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Trainerlevel: 70

Trainerpoints: 3,861/14,769


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
15664,016 / 91,846
(Mega Skarmory)
1,2081,816,864 / 5,476,771
Izumi Miyamura
(Mega Charizard Y)
1,534154,173 / 8,430,951
Izuku Midoriya
(Mega Charizard X)
8231,010,155 / 2,416,743
~Erza Scarlet~
(Mega Absol)
433551,450 / 663,615
(Mega Garchomp)
9092,695,091 / 3,101,964


17 | Straight Male

> Lives to eat
> Crazy over anime
> Fictional books capture my heart
> Will never negotiate my sleep

Have me in any way,
I'll always be sweet <3

Discord - 41hrva#2106

My current mood: Daijobu ✌

I'm here only to peacefully enjoy the game, not to get into unnecessary drama and impose my opinions on anyone. I apologise if I hurt you in any way, it's almost always unintentional.

Feel free to ask if you have a doubt regarding the game, I'll try answering any questions ASAP, fine with English or Hindi! I prefer PP over PM.

Unless stated in a feed, currently I'm not buying or selling anything. Neither am I loaning or giving away free stuff unless specified. I'll share any post or hashtags if I feel like, don't ask me too. Break any of these while contacting me and I won't hesitate to report and/or block.


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Zellane 4 Days ago
GoldPeasant 5 Days ago
Aimlessriver 5 Days ago
SuperDucky100 6 Days ago


Game Records

Trainer ID: #623797750
Registration: 01/12/2019 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 2583:11 Hours
Total interactions: 4,162,660
Money: 4,978,051
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


who else was converting apicot berries into seeds thinking they were apricorns? 😂

anyway i already have level 2 apricorn xD idk why you ppl had so much trouble :P
Today, 10:05
so after a lot of hard work and shedding of tears, i finally fed 501 hungry mons :')

Blue Apricorn Plant (Level 1)
Ready to be harvested in 24 minutes
Pecha Plant (Level 100)
Ready to be harvested in 23 minutes

same timing, wont be much of a hassle, right? xD
idk why people are complaining about it being slow... does it take hours for level 5?
Today, 08:10
Doing this off on a whim, wasnt planning to do it 10 seconds back but anyway

❤ the feed for a chance to win 1mil pd ;)
ends when i remember about it again?
Yesterday, 19:08
Chatting with someone made me realise that ive started liking mons i never knew or cared about because of PH [uk inteleon ;)]
and hating some mons as well when i didnt care at all about them xD
oh gosh i hate basculins
7 Days ago
I just realised i bid 789101 instead of 78901 yesterday in sleep on an auction, and... it hurts T_T
9 Days ago
Ping me on discord when
1. Someone sells new moon maps for cheap yea im in loan T_T
2. A shiny mega/shiny legend is set up in auction house \($w$)/
3. A new event

Till then, bye~
srsly nothing else for me to do here xD
18 Days ago
Just came online, and which 8th wonder am i looking at in the top right corner xD
20 Days ago
Happy new year from India ✨
stay healthy and alive for another year!
21 Days ago
oh and this giveaway ended, so
they got this xD


Also announcement: selling darkrais for 45k each, [1 per person ofc] only till the next 24 hours to commemorate the shiny boi and new year 2022 sale ig xD id appreciate if you dont try to resell it later in AH for more than that ^^'
just set up trades and i'll offer back
21 Days ago
By PokéRadar
Congratulations! A shiny Darkrai hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #102)!

Comment a suitable nickname please? xD

also i'll comment everyone's name who helped me in this :')

21 Days ago
sojfbuidbpousbfihb piuvgmknbpidufoih;s vuopgi;s'haf[-bgvs[ie-wg9ahofngbsuipdpoinvx kniy vouhjm
21 Days ago
last 3 eggs of the hunt for the next... idk 4-5 months? ;-; halp
21 Days ago
#newavi 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣2️⃣☕
Regards from uncle C0FFee to all children to keep drinking Coffee :)
24 Days ago
Interact with my eggs, heart the feed and if i hatch a shiny darkrai, i give away a random mega evolved pokemon 💙 just hatch my fricking shiny boi
26 Days ago

Wont be doing a giveaway like last year or like i usually did during big occasions, and sad to say i cant even gift stuff to my close friends, coz some chonky ghosty boi doesnt want to hatch in a dark blue-purple color and has made me go broke AF >_>

Anyway, enjoy folks!
28 Days ago
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, C0FFee! I know your goal for 2022 is to spend more time studying, so I want to wish you all the best for that. I know you are a very brilliant person, you can and will excel in all your endeavours.

Thanks anon you're the best 🥺💘💙 Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you as well!
29 Days ago
What if the non hatching pokemon that we obtained [ie. rumble, shadows, fishing, safari] held random items? that would be cool, usually berries or their evo items but very, very rarely some summon item? the non map ones, that is it would be silly a mon holding maps lmao
29 Days ago
The worst experience is when you are facing away from the closed door to your room and listening to a horror story wearing soundproof headphones and are at the scary part and you don't realise someone entered the room (since you're facing away from it) and opens the door to a closer in the room to take something

I freaked out so bad my heart was literally racing so hard 😨
1 Month ago
#MyGoalForNextYear is to trouble my friends as much as i can xD jk
ngl ill try to avoid ph and other distracting stuff and try to study way harder <3
1 Month ago
Kudos to me for spending 2.1mil pd on New moon maps in the last 24 hours 😎✌
got to 10 maps, expecting 2 more from gts, but premium will run out before they hatch🤣
I guess i cant expect shiny before new year
1 Month ago

Currently a Highschool student

Huge Anime Fanatic

Currently watching -
- Bungo Stray Dogs

All time favourites -
- Re:Zero
- Attack on Titan
- Fairy Tail
- My Hero Academia
- The Quintessential Quintuplets


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