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Trainerlevel: 44

Trainerpoints: 5,739/5,851


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
•} UwU {•
(Giga Hatterene)
6921,291,133 / 1,798,336
} •3• {
9215,124 / 28,128
Tropius7182 / 211
Tropius7201 / 211
Tropius846 / 271

Hi there! 🌺

🍚 | 15

*shrieks in Arctozolt's cry*

• I love Pokémon a lot =3

• Amateur artist who loves looking for art advice and learning new stuff

• Loves spending time playing games, especially anything related to Pokemon and strategy ;3

• I like listening to vaporwave/synthwave music (strange, huh? :P). I love listening to piano pieces too~ UwU
Doesn't mean I hate other kinds of music :v

• PP and PM is open to everyone, but I may not answer right away because I have things irl :')
(I won't answer to PP/PM messages about trades unless I say so in feeds (example: I need a specific Pokémon and you want to sell that Pokémon to me)

• Vs Seeker is disabled for reason. Don't ask me for a battle here as PH battles are boring :(
PP me if you want to battle on Pokemon Showdown only

• None of my items and Pokémon are UFT/UFS, unless being said on feeds.

Shiny Hunt

Rice is currently hunting Tropius.
Hunt started: 02/12/2020

Chain: 27


Game Records

Trainer ID: #736349813
Registration: 18/07/2018 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 13/Dec/2020
Game Time: 1096:19 Hours
Total interactions: 450,586
Money: 22,351
Starter Pokémon: Swampert


Probably practicing drawing digital art haha. I spent whole time at home learning digital art techniques (and play Pokémon fangames too! xD)
Quarantine can be a bit boring (in my opinion), but it gives us a chance to learn new things and do our favorite stuff ^w^
3 Days ago
It's December, which means Christmas will come soon, so I'm open to Christmas icon requests (aka free art)!
Simply comment here which character you'd like me to draw, and I'll accept if I can draw that character
I can draw anything, human characters are okay but I won't guarantee it'll turn out nice
Example here
4 Days ago
~Ragdoll => Rice

Rice 🍚 :3
23 Days ago
Alright! 60 likes reached! 3 more Nebula Stones have been added to the prize of the giveaway~
Sharing is appreciated. The giveaway will end on Sunday, around 6 a.m (server time), can be later if I'm busy.
Thank you to everyone who have joined it so far ♥️
24 Days ago
Because I've been inactive these days, and those Nebula Stones from Rumble Areas just stay in my bag without using, I'll host a giveaway

Giving away 12 Nebula Stones to 4 users, 3 stones each

How to enter: Just ♥️ this post
You can share if you want, totally optional (just don't share the whole post)

Ends when I want this to end. Good luck :3
25 Days ago
Ok... I just want to ask every artist on this site:
What art software do you mainly use? And do you recommend using it?
I use Medibang Paint Pro because it's free and it has lots of brushes (though it took me a lot of time just to understand it clearly) :3
1 Month ago
When you forgot to say in the trade: 'Don't forget to offer random Pokémon'
I feel like I'm easy to forget stuff, even though I may not need to say that :')
1 Month ago
Me: *draws digital art*

My parents: Oh, so you like drawing? Well then why don't you sign up for an art class? So you can be an architect :3

Me: *thinks* Uhh do they teach digital art? I doubt that, because I've always been taught traditional art and I'm bad at it :v

(Seriously though, my parents always think that I'm a quitter, but hey, if it's something that I feel passionate about, I'll never quit! Like learning by myself how to draw digital art >:3)
1 Month ago
SCS tomorrow, right?
That's cool, I don't have to go to school tomorrow, yay~! ^w^
1 Month ago
I hope Dreepy and Alcremie line will be added soon (actually I've hoped for a reaaally long time but meh, I can still wait =w=) on PokéHeroes
At least in Halloween event or Christmas or simply add it to the lab, I think
1 Month ago
Your Gem Cauldron has finished boiling!

... But what is that!! Instead of the expected result, your cauldron produced a Mystery Box (Black)!

1x Mystery Box (Black) obtained!

Oh hello there box :))
2 Months ago
I should've done the Mid-Autumn festival, tbh
But, oh well, Halloween's coming and I'll be very busy in October :3
And my laptop is fixed! Yay XD
2 Months ago
I have a Retro Starter Voucher and Idk if I want to use it
And it seems that selling it in the Item Market isn't the best way, even though I lowered the price a lot just to sell it
❤️ this feed to get that voucher! Giving away is the best option, after all :3
Ends tomorrow when I have time. Good luck~! ;)
2 Months ago
Your Gem Cauldron has finished boiling!

1x Mega Stone obtained!

First time boiling this too! Yay~ >w<
2 Months ago
Magearna in a raffle?
I love Magearna, but that's just like... challenging my luck
I have bad luck most of the time, so yey I'll play hangman for fun (and Game Chips) before October 15th come :)
2 Months ago
If you were able to choose any of the starter Pokemon available, which one would you pick?
I'd pick Fennekin or Mudkip ^^
2 Months ago
By Badges Report - 1 Minute and 54 Seconds ago.
You obtained a new badge (Search for gold)!

Ahh finally~! ^w^
2 Months ago
I have Premium for a week, so... I should try shiny hunting a SM, I think
My goal isn't to get all the shiny, so I think it's worth to try once :3
2 Months ago
Oookay... Why doesn't it explore for 0.1 hours more so it can give me 1 more PD? 😂
3 Months ago
By Emera Square - 46 Minutes and 48 Seconds ago.
Results of yesterday's Berry Battle:

You scored Rank #49 with 18 Hoenn Tonic(s). Good job!
You won 900 Festival Points!
You also won a Special Reward! Please claim it at the Berry Battle.

This really hurts me (because I don't even believe that I can make it to top 50) :')
3 Months ago

Plushies! 🌸

Send me these plushies if you like. I appreciate that UwU


✨✨✨ Collection | Gift Log ✨✨✨

Substitute Ribombee doll by me. Do NOT use without my permission

Art and Commission

❧ Private Commission: Closed
(Only open via feeds)

❣ Art Trade: Send me a PM

ღ Requests: Open (Christmas Special!)

• On-going: (Christmas icons only)
1. chisaii - Festival Zorua
2. ~Miyuki~ - Rose Kitty
3. Ralsei - Ralsei (Deltarune)
4. Kiyoomi - Winter theme Tsareena
5. BeepBeepBirthdayMareep - Christmas Creampuff
6. BanzhanMushroom - Astrial