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Trainerlevel: 56

Trainerpoints: 3,041/9,463


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
58122,663 / 1,199,967
*°Papa Sunshine°*
(Giga Venusaur)
973146,456 / 3,382,623
(Furfrou (Star))
1,8694,547,694 / 10,485,091
659187,342 / 1,304,821

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They|It✨30th JanFurry

Hewwo. :3
I might sound aggressive,
but I'm just tiwed.

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Abs plush drawn by HeartTrap
Starkin plush drawn by BakugouKatsuki
MuddyUnyicorn plush drawn by Akemie

Treecko & Skrelp plush, other sprites by the artists of this site
Custom mini sprites, MuddyUnicorn Sprites, Banner in Signature, Furfrou plushie, Azure made by Me
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #763531961
Registration: 05/01/2017 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 2145:33 Hours
Total interactions: 3,373,847
Money: 504,952
Starter Pokémon: Giga Venusaur


The Egyptian Mau got most likely named after the sound they made. In many countries, the sound that cat makes, sound like "meow"/"mau".
Yesterday, 19:17
[Current Beauty Task]
Raise your Giga Venusaur's Level to 1000 !
Yesterday, 19:12
Dialects and accent might be similar, but aren't the same. Accents happen when you're native to another language, than the language you're speaking in. Dialects happen when ya just speak things different, which isn't caused because ya native to another language. The "uwu wanguage" therefore is a dialect - not an accent.
1 Day ago
By Friendly_Hellspawn
Let's make this cutie reach level 1k!
2 Days ago
By Gosth

Good morning, evening or night to yall, as you might know today is october 1st, the spookiest month of all, wich means that my birthday is near!
Well, every year since i joined this site, i like to do a giveaway, and this year won't be an exception.
So, what should i give away? Hmmm....

I know! I will give away some of my nuggets, not 50, not 500 but 1k nuggets that will be divided into 5 lucky participants
5th place: 50 nuggets
4th place: 100 nuggets
3rd place: 150 nuggets
2nd place: 200 nuggets
1st place: 500 nuggets

Okay, i think this is fair, but now, how to enter? Simple, just share this whole feed AND ❤ this feed, is very important that you heart it

This will end on october 20 as soon i wake up

Good luck to everyone!
16 Days ago

I want Heaven to reach level 1.000!
In order to enter, you have to feed him a berry🍈 daily and everytime you do it, show proof by commenting or posting a screenshot. I only want to see "You fed Heaven a -- Berry! The Pokémon raised by --- Exp. Points".
3 winners can win 10k PD each. G'luck y'all and don't forget to feed him! 🍀
4 Months ago
🌈🌟Don't forget to smile🌟🌈
6 Months ago


No, you can't have any of my Pokémon, besides in the "Trade/Sell" box
No, you can't have any of my items nor my money(PD/Nugget)
You'll be called a "failed thief" for both rule breaks

I don't like surprises, even less surprise art gifts!
Setting up surprise trades with me, results in getting not what you want in the end

Please don't mass click me!

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