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Trainerlevel: 40

Trainerpoints: 1,853/4,839


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Shiny Hunt

Lupine is currently hunting Houndour.
Hunt started: 24/08/2019

Chain: 221
4 0 0


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Dorkfish 4 Hours ago
Awish 6 Hours ago
implodingescapade 4 Days ago
implodingescapade 4 Days ago


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- shadow pidgeot, pikachu and rattata (no set price)
- anything in my box labelled “5k per” (except for shinies if they’re in there)
- anything in my junk box (free)
- male archen (free)
- messenger fletchling (free)
- space spinda (free)
- anything in my “hunts” box (free)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #225923376
Registration: 18/09/2018 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 28/Apr/2020
Game Time: 826:55 Hours
Total interactions: 194,651
Money: 198,001
Starter Pokémon: Venusaur


Just learned that there’s a “bump topic” near the “bookmark topic” button
(With oekaki)
Today, 03:45
I’m looking for this pet, it’s from May 2012. If you have one please contact me. Either on here or on CS. (My account is in my contact list here)
Today, 02:43
this looks like my dog after he has a bath <3

I renamed him my dogs name (if that sentence made sense)
Today, 02:33
1,500 more nuggets to go

And I think the CS pound is opening soon
Today, 02:22
Ok I looked away for a second and my dog snaked like the last half of the cinnamon apple thing so of course I look at him and I'm a bit angry

But then he put his head down and walked into his cage and sighed ;n;

I want to hug him now
Today, 00:58
Everyone go give EvilWeasel a hug, they deserve it
Today, 00:33
umm wha—

It just decided, “hey you know what would be cool? spontaneously breaking”
Today, 00:27
If I don’t give away literally all of my pd and nuggets when I get them I would be fine for this event lol

Will I learn? Never

Anyways I’m selling dragon gems, 40-45k per
Today, 00:10
need more nuggets
Today, 00:00
Something I’ve learned: A&W’s sweet and sour sauce is really thin

Bad thing that happened: I need to clean my dog
Yesterday, 23:53
Me: that was my first attempt at a two-point perspective drawing
Group members: you’re in charge of being creative and doing a two-point perspective drawing
Me: but I- ok
Yesterday, 23:50
Thanks Awish, I really appreciate the plush and kind message
Yesterday, 22:38
Yess I forgot I had a pd day on Friday :0

Now I can sleep in that day
Yesterday, 22:25
I think I’m getting sick

I’ve been dead tired all day and my throat is sore

can I please get sick after Friday night? I want to go to youth
Yesterday, 22:12
I had a nap but my mom decided to think “I know she just started to nap but I’ll wake her up 10 minutes after”

I am so tired
Yesterday, 21:56
Is it just me or when I first saw the word “danganronpa” I thought for a split second that it said “dragon romper”
Yesterday, 20:50
Oh boy I went onto the site I got my phone cases off of and was curious about the lowest price of a phone case (since each case was $5 CAD for me)

It was $0.99 CAD

Why is this site so cheap.. my phone cases were the best quality I’ve had too
Yesterday, 19:31
Omg my phone cases came :0

I don’t know which to put on first..
Yesterday, 19:11
i was bored, i know i still have a lot of themed pokes to draw but i cant find motivation for those since they take a lot of work

im gonna try to work on at least a sketch of an idea in my sketchbook tomorrow though
Yesterday, 01:44


Hey, welcome to my profile! Did you come here by accident? Or perhaps I asked for an interaction exchange? Whatever the reason, I have some things you should know.

I honestly don’t care how you talk to me or when you talk to me.
If you’re rude, I won’t be rude back. (I’ll try not to at least) Why continue to spread negative opinions on each other?

I only hate 2 people. Both of them are irl and did at least one terrible/messed up thing. I’ll never hate someone on this site like I hate them.

If I put you on my friendlist, I don’t need you to add me back. It was my decision to add you and it’ll be yours to decide if you want to add me back. If I do add you it’s probably because we have something in common or you seem like a good person overall.

If you want to know something about me, feel free to ask. (And no, I won’t share my credit card number, the 3 digits on the back and the expiration date lol)

I might update this sometimes. Keyword: might. I’m a bit lazy and/or forgetful when it comes to thing like this.

Usernames: Wolflesshowl —> Lupine


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