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Trainerlevel: 45

Trainerpoints: 4,668/6,119


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
2,7273,595,700 / 22,317,769
(Mega Lucario)
57380,928 / 1,166,943
1187,152 / 52,659
1,9441,721,165 / 14,179,051
7821,491,276 / 2,296,149
(Mega Luxray)
1,0343,754,645 / 3,821,751


Face reveal/Weedle art

(Am I handsome?)
Look at this beautiful art of my nugget!

Made by rainbowblitzer

Made by: Prinklix

Made by: AliceAngle*Sweets*

Made by: Hipsterpotamus

Made by: SilverFox

Made by: *Fabulous~Weeb*

Made by: Amalee
Made by: Prinklix

Made by: Hipsterpotamus

Made by: Ace_Trainer_Max

Made by: Godfaking

Made by: God~

Made by: ~Ragdoll

Made by: Gloom

Made by: ShockWave65

Made by: Undyne_The_Undying

Made by: KaiFIREYREDninjago2007

Missing Megas

Missing megas list:

- Autumn Alakazam
- Cursed Rapidash
- Yorebro
- Autumn, Summer, and Spring Amphros
- Obsidialix
- Mecha Tyranitar
- Crystal Aggron
- Winter Camerupt
- Candaria
- Banettenstien
- Sala de Menci
- Lord Salamence
- Eastern Lopunny
- Lucario Sensei

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4


Nuggetz hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #999661268
Registration: 16/07/2018 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 1393:16 Hours
Total interactions: 194,570
Money: 4,495,121
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


If I do one more giveaway, what should I giveaway?
3 Months ago
Hey guys :) I used Google random number generator from 0-236 and it gave me these three numbers, which I got from the likes. Yes, I do think it's a bit weird it gave me one right after the other but it would be rude if I denied a winner due to coincidence 😅.

3rd place 1M
#131 FoxesAndFungi "Wishing you the best of luck on your future endeavors!"

2nd place 3M
#68 champ1509 "Wishing you luck for whatever you do in life ! Hope your enjoyed your time here :)"

And 1st place 5M
#132 Kerri0o7 "Good luck!"

Thank you all for the memories. It's been fun.
8 Months ago
Hey guys! Sorry for the delay. I got really busy. Tomorrow I'll end #NuggetzIsHeadingOut and get the winners. :)
8 Months ago
I'll be honest guys. I think I outgrew this site a bit. I don't think I'm sticking around anymore, or at least nowhere nearly as often. Since that's the case, I'll make 1 more giveaway to end it all.

❤️, share #NuggetzIsHeadingOut, and comment whatever you like and I'll enter you in what looks to be my last giveaway.

I'll choose the winner from 3rd, to 2nd, to first

3rd wins 1,000,000 pd
2nd wins 3,000,000 pd
1st wins 5,000,000 pd
And I'll also give out tiny packs of nuggets to comments I like :)

It's been a lot of fun here, but everyone grows up eventually.
8 Months ago

9 Months ago
I really wish they added a feature to let you see what you sold on the market and for how much. Too many times have I put a gem on the market at like, 100,000 pd just to keep track of the prices and it suddenly disappears. Like ???? Did someone buy it? Really???? Why?????
9 Months ago
One of your auctions has ended.

Auction: Sentret (Retro).

You received 4

while all you players mess with your black Friday sales, Us alphas are making the Real Deals 😎
10 Months ago
Crazy how much the item market just slowly runs out of stuff. I wonder if it'll just getting emptier and emptier. I remember when the mystery items were tens of thousands and now it struggles to reach a thousand.

Kinda sad
10 Months ago
Hmmm...I don't exactly know why I have 50 razor claws... Tbh I don't know why I have alot of items tho
10 Months ago
125 shares and 144 likes on my #LetsHaveSomeFunAgain giveaway??? You guys really blew it out the park with this one!

Now the total prize is... A WHOOPING 1,345,000 PD!!!! very impressive everyone!

And for the lucky winner of the night....like number 33! (Randomly selected by Google random number picker) LUCKY USER: Shadow_Darkrai 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

Thankyou everybody who participated, this giveaway was historic. Just know I'll be gone for a bit to drum up some funds and I'll want to do this again! BUT BIGGER!
10 Months ago
Hey guys, it's been WAAAYYYYY too long since I've actually really got into this game. I've just been kinda passively checking out market here and there cuz you know, haha number go big hehe.

Anyway, I'm bored, I wanna try something.


There will be 1 winner!
Winner of what exactly?
The winner will win 5,000 pd multiplied by every like this gets and every share #LetsHaveSomeFunAgain gets!

That means if 100 people like and share, THATS A MILLION PD! 1,000,000!!!! AND THATS ONLY THE BEGINNING! SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!!! I WANT TO GIVE AWAY TONS OF CASH!!!!!
10 Months ago
Ghosts be spooky
11 Months ago
I've been getting more in touch with my personal interests. It's honestly comforting knowing people have the same struggle though. I'll tell someone I love deltarune and my little scrunggly dunkly spamton and they'll light up because they don't know many people into that.
1 Year ago
I can't believe my computer went through 3 whole chargers. I didn't even know that using the wrong chargers was a thing until recently. I bought 2 new ones but they're not gonna be here till next week and a college student without a computer is a death sentence
1 Year ago

"... ... ... Wha-What are you looking at, kiddo? I'm not for sale, not even for 999 Fair Tickets"

New goal, collect 1,000 fair tickets
1 Year ago
I'm really loving the mini fair. Tip to the maze goers, clicking backwards usually helps you get out of loops.
1 Year ago
Can I get some comments to know who's online and who I can send skygifts too?
1 Year ago
I kinda wish there was a way to see how many people traded a pokemon, like how you can see in wonder trade. I'd love to see how many people shiny megas went though, or ways to find old pokemon that I traded off and see where they ended up.
1 Year ago
I'm so glad the site put interest back into keys and boxes, especially when it looked like they were becoming more and more like junk
1 Year ago
Haha! My favorite music YouTuber liked and commented on my comment! So far I'm the only one he's commented on too! So awesome! 😁😁😁
1 Year ago


(Click me plz)

Here's a cold one, sit down with me and let's take a load off.

Also, here's my Pokémon Go Friend code: 6542 3739 8566 User: Snail4U feel free to add me :)

Shinies I want


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Hunt started: 25/11/2022

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Even more art of nugget