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Trainerlevel: 34

Trainerpoints: 977/3,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
315162,265 / 373,276
(Spring Mareep)
250140,950 / 218,486
31871,851 / 380,409
Zeraora19738,648 / 146,274
313150,811 / 368,559
28623,394 / 307,809

About Me (wip)

hello and thank you for stopping by! My name is Blitzer and i love to draw~ I also like videos games like pokemon, mario, smash bros, and other nintendo games!!

Please be mindful of my spelling, i do have dyslexia which makes it hard for me to spell

art credits:
Icon- AokiLeaf
Art- cookie run

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3DS friend code: 2939-1759-7748
Ninento switch friend code: 0159-5359-4697
Pokemon GO friend code: 1184 3551 1321 (PM me if you add me!!!)
My discord: friends only!

Awesome people!

People who are super nice to me or just super nice people in general! go show them some love ❤

LokiSakaro (best friend!)-Stickers_Lord-ZipTheGlaceon-Potted_Pikachu -Solaire-FallenAngel-Galvadyne-LunarLugia-Robin3731-20BiTeen

Please do not be scared to talk to me or add me as a friend, i alway friend back! and if you don't want to be up here tell me!


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oltya 3 Days ago
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Game Records

Trainer ID: #870437419
Registration: 17/04/2018 (11 Months ago)
Game Time: 439:48 Hours
Total interactions: 325,810
Money: 719,128
Starter Pokémon: Serperior


looking to swap my boxes+keys for red boxes because i have 11 red keys- (doing 1 for 1)
I have:
Mystery Box (Dark Blue) x4
Mystery Box (Light Blue) x3
Mystery Box (Pink) x4
Mystery Box (Purple) x2
Mystery Key (Green) x2
Mystery Key (Gold) x1

Just set up a privet trade and tell me what you want ^^
Yesterday, 00:56
looking to do come commissions!
i want to save up some PD to get some more rare pokemon :eyes:
12 Days ago
You push the brown key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

5x Nugget found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

not bad :eyes:
13 Days ago
here are the two adopts i was telling about before!
late valentines day adopt, this one is an auction!
Sb: 50K PD
AB: 250K PD
the auction ends 1 day after last bid or when AB!

pokefusion OTA, i kinda forgot to put some patters on oops-
this is a vaporeon and heliolisk fusion! ^^
17 Days ago
i'm going to be posting two pokemon adopts latter today!
one is a late valentines day adopt and a pokefusion :o
17 Days ago
selling/trading gems!
open to any offers ^^
18 Days ago
I'm thinking about making a form were you can ask if your trade/a trade offer is fair and get responses from other users-
because a lot of times i see people asking for unfair things/doing low ball offers and they may not know if it's fair or not :o

sorry i just have dumb ideas that i need to get out sometimes ah
19 Days ago
My sister got the mouse ahssbvshs
20 Days ago
Well my cat let it get away (I think) but he is looking
I moved to a different room to sleep in and my sister is now going to sleep
20 Days ago
It’s 2am
About to go to sleep
Find out there is a mouse in my room
I’m only alive because my cat and my sister
20 Days ago
looking for commsions so i can re-make my PH page to them my one oc because i love him
20 Days ago
looking for shiny or rare retros! i have 900 nuggets and 175K PD! please PM me if you have any ^^
21 Days ago
By best92

Hey guys! I love premium so much, that I am doing a giveaway to give some random people premium! All you have to do to enter is share the hashtag and like the original post!!

The prizes are:

One Month of Premium (800 Nuggets) - 3 Winners
One Week of Premium (250 Nuggets) - 3 Winners

Keep in mind that only nonpremium members are eligible to win (but anyone can share the hashtag to help support the giveaway )!! Good luck to all and have fun!!
22 Days ago
So yesterday i wore my sister team instinct jacket and not my mystic jacket (they both look the same beside the team logos) and today my teacher got really confused so i had to tell him i wore the wrong jacket

I was joking around with my sister and said that i "disturbed the balance of the universe" and i just find it funny that now someone had to ask me about it
27 Days ago
Looking for pokemon character!

I want to get some more pokemon characters because i just hecking love them ;w;
If you have any please DM me!
i will also take custom characters ^^

I am offering
-Characters (customs or swaps)
27 Days ago
help my eggy?
30 Days ago

Profile Rules

I hate to put this but people like to do this stuff so just to save time here are my rules:
-No asking for free stuff, i only give free stuff when i want to!
-Don't try to roleplay with me, i haven't done that in years i don't know if i still like it
-Don't just say "hi" to me, i am not good at conversations so please know what you would like say
-Yes you can ask for any pokemon i have, but i may not be trading it


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