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Trainerlevel: 41

Trainerpoints: 2,606/5,083


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
21648,961 / 175,771

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Name: Azure

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Missing ones are welcome! I hoard these!

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Skitty plushy drawn by . Sprites made and photos taken by Me

Shiny Hunt

God~ is currently hunting Teamgeist.
Hunt started: 10/07/2020

Chain: 33


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #763531961
Registration: 05/01/2017 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 796:31 Hours
Total interactions: 1,246,254
Money: 188,484
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


By KittenPaws404
"*** share #KittenPawsHasRats with a few sentences pertaining to the prompt"
One was moving swiftly and without any sounds. Another one, was a bold walker, also silent one. The other 6 ones on the other paw, were kinda chatty and loud climbers. Laughing and gossiping around a lot.
Suddenly the bold one, who's also leading the group, stops and elevates their head. Sniffing, and silently chewing with their front teeth. Bobbing up and down with their upper body, making themselves ready to jump. 1, 2, 3, and jump!
Today, 19:57
The moments when my demons in my head tells me, that I'm ugly. warning: slight, err, not children friendly thing not everybody can pull off.
Today, 17:28
Why is body built so complicated???
Like, I get hurt when I'm unmotivated. And when I do sth, like going for a walk or gymnastic or sth good for my body, I'm more destroyed than before???
What kind of level of laziness did I reached??? Anybody want to have that body of mine. It's for free. ;-;
Today, 17:02

Hello ladies, gentlemen and non-binary pals, and welcome back to #QuickPHNews. This short message only appears, if giveaways; raffles; and other small things happen.

RAZPberry is looking for somebody who can sprite OCs, outside of Pokémon mini sprites. If you're able to do them, please contact them through pp(if it isn't fl only). Otherwise per pm.

And this was it. I hope you liked it and see you next time.
Cheers, Absbor!
Today, 15:46
Today, 15:31

Also what do you guys think about me? Johari for positive things about me and Nohari negativ things about me.
Today, 12:37
A little something to the ppl who are a awake. If you guess the song right, I'll mass click you. To the users in the top 8 with most Pokémon, I'll click you when my next day comes round.
OK, now to the song. Which song, on youtube, has around 3,025,408,900 views~?
Yesterday, 20:10
By TremorzGG
"My Golden Illumise has arisen.
That being said. Share the entire post. Interact with my party, heart and comment down below to be entered.
Winner will receive 800 nuggets or a secret special prize. Winners choice.
Comment every time you interact with my party for more than one entry (unlimited)
Contest ends when ~Prøwler~ reaches level 500.
Good luck everyone!"
Yesterday, 16:50
Putting it in the comments below, as some got annoyed by us children teens. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Yesterday, 16:05
#PyramidUsernameV2 I'm doing both again, cuz they are short.
The moment when both usernames don't have an odd number of letters:
Yesterday, 15:48
#PyramidUsername Cuz my now username is kinda short I do my other one too...



Nevermind, they are both really short. xD
Yesterday, 15:18
Guys, today is the day IndecisiveIntellectual is mass clicking himself in order to find out how much we get out when mass clicking him. PokéD related.
This means in order to help him hatch his eggs and level up the Gyarados from Rowan, we have to look frequently at his party and interact with it!
Let's help each other out!
Yesterday, 10:45
Most ppl are for a shiny Noibat. "The Wretch" will it be then and I take the poll down. Thx for helping me decide.
1 Day ago
#BeatingOak #FriendsForCommunitySupport #RowanQuest

Rowan Quest List

Zellane is collecting a list of Rowan quests to feed.

Over 20 quests on the list. Don’t forget to add yours or someone else’s to it :-)

Clicklist by God~. If you can’t use the clicklist, feel free to use the master list in Zellane’s previous feed.

If you have a Quest pokemon or know someone that does, please post the link to the pokemon in Zellane’s previous feed for people to feed.

Click here to Share It!
2 Days ago
3 Days ago
Thanks to Quantum, Ironlad, LucarioLover, and long name cat for helping me out to get my Unova dex full! The Pokémon are already up and you can offer. :D
Thank you so much guys! 💖🍵💖💖💖💖
3 Days ago
Compared to Pokémon Journeys and Digimon Reboot 2020, I only get goosebumps for Digimon. Guess I want to live in the world of Pokémon but prefer Digimon over Pokémon. xD
3 Days ago
Imagine a giant stick flying behind you, bc a monkey threw it like a boomerang and it hit your homie hard.
PokéSpe readers know what I mean
3 Days ago

~Me time~

Pokèmon Go FCode: 4669-3841-5499
Please don't put me into palpad groups. I don't like surprises!

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#AbsborsOTDitto by God~
I'd like to fasten my obtain of an OT Ditto, and in order to do that I need 10k Normal Gems. So how does hosting a raffle sound like? The prizes are:
1. Shiny Kanto Rapidash + 2 Nebula Stone + 2 Dragon Gem
2. Mega-able Kanto Rapidash + 1 Nebula Stone + 1 Dragon Gem
3. Hylian Cubone + 1 Nebula Stone + 1 Fairy Gem
It works with the ticket system: 1 Normal Gem = 1 Ticket; 50 Normal Gems = 5; 100 Normal Gems = 10 Tickets; 500 Normal Gems = 50 Tickets; 1k Normal Gems = 100 Tickets; 2k Normal Gems = 200 Tickets.

DEADLINE: When I get to 10k Normal Gems. Winners are drawn through a random number pick generator and proof will be shown too. Advertising it in form of sharing the hashtag #AbsborsOTDitto around also helps!

- In order to take part of it, you have to give me, as a gift, the Normal Gems. Depending how much you send, it will be calculated into tickets.
- Lending Ditto by Quantum for getting my own Ditto later on. Thx again.

2k out of 10k

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Suvichan has brought 80 gems. (Tickets: 1 - 35)
has brought - gems. (Tickets: - )
has brought - gems. (Tickets: - )
has brought - gems. (Tickets: - )
has brought - gems. (Tickets: - )
has brought - gems. (Tickets: - )


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