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Trainerlevel: 96

Trainerpoints: 24,855/27,743


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
18597,682 / 129,039
My SM Ruby Aurora
(Mega Gardevoir)
691156,193 / 1,793,146
My SM Gemelo (19OS)
(Mega Gallade)
1,286638,100 / 6,206,559
Electrike10 / 10
Electrike10 / 10
Bold Eric
377358,097 / 534,399

Shiny Hunt

Jacharias is currently hunting Electrike.
Hunt started: 25/08/2020

Chain: 1,180
37 24 0

About Me

My First Pokémon Party

My PokéHero Sibling IRL.

As of 24/Sep/2020 :
Hey, Jekki wanna
tell ya sumthin'..

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The Gijinka 'Chus by Arjin
An Uber Awesome Jekki by Tesoro
Jekki's Plushie Version by Akemie

Proud Mr. J Moments
The Owl's Respect? 🙀 Walking PH Wiki?
PH Staff? Pika?

I won the "Event Spriting Contest" as it says on
News Announcement #224.

Trick-or-Treat Tip : Mr. J is afraid of ZOMBIES. 😼

My Pokémon Cafe Friend ID : 29A2ZBYN3966

Looking For

x10 | x30 | x40 | x50

13k | 50k | 90k | 100k

For 23 Egg Storages : 518,476,860 😿

(75KPD×Box#) + (75KPD×Next Box#) + [...] = 0! 😾

: | | x3 | |

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| | | | | | | | | | | |

: x2 | x2 | x2 | x2

Gotta Feed 'Em All~!

Oh. Hai~!

My Meltan & The Melmetal

Oh, you've finally found me~!
Have you seen where the other one is hiding.. yet?

Word of J-dom : Click "F5" or just "refresh" this page, so you'd see the CHANGES that might happen HERE.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #897955466
Registration: 03/07/2013 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 29/Aug/2022
Game Time: 10046:00 Hours
Total interactions: 3,046,235
Money: 1,024,826
Starter Pokémon: Cyndaquil


Pokémon Ranklist : Lowest frequency

1. Magearna (Ultra Ball) 1
2. Magearna 2

Oohhh.. Congratz to the user who have finally redeemed that one. 😮
Yesterday, 17:03
EoS Sale Offer #1

Offer: Until next summer
Price: 10,000 Nuggets 😭

The offer was bought successfully!
Thanks for your purchase.

EoS Sale Offer #2

Offer: 3 Random Event Passes (Common)
Price: 2,000 Nuggets 🥺

The offer was bought successfully!
Thanks for your purchase.

You received 1x Event Pass (Blossomly)
You received 1x Event Pass (Lepreowth)

You received 1x Event Pass (Disguised Exeggcute)

Alright.. It's time to collect another batch of Nuggets enough to buy that next Year of Premium. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
1 Day ago
[ Pokémon sword and Shield ]

WARNING : If you don't want to know what they look like yet, please avoid the following links as much as possible.. 🤔

Galarian Slowking spotted.. this & that. 😳

For video proof :

Galarian Slowking spotted.. here & there. 😏
1 Day ago
What an awesome Pokémon Music Video.. ever. 😁
1 Day ago
Those are beautiful Magearna egg sprites though.. kudos to the one who made 'em. 🙂

Regular Egg

PokéBall Egg

Great Ball Egg

Ultra Ball Egg

Master Ball Egg
2 Days ago
Lol. There you go.. so, who won? 😅

By Raffle -
Results of Magearna's Raffle:

We are afraid that you didn't win this time. ... But better luck next time!
Your chance of winning was 0.00%.

Buy tickets for the next raffle
2 Days ago
By Riako -

Now here's my offer for today:
A lot of users are already participating today on day 1 (many more than expected!) - and in order to celebrate this, I suggest that during the first few days we'll have two prize distributions per day - one at noon and one at midnight.
Does that sound like a fair deal? 🤗🥰

*checks current PH Server Time*

If so, have you already cashed in your Game Chips today?
2 Days ago
To the ones who have some hefty "inquiries" about that Magearna Raffle..

The duck has spoken.
2 Days ago
Hmm.. Maybe, Magearna would be like the infamous SCE Mewtwo and SCS Victini.. which will be released in an easier way.. but, in a much later date though. 😅

Unless you're into getting those OS stuff.. that'll be a tough one. 🤔😏
3 Days ago
Professor Oak's Contest

Hey kiddo! How's it going?

How is the Snorlax doing?

... It's on Level 14, hu? Not bad. Mine is currently on Level 21. I have pretty much won already, hahaha! There's no way you can beat me.
3 Days ago
[ Minor Updates ]

New "Hearted by me" section at the Notification Wall. 😯

Mega Rapidash (Galarian) 🧚‍♂️
3 Days ago
By Riako -

Magearna will come sooner than you might think 😏
4 Days ago
By Rumble Report -

My Giga Pikachu challenged a legendary Pokémon (Boss Battle)!

Rumble Overview
5 Days ago
By Riako -

Digiheroes' grand comeback

Magearna in a few days? 🙊🙊🙊
7 Days ago
Hey, how far do you think does the luck of that duck goes? 😳

Find out within 5 days. Unless..
8 Days ago
I get a bit curious about that game but it seems like Google Play is being stubborn.. the real impostor, perhaps? 🤔😒
11 Days ago
Does anyone having trouble in their current shiny hunts? 😯

Worry not, just check out the Admin's recent feed.. because

By Riako -

Also everyone on that feed will be blessed with sparkling duck powder
11 Days ago
An error occured!
One of your selected Pokémon is not tradeable! (This Legendary Pokémon is not tradeable!)
Please go back and change your selection.
15 Days ago
By Riako -

..the data we collect from this is actually really useful for developing new features and planning new events. 😏
16 Days ago


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