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Favourite Pokemon?

Forum-Index Discussion Favourite Pokemon?
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Posted: Tue, 02/07/2013 21:20 (7 Years ago)
Well, this thread doesn't seem to be too popular. Yet. So, I'm bored and was curious to see people's favourite pokemon and how different they are.

So, it's the very simple 'What is your favourite pokemon?' question. If you can, it would be nice to know your reason too. Actually, let's make it a 'What's your favourite pokemon?', a 'What's your favourite shiny pokemon?' and 'What pokemon do you want to find?' questions.

Mine, in the same order as the top are:
I like all pokemon
Same as above
I want to find the legendaries.
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Posted: Tue, 02/07/2013 21:26 (7 Years ago)
Quilava is my favorite, Ninetales is my favorite Shiny, and I'd like to find a Raikou, as well as other Legendaries.
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Posted: Tue, 02/07/2013 21:27 (7 Years ago)
Zorua is my favorite non-legend, I dont have a favorite shiny and I especially want to find Shaymin as well as Suicune and Lugia.
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Posted: Tue, 02/07/2013 21:29 (7 Years ago)
Ampharos/Whimsicott - Fluffy pokemon. I've always loved the Mareep line, and Whimsicott is like a fluffier Jumpluff.

Whimsicott - Shiny Whimsicott is adorable! I love the blue~

Jirachi - It's been my favorite legendary ever since I watched 'Jirachi Wish Maker'.
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Posted: Tue, 02/07/2013 21:30 (7 Years ago)
it varies between Umbreon-Ryukuza-Rokon-Jirachi-Sylveon for me
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Posted: Tue, 02/07/2013 21:49 (7 Years ago)
My favorite pokemon is Sableye because it... Is under-rated and I like the design I guess.
My favorite shiny is Sableye because it is solid GOLD!!!
And the pokemon I want to find would be.. Sableye : P
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Posted: Wed, 03/07/2013 02:39 (7 Years ago)
If I had to choose one, I suppose my favourite Pokémon would be Girafarig. It's a bit underused and not the strongest, but it was the first Trading Card I received as a kid. However, I think Jolteon deserves a tie with it.
The only Shiny I've ever gotten is a Vulpix, so that would be it!
I'd love to catch Moltres and Zapdos. ^=^

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Posted: Wed, 03/07/2013 02:43 (7 Years ago)
My favorite is Cyndaquil <3 But I love all fire and dragon Pokemon (except for Chimchar maybe...)
Larvitar is awesome, too!

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Posted: Wed, 03/07/2013 02:45 (7 Years ago)
Mew is my favorite, shiny Mew is my favorite shiny, and I hope to get a shiny Mew someday. ^^
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Posted: Wed, 03/07/2013 04:25 (7 Years ago)
Suicune has been my favorite Pokemon since I played Crystal when I was younger, but I'm a big fan of Kyurem too (: I would love to acquires both these shiny beauties someday~
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Posted: Wed, 03/07/2013 04:39 (7 Years ago)
gengar is my favorite pokemon cause who couldn't love an adorable face like that
haunter is my favorite shiny pokemon cause purple and blue are my favorite colors
the pokemon i want to find are p much all the ghost pokemon because they're my favorite type and they are all cuties
this will take a while though as ghost is the least abundant type and will likely not pop up in the lab very often

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Posted: Wed, 03/07/2013 13:27 (7 Years ago)
My favorite pokemon is piplup.
My favorite shiny exhibits umbreon.
A legend I would like to have is lugia.
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Posted: Wed, 03/07/2013 17:57 (7 Years ago)
Fav pokémon, eh? One of the hardest question ever. :) I like, no it's not enough, I love most of them. Especially fire pokémons and dog-shaped ones. So a little list - Growlithe, Poochyena, Houndour, Torchic, Cinfaquil, Pidgey (the odd one of this listXD), Entei, oh, and Charmander! And so, so much more... :) But oh my, I can continue this list...
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Posted: Wed, 03/07/2013 18:15 (7 Years ago)
I'm a gen 4 nooblet so,
Favorite: Empoleon
Shiny: Giratina
Wanna find: Shiny Mew so I can scream. I was like "Woaaah! A shiny sewaddle don't kill it!" And I'm like "Lugia, get in the ball! I have cookies!" So...epic reaction = (Y)

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Posted: Wed, 03/07/2013 18:26 (7 Years ago)
My favourite pokemon is easily Gallade because it is just so epic. The shiny form is even better and it is incredibly versatile. It knows every move a Gardevoir can plus more!
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Posted: Thu, 04/07/2013 16:46 (7 Years ago)
Hummm.. Favorite pokemon... that's hard!

I think my favorite is Wartortle, he's just so cool! But I love so many pokemon, from Gen 1 to 5, having been a pokefan since I was... I dunno, eight? Whenever the cards came out.
My favorite shiny is Pachirisu because the pink and white look adorable together.
The legend I'd like is Mew, because... well, it's right up my ally!
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Posted: Thu, 04/07/2013 16:59 (7 Years ago)
My favorite pokemon by far is Servine, just because I think it's cool in my opinion. My favorite shiny is Zorua, since I like blue, and my favorit legend is Lugia. Ever since I saw the Pokemon 2000 movie, I've loved Lugia.

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Posted: Thu, 04/07/2013 17:28 (7 Years ago)
Charizard is my favorite~ >w< (It's just so damn badass! >D)
Same goes for the shiny... (Even more badass when it's black!)
Of course I would love to find the shiny charizard then... Aaaand I would love to have a mewtwo too. (Cuz' it's also badass.)
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Posted: Fri, 05/07/2013 04:29 (7 Years ago)
Even if it's kind of common, my favorite Pokémon is Pikachu.:D
Any Dark, Psychic, Electric and Fire types are also on top of my list. (Y)

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Posted: Fri, 05/07/2013 04:58 (7 Years ago)
Favorite Pokemon: Leafeon. I really enjoyed the Eeveelutions and when I saw a website showing the 2 new Eeveelutions from Pokemon D/P I fell an attraction to Leafeon. Since a kid my first favorite type was grass, so it was a great deal to me. I do have more but this Pokemon is my #1.

Favorite Shiny: Really hard but I would have to choose Karrablast. Simply because I like its skin color. XD

Looking forward to: Finding or hatching a shiny Eevee!!!