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Trainerlevel: 98

Trainerpoints: 13,682/28,909


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Linoone20152 / 1,261
Darumaka17638 / 678
Ponyta16120 / 817
Spoink18517 / 822
Wooper18760 / 1,027
Pichu211,073 / 1,387

Shiny Hunt

Akemie is currently hunting Osha.
Hunt started: 11/05/2021

Chain: 58


No, this is not an official PH event.

No, you can't buy one from me - cause this does not exist.


Game Records

Trainer ID: #888420295
Registration: 18/01/2015 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 15/May/2024
Game Time: 3861:16 Hours
Total interactions: 3,866,712
Money: 7,022,419
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


I am already bored with the berry garden xD
I haven't even finished cooking the first cookies ;w;

Can someone tell me what the prices for getting on the ranklist are, if they are even shown somewhere? :3
1 Day ago
[Art related]
I am not sure how many of you remember the eeveelution event sprites I did for the contest in 2020.
I finally uploaded them to my TH and will work on proper ref drawings soon :3

They will be up for sale for (most likely) USD, but I might move over to PH if they don't get sold.
5 Days ago
You've been a member on PokéHeroes for more than 7 Years now!

Ohhh, time flies :o
7 Days ago
Regarding to my last feed: I finished the colored W.I.P. sheet and mermaid form of my new OC Marina ♥

Anyone up for commissions or art trade?? :O
12 Days ago
I got a gaia-adopt in a trade recently and already am sooooo in love with her *o*
Currently drawing a proper character sheet to commission art of her. Here is a WIP

(base pose by yukomeow0222 on DA)
12 Days ago
You bought 1x Electric Gem for 2 PokéDollar.

Okay? xD
14 Days ago
[New Art Forum Thread]

I spent the last two days going through each post of the three art game threads searching for every user who never recieved an art/design piece.

We have created a new forum thread for those people who never got anything in return. There are people waiting since 2019!!

If you like to draw and/or design and would like to make some people happy: Please have a look into the thread ♥

Thank you all for your time :3
20 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny mega Mareep hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #668)!

aaaaahh shiny megaaa ♥
Feed a berry? I will return, just comment :3
21 Days ago
After 64 eggs I finally hatched a Shiny Retro Celebi *o*
22 Days ago
Buying electric gems for PD or Nuggets ♥
Comment or message me if you got some for sale.
1 Month ago

I am trying to make up stories for my OCs and really really wanted to do a whole Mystery Dungeon one. I already did my main OCs for that story but couldn't feel a connection sadly ;w;

Buuuuut, I redesigned it and can proudly say: I found the main character in my new PMD story/world: Meet Akira, the Eevee (-Shiny Alcremie-Ditto), who will later be able to evolve to any eeveelution at any time and back to an eevee ♥

Now to think which companions they will get xD
1 Month ago
aaahhhhh, shiny retroo ♥
1 Month ago
Congratulations! A shiny Carbink hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #75)!

1 Month ago
Buying Christmas Gifts for 5k PD each.
When you send me any amount of gifts I will send you the PD ♥
If I get a retro egg from it, you will recieve additional 50 nuggets. If the retro egg is shiny, I will add another 100 nuggets
1 Month ago
Interaction exchange? ♥
1 Month ago
[Custom Adopt Auction]

You have a specific OC idea in mind? I can draw/design that for you! Preferably pokemon but I could also try humanoid/gijinkas. Please keep in mind that I am not used to drawing humans xD

Examples: clicky ♥

Bid in: PD, Nuggets, missing shiny legends/events, grey feathers
Starting bid is 500k PD.

Ends: tomorrow, Dec 9th (sometime around 1 pm server time most likely)

• You will recieve WIPs!
• If bought, the adoptable cannot be resold for a higher price (unless you purchased extra art. You can regift/retrade it.
• You can add payment to someone-elses bid.
• To prevent last minute sniping I will extend the time by a few hours (if there is a bid just before the auction ends).
1 Month ago
Could we stop spamming hashtags over hashtags in one feed?

(Is this reportable, lmao?)
1 Month ago
I need your help: I want to sort my TH and create different worlds for my Pokemon OCs.

I got a Mystery Dungeon World, Wonderland World (I have to finally finish the leafeon OC!!), a Mythical/Magic World, a Food-Themed World and an Underwater World.

I need names for them ;w; Especially for the Underwater World and Food-themed World.

Suggest me names and for each name chosen I will gift you 50 nuggets ♥ Also feel free to suggest other worlds too, so I could plan buying/designing OCs for them :O
1 Month ago
Dear user I have blocked and no interest in having any kind of contact: Stop visiting my profile. Stop offering on my trades in the GTS. Thank you. You have been reported (again) btw ♥

(I really wish blocking someone here would actually have a use >w>)
1 Month ago
Oh, hello, random lab shiny ♥
1 Month ago

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