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Zeraora returns to Emera Town

Forum-Index News Zeraora returns to Emera Town
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Posted: Mon, 08/03/2021 00:00 (4 Months ago)
Town-wide hunt for Zeraora

Attention residents and trainers of Emera Town, we have breaking news for you:
The mysterious Pokémon from the Alola-Region, Zeraora, has been sighted near the Town Square of our beloved town! It hides in the shadows and apparently watches trainers interacting with their Pokémon. It seems to be attracted by love and kind gestures - so let's show Zeraora that our town is the most warm-hearted one in the country!

How to meet Zeraora:
Zeraora will appear randomly in your Userbar while you're interacting. The more interactions you make, the higher are your chances to meet it.

It might take a thousand interactions, sometimes even ten thousand or more until you meet it - so you'll need a little luck and patience!
Once Zeraora appears in your userbar, it will stay there until you click on it and claim its gift.

This event ends on March 27th, 2021, at 11:59PM.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Can I have more than one Zeraora in my userbar?
A: No.

Q: Can I get more than one Zeraora during this event?
A: Yes, it's theoretically unlimited.

Q: Do clicklists count?
A: Yes, all interactions count. Training, feeding, clicklists, free hugs on the Index-Page... everything! Also all kinds of interactions give you the same chance to find Zeraora. Feeding a berry does not increase your chances.

Q: Do my interactions for this event reset at midnight?
A: As said, there is a random chance of finding Zeraora after every interaction. There is no counter that has to reach a limit or whatever. The chances are the same after each interaction.

Q: Does Zeraora automatically disappear from my userbar?
No, Zeraora will stay in your userbar until you claim its gift (i.e. the egg) or until the event ends. Even when you try to claim the egg while your party is full, it will still stay there and wait for you to come back.

Q: Does Zeraora break my shiny chain?
A: No.

Q: Can Zeraora be shiny hunted?
A: Since it does not count towards your PokéRadar, it can not be hunted.

Q: Is Zeraora shiny locked?
No, it's not. This year, its shiny chance has even been strongly increased!
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Posted: Mon, 08/03/2021 00:00 (4 Months ago)
c o o l

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Posted: Mon, 08/03/2021 00:00 (4 Months ago)

"If at first you don't succeed... Blow it up again!"
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Posted: Mon, 08/03/2021 00:01 (4 Months ago)
Neat! Hope I can get it!
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Posted: Mon, 08/03/2021 00:08 (4 Months ago)
So Excited :D
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Posted: Mon, 08/03/2021 00:10 (4 Months ago)
Very pog
Prepare for trouble!
And make it double!
To protect the world from devastation!
To unite all peoples within our nation!
To denounce the evils of truth and love!
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That's right!
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Posted: Mon, 08/03/2021 00:23 (4 Months ago)
time for finger wearing

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Yo, it would be rad if you clicked my eggs for my espurr hunt! 6 clicks can change somebody’s life!

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Posted: Mon, 08/03/2021 00:24 (4 Months ago)
time to screw up my fingers ;w;
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Posted: Mon, 08/03/2021 00:25 (4 Months ago)
Time to click
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Posted: Mon, 08/03/2021 00:34 (4 Months ago)

Title: Good Luck!

Have a good time trying to reach the Zeraora event!
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Posted: Mon, 08/03/2021 00:35 (4 Months ago)
What’s the average clicks needed?
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Posted: Mon, 08/03/2021 00:47 (4 Months ago)
idk I only got 650 as I get b0red very often

please click the egg else it'll die :c

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Posted: Mon, 08/03/2021 01:23 (4 Months ago)
No, there's no average or any amount of interactions (clicks) needed!
Its totally random as said. Its totally random means even if you do 1 interaction, you can get it. And you may even need to do 100k...its totally random. Every! Means EVERY click have a potential chance of getting zeraora at the bar.
Click them, please?
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Posted: Mon, 08/03/2021 01:44 (4 Months ago)
Stellar, Zeraora cool
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Posted: Mon, 08/03/2021 03:43 (4 Months ago)
yay!! Zeraora
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Posted: Mon, 08/03/2021 04:01 (4 Months ago)
are the chances hidden
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Posted: Mon, 08/03/2021 07:00 (4 Months ago)
Im gonna do more spamming clicklists now :)

\/--------------- interact with her and you might get a free item or some pd, or even a pokemon! (Just to celebrate Zeraora returns to Emera Town)
<iframe src="https://api.pokeheroes.com/widgets/pkmninteract.php?id=34123789" style="width: 100px; height: 126px; border: 0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
Feed meh

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Posted: Mon, 08/03/2021 09:24 (4 Months ago)
Yes! Can't wait to break my keyboard :')

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Posted: Mon, 08/03/2021 14:19 (4 Months ago)
how many interactions in average does it take to get one?????

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Posted: Mon, 08/03/2021 14:39 (4 Months ago)
@Carbonhydrates and yarn: the general consensus is that it usually takes around 30k interactions, but of course it could be less or more. Its a good starting goal at least. Me personally, I've gotten one at 6k and one at 40k before so there definitely is a big range.