 (4 Months ago)

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