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Trainerlevel: 74

Trainerpoints: 2,782/16,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Larvesta17 / 10
Cacnea243 / 48
382,778 / 4,447
Centiskorch699,749 / 14,491

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Hinata/Hinayana / female / 29 / officially engaged to a sweet huggable Squishy / straight / writer

My super amazing profile decorations were created by MetalHeadKendra and Toriel_Dreemurr

Gem hunt

Ice Gems I Need

2,008 /15,000

Ghost Gems I Need


Game Records

Trainer ID: #388649916
Registration: 18/04/2015 (7 Years ago)
Game Time: 3061:48 Hours
Total interactions: 2,606,534
Money: 1,096,996
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Today, 05:43
uuhh... why did it hatch holding a water stone?
2 Days ago
wait hang on...
can sala da menci produce both van bagon and mr. bagon eggs??
11 Days ago
can someone send me jacharias's birthday plushie please? i'll send one in return
19 Days ago
Sorry I need to vent about this:
exactly 3 weeks ago, a really rude and nasty customer came into my workplace and actually stole almost all the tips my coworkers and I had made (he stole at least 24 dollars which might not sound a lot but it was a lot of tips for us {the total amount we would have made was at least 36 dollars})
Today: he actually had the nerve TO COME BACK! Still just as rude and nasty as he was three weeks ago!
We kicked him out almost immediately. He tried making a beeline for the register next to our tip jar but there was an elderly couple already standing there so we're all positive he was gonna try and steal more tips.

What's sad was we have cameras everywhere so we caught him on tape stealing from us and our cameras aren't exactly hidden. If you look up from the front door you'll see at least four. So not only was he stupid enough to steal from us, he was stupid enough to steal with a security camera directly pointed at him and was stupid enough to come back!
1 Month ago
ok this is probably gonna be a dumb question but can you get spectrier and glastrier via gem collector like the legendary birds?

I know you can find them both in the lab but you can also find the legendary birds at the lab too as well as the gem collector so I wanted to know if those two can be exchanged there too
1 Month ago
is there a way to check how many eggs you've adopted from rowan's lab?
2 Months ago
so do people not read the descriptions for trade requests? cus I swear every time I put a pokemon up for trade while asking for a specific pokemon in return I get offered everything BUT what I'm looking for.
2 Months ago
Oh my god I found the final egg!!!!
1. of course it was gonna show itself as soon as I give up searching!
and 2. Of course it was gonna show up on a page I searched 50 thousand times!!!
2 Months ago
ok officially giving up on the last egg. I've searched this site more times than should be considered reasonable and I'm positive I've checked literally every page and there is no sign of it. I'll just buy whatever the special item ends up being in the item market in GTS
2 Months ago
19/20 eggs and the final one still eludes me
I feel like I've checked literally every page this site has so I have absolutely no idea where I could possibly check
2 Months ago
um... is this happening to anyone else? isn't it a bit early for this to start appearing?
3 Months ago
wow i actually have almost all the available exp shares. only one i'm missing is the trainer level 75 one
3 Months ago
By PokéRadar - 13 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Hatenna hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #75)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

3 Months ago
You are currently hunting Hatenna!
Good luck!

Total hatched: 74
Current Shiny Chance: 1.375 %

honestly not bad considering i literally started this hunt yesterday at the reset
3 Months ago
By PokéRadar - 9 Minutes and 51 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Pichu hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #95)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

4 Months ago
5 eggs left in the daycare and no room in my egg storage so interaction exchange please?
4 Months ago
By Emera Square - 29 Minutes and 43 Seconds ago.
Results of yesterday's Apricorn Battle:

You scored Rank #8 with 71 Johto Cookie(s). Good job!
You won 2,525 Festival Points!
You also won a Special Reward! Please claim it at the Apricorn Battle.

WOO! though i have no space in my party or egg storage for it TwT
5 Months ago
does anyone know what the rewards are for getting in the top 50 for the apricorn battle?

(would very much like more details than just one word answers. If it's considered a spoiler then please palpad me)
5 Months ago

i only have 1 goal and that's to tie the knot with my sweet, caring and incredibly loving fiance

(getting a puppy or a bunny would be an added bonus but it's not a set goal)
6 Months ago


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Please read this before contacting me regarding trades/breeding:

* I will ignore any and all trades initiated without first talking to me about it. I will ask if you can please take the trade down and to ask me if you want to trade pokemon but if my messages are repeatedly ignored I will block you.

* While I prefer to be contacted, please do not just list the pokemon you want. I find that rude because it gives off a demanding feel. Send me a message going 'hey I saw you had this, this and this in your sell box, can I please trade them for this, this and this'. I'm not a mean person I promise, I like conversations so please just start one with me. Though with that in mind, I'm also extremely awkward and may come off as cold at first. Please don't take it personally, I'm just super socially awkward and can't talk like a normal person to save my life. Anyways while chances are the pokemon was there by mistake or it's already in the auction house, I'll talk to you about breeding you one. I like breeding pokemon for people who need them.

* If you do want to trade or request pokemon be bred or to buy certain items from me, I would appreciate it if you say please. Seriously it should be considered basic manners and it's a huge pet peeve of mine when someone requests something and not say 'please'. On a related note don't exaggerate punctuation points in your requests. I find messages like 'can you give me ___????' annoying.

* do not rush a reply from me! I do not appreciate 15 messages in the span of half a minute. I work from 9-5 five days a week. I am not looking at pokeheroes all day so please be patient. I will respond when I am able to.

* I do not accept battle requests from ANYONE. I have encountered far too many people with bad attitudes after a battle. My vs seeker is disabled so do not request I enable it.


* I do not EVER loan my megas, shinies, legendaries, gigas or my ditto to ANYONE. Please do not send me a message asking me to buy my ditto or borrow it especially if we have never spoken before. I have a specific number of users on this site I trust with these pokemon and it takes a long time to gain my trust.

* Please do not ask me to unblock you. There is a reason I blocked you and I will refer anyone and everyone who asks me to unblock them to the site rules as well as refuse the request. I am not required to explain why I block someone so please respect that

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