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Useless information :D

I'm a male human part of the billion of humans on earth, and that is as descriptive as I could get. Ps:
I will not change my berry both items, they're specifically going to be for newbie gardeners. (Bluk,Cheri,Pomeg,Honey,Moomoo milk,Wacan) Wacan is optional and may not always be for sale. I comment on feeds randomly, so just ignore me XD. though just to tell you, when I am online expect me to visit feeds a lot.
My site dream is to get my whole eggdex completed without using money! So far, I'm doing pretty good. The event legendaries like seatran are the only problem now.

Well anyway, if you need someone on your friendlist to click your eggs whenever you get them. I'll be there to help you!

I'm an ENFJ (well, actually, I don't even know if this is true, maybe ESFJ or ESTJ is also pretty close cause Si and Se are confusing...)

If you block me, expect a block back. If it was an accident which is very unlikely, you can contact someone else if I blocked you by then, which again is very unlikely. I do not block people though, the only way you are on my blocklist is if you blocked me, so if you are arguing/something happens with me I hopefully won't just leave so don't be afraid of me doing one of those "I've got the last word" things. If you unblocked me for whatever reason, and I see, i'll unblock you though.

Pro Tip:
If you want to know if you're able to find a pokemon in your current set in safari zone do Ctrl+Shift+I to go into developer tools < Sources < img/safari/pkmnframes < click 0 or 1 < enjoy your list!

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Trainer ID: #208756162
Registration: 16/09/2017 (6 Years ago)
Game Time: 823:52 Hours
Total interactions: 685,885
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Starter Pokémon: Torterra


You might of noticed in the recent months I haven't been as active. The thing is this place is deteriorating for me. It still is a wonderful site - but the memories I had from here are long gone and I can't deal with the stagnation this site is known for. I know I've stirred up a lot of things during the short time I was here, and some opinions I still hold onto. And so, just like most of the other members that have been leaving, I'll be going as well. I'm going to keep my items in hopes this'll be a hiatus, but most likely it'll be a permanent leave and I'll abandon my account just like what I did to the Pokefarm Q one I had. Thanks for having me PH! Cherish your wonderful members like Ecco & Jacharias, and many more!
5 Years ago
Be prepared to have extra space for berries if you start talking about them in feeds :}
5 Years ago
You know, I'm just going to keep sending christmas gifts to everyone who talks about the berries as its torture, but not harmful torture...
5 Years ago

Members of the secret fruit cult club society:
(Commander) Tomato Potted_Pikachu
(Commander) Potato SWDLove
LeviOsaNotLeviosA The Grape
JayJaguar The Kiwi Kiwi
Wolflesshowl The Apricot
Luna_Moon123 The Durian
Solaire The Starfruit
Rainbowblitzer103 The Fruit Salad
ConfusingPastry The Dragonfruit
Gosth The Grape
DrBearClaws The Pomegranate
Rose~Kitty The Tangerine
JosieThePanda The Avocado
Shade6666 The Jr Potato
RAZPberry The Raspberry
OfLyricsOfSongs The Persimmon
Wasder The Apple
Tiktok The Watermelon
EvilWeasle The Banana
5 Years ago
Join the fruit/vegetable group, it's a cult now. We're recruiting an apple.

1.Pick any fruit/vegetable
2.Find an image with a white background and a shadow, for some reason they are many images like this.
4.Resize, if heights bigger than width, make height 150 and width will go automatically. If width is bigger than height, make width 150 and height will go automatically.
5.Upload and wait a few minutes
5 Years ago
What would you pick:
3 ultra saddles or a week of premium?
5 Years ago
December 2nd,9th,16th,25th should be prize days. Keep in mind to come on these days. 24th is usually a week of premium day so you should do that too. If you haven't gotten a furfrou (santa) remember to get one and give it a permanent cut the next day. (if you're wondering whether its permanent or not set up a trade - if you aren't allowed to set it up its not permanent)
5 Years ago
#MyBiggestAchievement, completing my Johto Egg+Pokedex without any real life money.
5 Years ago
It's been almost two weeks since the release of the ultra saddle, and they are already becoming a highly sought after item because of the high demand. If you think ultra saddles shouldn't be mystery box exclusive, then please vote here.
5 Years ago
The price according to PH's nugget-pd rate and black friday deal would make the ultra saddle 150k PD. Take into reference that the average amount of PD paid for rumble maps are 150-170k. The best price for an ultra saddle is 125k PD, so. If you just want a ultra saddle just buy it from somewhere else, and also take into account this only a 20% chance.
5 Years ago
In a way, I'm kinda happy that there are less entries, but even then. Hopefully everyone is just waiting until the last two days or something and making it perfect? Otherwise, this is just really sad compared to last year :(
5 Years ago
Summed up:
5 new plushies (Tyrant,Gourgeist,Mega Altaria,Deerling (Autumn),Sawsbuck (Autumn) )

Plushie event going on:
-Shiny Bayleef -Shiny Quilava -Shiny Croconaw
(1500DP to get all three)
5 Years ago
According to -Purple's and DarkDerpyUnicorn's the chance of a ultra saddle is assumed to be 4% (7 out of 168 colored boxes or 1/25 boxes). Remember, if you want ultra saddles to not be mystery box exclusive. Please, vote here!
5 Years ago
*clicks ten clicks per second
*only gets one of the clicks

Anyone else feels?
5 Years ago
Also please remember, you may think hoarding pumple plushies as a harmful joke, but there are many users that still haven't received one.
5 Years ago
Giving a Waiter Dress (Red), Washing Machine, Monitor, for a Waiter Dress (Green). Check GTS (link in profile) or pal-pad/PM me!
5 Years ago
Finally completed by Johto dex! I took it upon myself that I will only complete a pokedex if I complete the eggdex, and since Johto's eggdex is complete, I did it! Though honestly, all the other regions are going to be impossible :S. Hoenn could be the next thing I do though...
5 Years ago
I'm glad what the Pokemon is, happy they are still doing it... But, I honestly would like the fall berry garden event back for those new peeps that need route 53 and for those users that need pokeball and fancy vivillon.
5 Years ago
YES. Finally got the Ho-Oh passcode! Which now means Johto may be the first region I'll fully complete! (I only do eggdexes so thats why I never completed any region yet) Just the three beasts now, I'm only able to buy two of them.
5 Years ago
New poll! Should rare candies be allowed in future scavenger hunts?
5 Years ago


PH's Future

Most likely guaranteed updates:
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1.Retro Tentacool's egg
2.Easter Egg event participation prizes
3.Vivillon (Pride) in event shop/safari zone
4.Retro Moltres & the other two birds egg needs to be taken out/have eggs obtainable
5.Minior and its colors + Dhelmise needs to be obtainable (not official, but most likely)
6.MissingNo needs to have a hint, the anniversary place to find it was taken out.
7.Type:Null and Silvally, huge chance of being a dex reward for Alola.

Suggestions from users that get a lot of upvotes:

Official pokemon that are not in the game and currently aren't mentioned:
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Cosplay Pikachu
Pikachu Rock Star, Belle, Pop Star, Ph.D, Pikachu Libre
Cap Pikachu (Original,Hoenn,Sinnoh,Unova,Kalos,Alola,Partner)
Ash Greninja
Pumpkaboo (Small,Average,Large,Super)
Gourgeist (Small,Average Large Super)
Necrozma Dusk Mane
Necrozma Dawn Wings
Ultra Necrozma
Magearna (Original, and Normal)

(This does not include form changes like Zennith Marshadow and Xerneas Neutral as they are only battle forms)

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4


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