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Silver_Moon 1 Month ago
AriaWolf 1 Month ago
Anubis4Hae 1 Month ago
Beast_Overlord Belated happy birthday !! 1 Month ago
Silver_Moon Hhhhaaaaaaaapppyyyyyyy Birrrrrttttthhhhhhhddddaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy ✨✨✨✨ 1 Month ago
Silver_Moon 2 Months ago
Ephenia Have a wonderful day! :) 2 Months ago
Silver_Moon I'm happy that you remembered <3 Don't need anything else ❤ 2 Months ago
Silver_Moon Boooooo <3 3 Months ago
Beast_Overlord Go to Silver's page 3 Months ago
Silver_Moon Won't forget you <3 I miss you a lot too ❤ 4 Months ago
Silver_Moon ily <3 4 Months ago
Silver_Moon Belated Happy Holi prettiness <3 Can't wait to see your this years artwork ^^ 5 Months ago
Silver_Moon What's more important is to be bold enough to confess that you have lied or made a mistake <3 There's always a chance for forgiving and forgetting. I love you for that ❤ 5 Months ago
Beast_Overlord Yo... Belated happy new year 6 Months ago
Silver_Moon Does this look like ur alexandrine? :P 6 Months ago
Silver_Moon ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ 7 Months ago
Silver_Moon Happy new year pretty lady xP 7 Months ago
Silver_Moon Merry Christmas Boo <3 7 Months ago
Silver_Moon major missing <3 8 Months ago
Silver_Moon <3 8 Months ago
Beast_Overlord 8 Months ago
Beast_Overlord 8 Months ago
Beast_Overlord 8 Months ago
Silver_Moon From parallel universe? xP 8 Months ago
Silver_Moon Of yourself 8 Months ago
Silver_Moon Version 8 Months ago
Silver_Moon Guy 8 Months ago
Silver_Moon <3 9 Months ago
Silver_Moon ♥♥ 9 Months ago
Silver_Moon Prettiest baby booooo love you <3 9 Months ago
Beast_Overlord Hmmmmmmmmmmm.....shhhhhhhhhh....koi hai...knock knock !!! 9 Months ago
Silver_Moon I lub chu too <3 and yh will know about ur lub really soon -_- 9 Months ago
Silver_Moon Happy Diwali <3 9 Months ago
Silver_Moon Forever mine <3 9 Months ago
Silver_Moon <3 9 Months ago
Silver_Moon <3 10 Months ago
Silver_Moon I should've spent the dp on u rather than collecting it for certain others.Sorry ♡ 10 Months ago
Silver_Moon Kookie eyes <3 10 Months ago
Silver_Moon And ily <3 11 Months ago
Sir_McNugget completely random but have a nice day! 11 Months ago
Sharktibolt 11 Months ago
Silver_Moon Reminder:Devil & Angel still remaining unaccepted in gts :P You can't beat me in gifting things and yes sorry, u were right that the previous plushie didn't look like an angry you, but this one does ^^ 11 Months ago
Silver_Moon Looks like an angry you ^^ ♡ 1 Year ago
Silver_Moon Sending you all my luck and best wishes <3 you're gonna rock the competition.Love you sooo much ♡♡♡ 1 Year ago
Silver_Moon I noticed you and yes I'm always noticing ♥ 1 Year ago
Nightstooth 1 Year ago
Silver_Moon Makes a bigger heart for you ♡ 1 Year ago
Silver_Moon There's no beauty without strangeness.I love how weird and strange you are <3 yh we don't have fun anymore like before but not because of new relationship.You'll always be among my priority list ♡♡ 1 Year ago
Silver_Moon And I miss those too and yes things have changed so much but will never ever be the same ever again <3 1 Year ago
Yuki_no_Hana Lucky you! ^^ 1 Year ago
Silver_Moon I'm really really really really really Sorry x 100 times. Really don't know how I forgot about it.Belated Happy birthday <3 <3 and have an awesome awesome year ahead with lots of candies,cakes and cookies ❤ p.s I don't have even have dp for a good plushie 1 Year ago
Riako Thanks for being an awesome member on PokéHeroes! 1 Year ago
Silver_Moon Eyes like always.. will miss you <3 1 Year ago
Silver_Moon My candy forever <3 1 Year ago
Silver_Moon I know it's angel,hun and sweetheart but no , not even if u say aesthetic again xP Because u yourself is the best gift u can give me already <3 1 Year ago
Tlilkuautli 1 Year ago
Silver_Moon 1 Year ago
Silver_Moon Beach lovers are common but not bleach lovers xP maybe this karp will get some for us from the sea ^^ 1 Year ago
Monkey_D_Luffy peeep peep !!!! hi..bye..peep peep !!!!! 1 Year ago