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Trainerlevel: 65

Trainerpoints: 7,102/12,739


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About Me

I go by the name Aero

I'm 29, male, Bi, & Taken
-6 Hr behind server
-Shiny Hunter
-Uses Premier Ball to catch Shiny Pokémon*

*If the Pokémon can be caught in any Poké Ball. This does not include Alola Starters, Fossil Pokémon, Gift Pokémon, Shedinja, & Ultra Beasts.

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Shiny Hunt

Xerao is currently hunting Delibird.
Hunt started: 06/12/2019

Chain: 44


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Trainer ID: #524352039
Registration: 22/07/2014 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 18/Feb/2020
Game Time: 3060:02 Hours
Total interactions: 1,224,507
Money: 5,143,033
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


So I HAVE to start all over again on my shiny Ditto hunt since my DS was blinking red and I wasn't home to charge it so this is a STUPID SHINY FAIL FOR ME
Today, 02:54
So I decided to move my shiny Ditto hunt to my Pokemon Ultra Moon since it will be so much easier using my shiny hunt team on there. I don't really have a good shiny hunt team on my Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.
Yesterday, 10:24
So I decided to shiny hunt Ditto on my Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
Yesterday, 04:43
32 Delibird have hatched and these are the natures I have of them
I will keep this list updated every so often also if you want one just let me know.
Yesterday, 00:39
I have 3 more gifts I can send to others
Yesterday, 00:10
Does the new event not evolve?
1 Day ago
One thing I hate about being with someone who is Polyamory and is in the same state as you but is 4-7 hours away from you is the communcation. I'll get a text back 1-4 hours later
1 Day ago
Hope that event plushie brings me good luck on this hunt
2 Days ago
My Pokemon Sun, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon Shiny Hunt Team
1. Smeargle - LV.100 - Soak/False Swipe/Spore/Aerial Ace
2. Groudon - LV.100 - Red Orb - Precipice Blades/Earth Power/Fire Punch/Dragon Claw
3. Trevenant - LV.76 - Harvest - Leppa Berry - Skill Swap/Shadow Claw/Trick/Feint Attack
2 Days ago
interaction exchange?
3 Days ago
Daycare: Delibird[m] and Delibird[f] "The two seem to match perfectly." = Slow egg production
Emera Fountain: "Did you know that coins from the fountain are donated to charity on a regular basis? You have done a good deed!
(Nothing happened)" = Nothing good
Gem Collector: Ice Gem x26/30 Flying Gem x30/30 = Why?!?!
Tall Grass: 30 mins = Not fast/easy enough
3 Days ago
Out of all the Pokemon that have a different forme why is it that Castform is the only one that doesn't have a shiny for its other formes?
4 Days ago
I just got my shiny Delibird on My Pokémon Ultra Moon and it's female and I already have a name for her but I want to play a little game just for fun
Can you guess what name I chose for my shiny female Delibird?
3 hints are given
Hint #1. Her name is from a Disney character from a new movie.
Hint #2. This Disney movie is on Disney+.
Hint #3. The Disney movie is a Christmas movie.
If no one gets it after 5-10 comments I will post a new hint and more after if need be.
4 Days ago
So I'm shiny hunting Delibird on PH as well on Pokemon Ultra Moon
4 Days ago
alright 4 Delibird eggs in my party now
5 Days ago
looking for a dusk stone
5 Days ago
Going to be shiny hunting Delibird
5 Days ago
Interaction exchange?
Heart when your done and I will get to you as fast as I can
5 Days ago
So I get Kommo-o again and turns out I'm now missing Mime Jr. I can't believe this is happening to me lol now I have to get it again
5 Days ago
[Acchi Kocchi Funny moment]
*School PA system rings*
Mayoi Katase: *Mic testing* "Ah. Testing, Testing."
Hime Haruno: "It's Mayoi-san's voice."
Mayoi Katase: "To everyone in the classrooms, face the front and look to your right."
Everyone in class: *Looks to the right*
*A short pause of silent*
Mayoi Katase: "There is a wall."
Everyone in class: "Really?!"
6 Days ago

Pokédex Completion

I'm willing to help you get those Pokédex completion Pokemon if you so choose to do so. There are some guidelines/rules along the way.
1 - I am willing to help you complete each Pokédex but that does not mean I will trade every Pokemon I have just so you can complete it. Let's be honest that's so many Pokemon to trade and will take a long time to trade.
2 - Start trading back the Pokemon once you have completed the dex you wanted to complete. This is so I can help other people as well.
3 - I can't really tell you what Pokemon you need to complete the dex you want finished. Only reason why is because I may have already finished the dex before getting that certain Pokemon.
4 - Before sending a trade to me please message me via Pal pad or PM. There's no notification for someone sending a private trade. Also I will get to your message as fast as I can so please don't expect an answer right away.
5 - I may not have a Pokémon available to help you complete the dex you want finished. See 2 for the reason as to why or I just don't have the Pokémon yet.
6- Mega Pokemon and event Pokémon are not necessary to complete the Pokédex. So don't worry about getting them to complete the Pokédex.

Delibird Natures I Have



5,011,988 /10,000,000
Cyndaquil (Retro)
Togepi (Retro)
Mew someday I will get one