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Trainerlevel: 98

Trainerpoints: 11,883/28,909


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
16276,171 / 99,024
Zigzagoon (Galarian)901,865 / 24,571
Vulpix (Alolan)682,298 / 14,077
LaZurE LaMeW
452358,379 / 723,648
My Shiny Beel
445270,300 / 744,264
My SM Chalcedony
(Mega Manectric)
8762,296,738 / 2,880,946

Shiny Hunt

Jacharias is currently hunting Narichu.
Hunt started: 23/10/2020

Chain: 160

About Jach

Rules || Staff List || PH Wiki

Hello there.. I'm a Moderator which started on 02/Apr/2021.
Whenever you feel confused about anything on this site, feel free to PalPad/PM me and I'll do my best to answer them for you. I also have some stuff to do irL at times, so please be patient if you didn't get an immediate reply from me. 😅
I was a MoD-in-Training on Friday the 13th of November 2020.
Anyways, I'll mostly ignore "Hi" and any other SPAM messages, just tell me directly what you want.. so, I could help you as soon as i can. 😏

My Stuff

My First Pokémon Party

My PokéHero Sibling IRL.

As of 05/Apr/2021 :
Hey, Jekki wanna
tell ya sumthin'..

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Naruchu icons by Akemie
An Uber Awesome Jekki by Tesoro
Jekki's Plushie Version by Akemie

Proud Mr. J Moments
The Owl's Respect? 🙀 Walking PH Wiki?
PH Staff? Pika? OMG~! 😱

I won the "Event Spriting Contest" as it says on
News Announcement #224.

Trick-or-Treat Tip : Mr. J is afraid of ZOMBIES. 😼

My Pokémon Cafe Friend ID : 29A2ZBYN3966

Looking For

x10 | x30 | x40 | x50

13k | 50k | 90k | 100k

For 23 Egg Storages : 518,476,860 😿

(75KPD×Box#) + (75KPD×Next Box#) + [...] = 0! 😾

: | | x3 | |

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| | | | | | | | | | | |

: x1 | x2 | x2 | x1

Gotta Feed 'Em All~!

Oh, you've finally found me~!
Have you seen where the other one is hiding.. yet?

Word of J-dom : Click "F5" or just "refresh" this page, so you'd see the CHANGES that might happen HERE.

My Meltan & The Melmetal

Game Records

Trainer ID: #897955466
Registration: 03/07/2013 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 19/Sep/2022
Game Time: 10858:19 Hours
Total interactions: 3,600,171
Money: 31,598
Starter Pokémon: Cyndaquil



Awesome Naruchu icons made by Akemie. 😁

Check out that thread for MORE wonderful PH icons.. 😉
7 Days ago
Religious or not, pray that the odds are in your PH favor.. 😇

For context, kindly check out that user's recent feed. 😏
7 Days ago
My Harplade evolved into Caegillo! 🎻
8 Days ago
My Harplade evolved into Caegillo! 🎻
9 Days ago
I successfully received an Instrumental Event Egg! 🧐
10 Days ago
Congratulations, you found all 20 out of 20 eggs! Your reward is a rare blue variant of our new Event Pokémon.

Take good care of it!

Ohh.. So fancy-lookin'. 😮🌺
18 Days ago
Please welcome recklessgr.. again. 🙂

This user has finished the Tutorial, and just kinda "graduated" from the newbie program. 😉

Once again, thank you for the ones who has helped us through this. 😁👍
19 Days ago
That moment when you're pretty sure that it is not an April Fool's joke.. after seeing THAT. 😳

Whew. I gotta hype myself up. I can do this! 😤
20 Days ago
Oh, it's that time of the year.. to be "paranoid" for no apparent reason. Lol. 👀🦆

Be wary of your PH surroundings.. at least for "today", y'know? 😏
22 Days ago
[ Easter Egg Hunt ]

It seems like there could be an incentive in finding all 20 eggs.. if you're up for that "challenge", why not? 😏
26 Days ago
Fri, March 26th
07:00PM - 07:10PM
(My Time)

Global interaction goal:
208,816 /
320,000 interactions ✗

My interactions:


Nice start.. for me. 🙂
27 Days ago
Hm. Let's see.. if I can find 'em all today. 😯🐣🐇
28 Days ago
Please welcome Lhegendevil25.. again. 🙂

This user has finished the Tutorial, and just kinda "graduated" from the newbie program. 😉

Once again, thank you for the ones who has helped us through this. 😁👍
28 Days ago
One of my eggs hatched into a SHINY Lugia !

Oh, my.. It's lookin' so awesome~! 😯
1 Month ago
By GTS -

The user has accepted your offer on their trade in the GTS!

Received items:
1x SHINY Lugia Egg Voucher 😳

Sent items:
Some Nuggets 😏

Who cares about getting (another) Premium anyways? Lol. 😅

I do. 🥺
1 Month ago
Please welcome Faba.. again. 🙂

This user has finished the Tutorial, and just kinda "graduated" from the newbie program. 😉

Once again, thank you for the ones who has helped us through this. 😁👍
1 Month ago
By GTS - a while ago.

Item Market - Search Filter :

A new item trade has been posted that matches your filter!

Those Nuggets are currently available for 1,500 PD per piece!

*dumps most of my PH life savings on that trade* 😏

Bought ×××× Nuggets at the GTS - ××××××× PD

*with deep regret-ish, rolls away to gather more PD afterwards*
1 Month ago
[ Minor Update ]

Does it felt like it has been taking a (very long) while to receive an answer to your question through the Support Panel?

This issue has now been fixed. 🙂

If you have an unanswered question or problem then please re-submit your request!

Sorry for the inconveniences.. 😯
1 Month ago
I'm so glad that I saw that before resending the rumblers and only seeing this instead.. It'll be worth a few hours of wait then. Lol. 😅
1 Month ago
Aww.. My partner is halfway there.

Keep it up~! 😁

And, thank you for the ones that helped him reach this milestone.. that good ol' Lv.5000.
1 Month ago



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