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Easter Egg Spriting Contest 2021 [Winners Announced]

Forum-Index Contests Easter Egg Spriting Contest 2021 [Winners Announced]
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Posted: Fri, 26/02/2021 09:09 (4 Months ago)
Easter Egg Spriting Contest 2021

It's that time of year again. The flowers are blooming, the grass is growing, and the Easter eggs are ready for hiding!

Oh, wait, no they're not - we don't have any colored yet! Could you please help us decorate some, for us to hide? Easter Bunnelby will surely appreciate the extra hands.

Our Easter egg hunt will start about a week before the holiday and ends at reset on April 4th - more details on the event will be given when the actual event post is made.

For now, here is the information on decorating some eggs:


Of course since this is a contest, there has to be a prize! Aside from getting your work featured as a temporary part of the site, the 20 winners will receive 5,000 Event Points.

Those that don't quite make it, but still participated, will receive a participation prize of 1,000 Event Points.

Sprite Requirements - Important! Please read carefully.
Quote from Requirements
Technical Requirements

• All egg sprites must be saved and uploaded in a .png file type. We are not accepting .jpeg, .gif, or any other file type.

• All entries must be digital, and they must be a sprite using pixels. No "drawn" entries.

• All entries must have a transparent background. Entries that have a black, white, or any other color of background will not qualify.

• Please download this blank template to ensure your entry will have the correct size.

(Right click -> "Save image as.." -> Save and Open/Upload to preferred program).

• When uploading, ensure that the site you choose to host your images allows for hosting for more than 30 days (1 month), allows third party viewing, and maintains your entry's transparency. [Suggested upload sites: imgur.com, sta.sh]

• Eggs from previous years may not be re-submitted.

Here are some visuals of do's and don'ts:
Show hidden content
Do's and Dont's

DO .. use pixels. DON'T draw your entry. [We're looking for sprites].
Do: Don't:

DO .. have a transparent background. DON'T have a colored background. [Transparency is important].
Do: Don't:

DO .. make a neat egg. DON'T commit art theft to do so. [That's a no-no].
Do: Don't:

DO .. have a design. DON'T submit a simply recolored egg. [Your entry won't be qualified for any prize].
Do: Don't:

If you have any questions please send them my way, thank you!

Theme Requirements

• Have fun! There are no theme requirements for this contest, be as creative as you want. However, keep in mind:
• These are Easter eggs. Please keep your work within the lines.

• Even if there's no theme, there must still be an actual design. An egg with only one color or just a couple of colors that aren't in some sort of pattern or design, won't be enough to qualify.

Yes you are allowed to change the color of the border. Encouraged to do so!

• In theory, you can submit as many entries as you'd like. But only five eggs of the ones you submit will make it to the staff's voting stage. Please let me know which five of your eggs (if you submit more than five) you would like to go on for voting.

Copyright Statement

• Aside from our provided template, your entries have to be 100% made by yourself.

Pieces of other sprites or art (including official sprites, small icon sprites, item sprites, etc.) are considered art theft and will not qualify for anything, not even the consolation prize.

When you're finished with your entries, please post them here!


All entries must be posted here by March 20th, 23:59.
The winning entries will be chosen by us [the staff] based on quality.
The results (should) be revealed on the day the Easter event releases.

That's it! Get pixel painting and good luck. :)
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Posted: Fri, 26/02/2021 09:29 (4 Months ago)
Hey guys! Let's keep SPAM out of this thread. Please don't post unless you have an actual question about the contest, or are submitting your entries! Thank you, have a good day/night.
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Posted: Fri, 26/02/2021 09:30 (4 Months ago)
How exciting :>

Here we go. Good luck everyone!
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Posted: Fri, 26/02/2021 09:33 (4 Months ago)
Does the Egg have to Be PH Related or Can it be Anything As Long as its PH Friendly/Dont Break Any Rules?

Kiwi the Surfee

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Posted: Fri, 26/02/2021 09:39 (4 Months ago)
@Rioluinrio - It can be anything, but yes keep it site-friendly. Otherwise, just have fun. :)
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Posted: Fri, 26/02/2021 09:55 (4 Months ago)
Are previous eggs images saved any where?
Just want to have a look to ensure my eggs are unique and don't break any rules.
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Posted: Fri, 26/02/2021 09:59 (4 Months ago)
Did all theses last year during the 1st lockdown just waiting for today
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Posted: Fri, 26/02/2021 10:02 (4 Months ago)
@MiniEarth - There is no stash of previous entries, however you should still be able to look back at the older contests and see those if you'd like. To be honest, however, I wouldn't worry about it - as long as you're not using parts of anyone else's sprites and the like, then there shouldn't be an issue.
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Posted: Fri, 26/02/2021 10:10 (4 Months ago)
Not gonna happen but if all my 5 eggs get selected do i win 5x5k=25k event points? and if 5 get entered do i get 5x1k=5k ep or just 1k? just asking in case it really happens and i get to hunt some event with event pass lol

*post editted*
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Posted: Fri, 26/02/2021 10:15 (4 Months ago)
@C0FFee -

1. In this forum please!
2. Out of the 5 submitted, only 1 may win (if any). No user will have more than 1 winning entry, so you won't be able to win more than once. Additionally, the consolation prize is 1,000 Event Points total, regardless of many entries submitted.

There will be 20 separate winners of this contest.
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Posted: Fri, 26/02/2021 10:16 (4 Months ago)
Where do we upload the images to?
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Posted: Fri, 26/02/2021 10:18 (4 Months ago)
@*Piplup* - imgur.com or DeviantArt sta.sh are both good ones. I've also seen many people use imgbb, but I don't know if they allow for 30 day+ hosting or not.
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Posted: Fri, 26/02/2021 10:24 (4 Months ago)
Piplup Egg
Litten Egg
Togepi Egg
Rowlet Egg
Palkia / Dialga Egg
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Posted: Fri, 26/02/2021 10:31 (4 Months ago)
Here is mine and I don't have a name for the egg

Edit: I made another egg

Edit: I made another egg again
Ranger Egg

Edit: another egg made by me
Aang egg

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Posted: Fri, 26/02/2021 10:41 (4 Months ago)

Title: My Entries

Ill just put all my entries here, so Ig ill keep editting this post again and again.


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Posted: Fri, 26/02/2021 11:32 (4 Months ago)
When i download the image it has a transparent background but when i draw something on it, the background loses its transparency. I am using MSpaint. Can anyone suggest a free drawing program that can be used on a laptop
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Posted: Fri, 26/02/2021 11:33 (4 Months ago)
First time participating in this ♥

©️ by KaitoTemari
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Posted: Fri, 26/02/2021 11:34 (4 Months ago)
@Shadybump I use ms paint as well. for making a background transparent I use Krita. hope it helps

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Posted: Fri, 26/02/2021 11:44 (4 Months ago)
If we make new eggs should we just edit them into our first post? That's what I've done.
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Posted: Fri, 26/02/2021 11:45 (4 Months ago)
my first!(and the first peice oftrash)
Help my boissssss down here