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Posted: Thu, 18/07/2013 15:45 (9 Years ago)
tina*insert numbers here* is banned for having a rotom custom sprite for her avatar.

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Posted: Wed, 17/07/2013 01:52 (9 Years ago)
My Goldeen is loving all of the rain! I really like the idea of a castform weather...Icon! It's so cute!

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Posted: Tue, 16/07/2013 16:22 (9 Years ago)
....eat the magic slowpoke tail......

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Posted: Tue, 16/07/2013 15:54 (9 Years ago)
...another dimension....

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Posted: Tue, 16/07/2013 15:49 (9 Years ago)
Banned because I like Oatmeal~!!!

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Posted: Sun, 14/07/2013 13:50 (9 Years ago)
Here it is!(I think) I hope you don't mind the fact that I used a Super Saiyan character's Super Saiyan thunder stuff as a base. There is sadly no easy way to get sprites with thunder. ^.^' Please ask if you want anything changed!

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Posted: Sun, 14/07/2013 00:48 (9 Years ago)
Sorry, I have already made your sprite, but the only computer that has Windows right now is being used.(I need to transfer the sprite to this computer) ^.^' It is probably going to take 12 or 13 hours because soon I have to go to bed. Soo sorry! I'm new at doing this so I'm not the best at copying and pasting image codes.

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Posted: Sat, 13/07/2013 19:23 (9 Years ago)

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Posted: Fri, 12/07/2013 18:55 (9 Years ago)
Great story!! ^v^ I would also like to hear the next chapter!

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Posted: Sun, 07/07/2013 23:02 (9 Years ago)
Well, first off I wanted to ask you if I'm allowed to post stuff on this. And second, LOVE IT! I really hope you post more stuff on this, because I want to hear all of it. ^U^ *squee* :D

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Posted: Sun, 07/07/2013 19:12 (9 Years ago)
12th of March

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Posted: Sat, 06/07/2013 17:24 (9 Years ago)
Banned for starting this awesome game~! ;3

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Posted: Sat, 06/07/2013 16:50 (9 Years ago)
Banned because of my new avatar made by me!

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Posted: Sat, 06/07/2013 15:08 (9 Years ago)
Banned because you have a premium account.

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Posted: Fri, 05/07/2013 20:50 (9 Years ago)
Skyla! Lick the Screen!
Username: SSSableye
Pokemon: Sableye
Shiny?: No
Tongue color: Light Purple
Background color: Soft Pink
Password: Boom
Other: Sorry for wasting your time if this is too complicated!!

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Posted: Fri, 05/07/2013 15:09 (9 Years ago)
We are now taking suggestions!

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Posted: Fri, 05/07/2013 02:04 (9 Years ago)
You're banned for winning this game.
(her post was just too epic)

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Posted: Fri, 05/07/2013 00:01 (9 Years ago)
Banned because I just got a bunch of pokedollars.(edit, gonna get a explorer bag)

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Posted: Thu, 04/07/2013 23:59 (9 Years ago)
Banned because sableyeeeeeeeee.

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Posted: Thu, 04/07/2013 23:57 (9 Years ago)
Banned because you spelled hating wrong.

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