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Trainerlevel: 69

Trainerpoints: 8,668/14,351


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Mareep12146 / 288
Mareep14101 / 423
Mareep1286 / 288
Mareep1114 / 231
Mareep10106 / 182

About Me

I go by the name Aero

Male, Bi, Single, & Ugly af
-6 Hr behind server
-Shiny Hunter
-Uses Premier Ball to catch Shiny Pokémon*

*If the Pokémon can be caught in any Poké Ball. This does not include Alola Starters, Fossil Pokémon, Gift Pokémon, Shedinja, & Ultra Beasts.

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Shiny Hunt

Xerao is currently hunting Mareep.
Hunt started: 02/09/2020

Chain: 987
20 15 0


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #524352039
Registration: 22/07/2014 (6 Years ago)
Premium member until 28/Dec/2021
Game Time: 3481:05 Hours
Total interactions: 1,523,035
Money: 1,433,158
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Can someone show me what this event looks like as a shiny for both versions
3 Days ago
125,000 Activity Points for the 8th egg if anyone wanted to know but I'm done now
3 Days ago
Charmander Community Day:
I caught a 100% Charmander when I didn't know I did. I also caught 23 shiny Charmander and 4 of them are female.
3 Days ago
Win a battle against another player.

I never do those because I don't really like to battle on PH.
3 Days ago
I now need 6,238 more AP till I can get my 7th event egg. Also that's in 8.3 hours.
4 Days ago
Now I have to get to 92,500 Activity Points to get the 7th event so I can get the Pumpkin Flapple (still don't know the name of) because I messed up the evolution. So this is going to be fun to do 😒
7 Days ago
Guess I'll be releasing my extra Pumpkin run since it's not a Pokémon anyone needs and than have to get another event egg after my 6th one all because I thought I was going to get the pumpkin flapple (still don't know the name of just like the one for the orange flapple)
8 Days ago
I put a Pumpkintun in the GTS for the pumpkin flapple (I don't know the event name) because I messed up the evolution
8 Days ago
what time is daytime on PH? I ask so I can get the pumpkin flapple
8 Days ago
I finished watching Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist and I love this series
8 Days ago
Should I give up on getting a shiny Cyndaquil (Retro)? I ask because I now hatched 110 of them with no shiny.
9 Days ago
Anyone have a spare Custap Berry?
10 Days ago
Guess I won't be getting a mega able any time soon since I've been getting shiny Pokemon more
10 Days ago
Here is an Idea for the daycare and I'm pretty sure someone has made a suggestion about it but:
The daycare should have it where you can adopt more than 1 egg at a time but you chose what eggs to get adopted tho. So if you where breeding for events you can you the egg scanner to see what eggs you have and if there are more than 1 of the event egg you can just get those.
11 Days ago
I put gems in the GTS and I'm looking for Electric Gems
11 Days ago
Only 853 interactions because of heavy lag so guess I'm not doing the rest now...
11 Days ago
I need a Jaboca Berry but not sure if 10kPD is worth 1
12 Days ago
I see people recovering Shiny Pokémon and/or Mega/Mega-Able Pokémon and I'm over her on my account only able to recover the Pokémon I wanted to release because they're not Shiny or Mega/Mega-Able Pokémon.
14 Days ago
Looking for Jaboca Berry, Custap Berry, and 2 Whipped Dream
15 Days ago
I would like to breed these new event Pokémon so I can finish the evo line but can't breed them do to a hunt
15 Days ago

Help With Pokédex Completion

I'm willing to help you get those Pokédex completion Pokemon if you so choose to do so. There are some guidelines/rules along the way.
1 - I am willing to help you complete each Pokédex but that does not mean I will trade every Pokemon I have just so you can complete it. Let's be honest that's so many Pokemon to trade and will take a long time to trade.
2 - Start trading back the Pokemon once you have completed the dex you wanted to complete. This is so I can help other people as well.
3 - I can't really tell you what Pokemon you need to complete the dex you want finished. Only reason why is because I may have already finished the dex before getting that certain Pokemon.
4 - Before sending a trade to me please message me via Pal pad or PM. There's no notification for someone sending a private trade. Also I will get to your message as fast as I can so please don't expect an answer right away.
5 - I may not have a Pokémon available to help you complete the dex you want finished. See 2 for the reason as to why or I just don't have the Pokémon yet.
6- Mega Pokemon and event Pokémon are not necessary to complete the Pokédex. So don't worry about getting them to complete the Pokédex.


5,011,988 /10,000,000
Cyndaquil (Retro)
Togepi (Retro)
Mew someday I will get one