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Trainerlevel: 36

Trainerpoints: 1,459/3,923


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
375211,944 / 423,001
Harplade379227,939 / 432,061
Harplade27656,597 / 229,357
Ponyta8211,149 / 20,419
Magikarp677,473 / 17,086
Violedge231,610 / 1,657

About me

I'm Aerie, but you can also call me Victoria, Tori, or Kina :)

I like Pokemon (obviously) and my favorites are Noivern, the Zorua line, Dragapult, Mega Mawile, and Mega Absol!

My goal on this site is to complete the dex and get some shinies, wish me luck!

My PP/PMs are pretty much open, so shoot me a message whenever! Just don't start with something like "hi", get to the point please. And I'll almost always return it if you friend me, or send a plushie! [Note: ongoing plushie goal, so no plushie returns rn :(]

^much orange lol

A little Pokemon showcase :)

Pokemon special to me:

OT shinies!

OT retros-

Cool Threads!

Victoria's diary
Victoria33's Art Shop

Cool stuff!

Some sprites :3

Credits to Yamper :D

Helpful links

Bag Value
Pokemon stonks
Item stonks (thread)
IV Overview

Cool ideas!

Interesting possible fusions:

Mega Absol base × Misdreavus elements
Gardevoir base × Ninetales elements × Milotic color palette
Leafeon base × Hibiscus/Rose elements × Ghost type
Emolga base × Mantine elements × Galaxy fade/Navy/Gold color palette
Eevee base × Hisuian zorua elements × Umbreon color palette
Shaymin base × Fire/ghost/rock type
Hatterene × Gougeist/ Mismagius/ Chandelure/ etc
Tinkaton × Mega Mawile

Shiny hunting future goals:

Pokemon hunt ideas:

Shiny Eeveelutions count:

Three completed! Six more to go :3

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Note to self:
Name Flareon Gold
Name Jumpluff Luxe
Name Roserade Wither
Name Doublade Aegis
Name Pumpkaboo Beloved


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Blue (Sinitharos, H. Braviary, Litwick)
Black/ white (Alcremie, Oricorio C, Nickit)

And more will be added :D

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cyclogenixMon, 27/Mar/2023, 11:55
Fishy-sanSun, 26/Mar/2023, 17:10

Game Records

Trainer ID: #800996555
Registration: 21/06/2022 (9 Months ago)
Game Time: 509:20 Hours
Total interactions: 742,924
Money: 1,665,195
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Shadow radar day 1: Caught on chain 96

Shadow radar day 2: Caught on chain 4

9 Days ago
Berry for the magikarp in my party? It's my third oak quest try and I rlly hope I get it this time ;v;
23 Days ago
The Prof Oak contest really is trying its best to make you go through all the stages of grief :(
1 Month ago
1 Month ago
By Daycare owner - 35 Minutes and 19 Seconds ago.
Hey, Aerie! We recently found some eggs in our daycare. We're sure that those eggs belong to your Pokémon.
We really don't know how this happened...
However, try to take them as soon as possible, or I'll release them to the wild!

...got a lot of eggs to scan today 🙃
1 Month ago
1 Month ago
Shop Extension
0 more Dream Points have to be spent at the Dream World Shop until new Plushies are added to the shop.

2 Months ago

Joined PH
Got 17 OT shinies
Got a 43 HoL chain
Hit 1.8 mil PD
Completed 5 puzzles
Made nearly 700k interactions

3 Months ago
Mega able Charmander at Chain 4!?!?!! Whooaaaaa :o
3 Months ago
This has got to be the shiniest family tree ever :o
3 Months ago
You push the brown key carefully into the hole, turn it twice to the left and... cccrrk!!
The mystery box opens and you look curiously in it...

1x Nugget found!

The key breaks and becomes useless.

4 Months ago
By PokéRadar - 10 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Eevee hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #62)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

Yayayay :D

I was just interacting with my eggs using the notifs page and came back to see this new notification. And I was about to interact with the shiny's egg too!!! Woohoo for the shiny X3
4 Months ago
Just opened six mystery sets, all mediocre stuff and then... ULTRA SADDLE!!! First time having one :D
4 Months ago
Me: *Trying to catch Emera Beach Pokemon for DW task*
*Gets shoal salt* :(
*Gets poke ball* >:(
*Gets shoal shell* >:O

The beach hates me.
5 Months ago
I was interacting with an index egg, and I clicked on the profile and it had hatched and it was shinyyyyy °o°
They'll probably never see this but congrats to Kazyaquin ^^
5 Months ago
Announcing winners of #RecommendAFriend!

Sobble45, recommended by roxywinx1
~SilverTheHedgehog~, recommended by 4bsurd4narchist
Quaxly, recommended by 4bsurd4narchist
Cathrine_Elysandre, recommended by ErinBurr
And Hunterz~Wolf, recommended by spinorex14

Thank you everyone for participating! It's great to see all the users on the site be part of such an amazing community. Prizes will be sent out soon ^^
5 Months ago
*A giveaway has appeared!!!*

For this giveaway, things will be a little different then usual! Instead of entering yourself in a giveaway, you'll be able to enter a friend for them to possibly win stuff!!!
Simply join by hearting this feed, commenting the friend you want to enter and WHY they're your friend, and sharing the hashtag #RecommendAFriend. Be aware you gotta do all of these for an entry!

There will be five winners, and the prizes are:
- A good amount of gems
- Assorted mystery items (non sets unfortunately)
- Fossils + Evo stones + Forme change items
- A set of concentration retros, hmm also some dracozolt, and a random colored Magikarp
- A random unown and a (male) solar eevee

Just one thing, please don't discuss with someone else to enter each other in, that defeats the purpose :<

This ends on the first! Good luck ^^ (And some cheesy thing about--*gasp* ✨the power of friendship✨)
6 Months ago
Congratulations! A shiny Feebas hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #107)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

Yessss my beautiful little shiny feebas! Longest hunt yet but worth it .•^v^•.
6 Months ago



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Plushie gifting

I am gifting all plushies available to me to new users! There is a poll asking what category of plushies to gift next.

19 out of 27 Shiny plushies

Last plushie:

Total dream points spent: 23,280

Categories done gifting:

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Shiny Hunt

Aerie is currently hunting Violedge.
Hunt started: 13/02/2023

Chain: 12


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