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Trainerlevel: 75

Trainerpoints: 12,562/16,949


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Darth Vader
4,66533,376,861 / 78,220,940
Jaw monster
3,91219,220,764 / 45,922,969
Vivillon (Pride)2,994899,336 / 26,901,091

About Me

Finny | 25 | Professional Procrastinator

Besides being a lazy douchebag, I'm just your average derp with a soft spot for all things monstrous. I also like apples, cats, drawing, rock/metal, obsessively playing video games, evil schemes, and brief walks in the evening. My one true skill is wasting time and I'm mighty proud of it.

And that's pretty much all you need to know about me.

...Oh wait, I'm also a moron.

If I don't reply to messages, I'm either busy or too tired to socialize. I apologize, it's nothing personal. In case I never end up getting back to you (I can forget to reply after a while), feel free to nudge me again.


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Foolish plans

75 / 200
"Talk is cheap."

Pixels on a screen, however, are not.

I pay 200k PD for a Terra Cave map/Ruby.
Sometimes I have misc maps/summons to swap, ask me about those.

10,000 / 10,000

2,500 / 2,500

2,500 / 2,500

Quote from Commander ShepardI'm Commander Shepard and these are my favorite apples on PokeHeroes.


Game Records

Trainer ID: #755701878
Registration: 04/07/2013 (7 Years ago)
Premium member until 14/Sep/2021
Game Time: 3709:43 Hours
Total interactions: 1,517,350
Money: 794,225
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


In the end, I decided to take the gamble with the common event passes and got Scattercube, Keggleon, and Gooseboarder.

I'm not disappointed. :,D
6 Days ago
Heh, I was getting annoyed wondering why I wasn't able to cook a bloody tamato soda. ...Turns out I'm out of soda pops for the first time ever. x,D
9 Days ago
Oh yes, this is what I was hoarding my nuggets for! :D
11 Days ago
You know, youtube ads would be far less annoying if I didn't constantly get the same bloody ads. At least give me some damn variety. >:U
16 Days ago
"Congratulations! A shiny Cramorant hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #43)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries."

...This stupid bird just couldn't wait until I get my week of premium from that crafting contest so I could continue for a second one until a battery reset, huh? :,V
17 Days ago
Heh, I've gotten two vivillons so far from this and both were pride. Perfect, thanks PH. Keep it up so I can hoard all the pretty rainbow butterflies. :,D
25 Days ago
Heh, now I'm quite glad I sold my extra secret sword a while ago. :b
1 Month ago
And finally managed to get my crafting entry in. Man, uploading the pics was some slow work with this garbage internet. :v

Too bad the final result is kinda rushed and it shows though so I don't have high hopes. ...At least I'll have my participation prize. :,D
1 Month ago
Of course my internet was behaving nicely all week and of course it then began to mercilessly sabotage me when I was taking an exam.

I swear, I almost had a heart attack when I proceeded to the next page and it wouldn't bloody load while my time slowly counted down. I ended up finishing on my phone but that was a pain in the butt too. It hadn't saved most of my answers so I had to type those again and I don't know if it was the website or the combination of the website and bad internet but it kept glitching(?) weirdly as I was typing so that was fun.

Finished with my badly written answers with a couple of minutes to spare. I better have passed or I'm going to break something. D,x<

Never again.
1 Month ago
My crafting contest entry will be so last minute... :,v
1 Month ago
I swear, the bloody burned tower is just giving me less retro eggs as I level it up. :,I
1 Month ago
You found 300x Game Chips in this treasure box!"

Oh gee, thanks. :,D

Also, I've finally hoarded enough chips for a shiny raikou but I'm not sure if I should continue saving for a different shiny or not. Since I don't have strong preferences among the trio. :b
1 Month ago
I'm a lazy clicker so I still hadn't gotten the shaymin plushie. However, I just got lucky enough for another shaymin encounter. The plushie was shiny. ...So that's cool, now I just need the non-shiny one. :,D
1 Month ago
Uhh, corviknight is supposed to be able to giga evolve currently, right? I'm just confused because the prompt isn't showing up for mine even though it's past level 100 and I've got crystals to toss at it. What am I missing here? :,v
2 Months ago
Shoot! I just remembered I got rid of my random useless popsicle stick hoard last autumn. They would've been great for this crafting contest. :,[

...I guess I gotta buy myself some more popsicles. :,v
2 Months ago
Huh, I got some weird email in what google translate tells me is Slovenian. Apparently it's an invoice for a mosquito net after a measurement in "my" facility or something?

Googling tells me this seems to be a legit company so now I'm wondering if I should just ignore it or reply to them that they've got the wrong number email address. :,D ...I feel like I should since someone probably needs this invoice. :,I
2 Months ago
Today, I gave myself a patchy haircut. It's such an exquisite blend of 'drunken barber' and 'a five-year-old got their hands on some scissors while you were napping' that I almost feel like it's a form of art.

The overgrown mess looked equally as stupid anyway. At least my head can now breathe easier and I didn't even cut off any pieces of my ears so I consider this a success. :,v
2 Months ago
Your Mega Pinsir made it to Rank #6 in our Bug-Hatching Contest!"

Your Volcarona made it to Rank #8 in our Bug-Hatching Contest!"

Your Volcarona made it to Rank #18 in our Bug-Hatching Contest!"

Nice. Never had multiple success stories like this before. :,D
2 Months ago
Man, I don't think I've interacted this much in a short period of time since the ORAS event. :,D
2 Months ago
If the honeytree could just evolve my apples, that'd be great... :v
2 Months ago

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Chain: 192

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