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Trainerlevel: 84

Trainerpoints: 13,237/21,251


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About Me

I am Nyx, mid twenties, agender and I use they/them pronouns.
As you can see I am from Germany, so my time zone is quite close to the site time.
I love pokemon (of course) and much other stuff, but I am horrible at naming it because I always forget something, so just ask if you want to know smth!

If you wanna contact me:
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1. Be polite -- Yeah, I would like to read a "Hello" first -- and if you text me, please write a message where I can actually understand what you want.

2. Don't ask to buy my stuff. Otherwise I will report you immediately per rule 1.3 (checked with a mod)

3. Please don't use caplocks, numbers instead of letters, etc. if you text me. You can use short things like asap, but please just explain them friendly.

4. Please dont send me private massages. Use palpad instead. They are not just stressing me out, but I will forget about your message pretty fast if I dont answer directly

5. I have social anxiety and stuff going on, so if I dont answer you pls dont press. I am having a bad day. Additionally I am bad at smalltalk, so random hello msgs mostly just agitate me

Please read before contacting me! After that, I will be happy to make new acquaintances!

Some funny zodiac things!
They are pretty on spot, so take them as a second about me^^

This little treasure hatched at an unbelievable chain of #155!

Long time shiny hunts p2

Summon Hunts

78/750 => 10%

1/150 => 0%

5 UB´s
9/150 (850) => 6% (1%)

0/250 => 0%

24/250 => 9%

Tall grass hunts

2/250 => 0%


Name: Rainbow Sparkles
Adoptiere auch eins! @Pokémon Waisenhaus


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Shiny Hunt

_Nyx_ is currently hunting Azurill.
Hunt started: 12/05/2023

Chain: 204


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #910103406
Registration: 17/09/2016 (6 Years ago)
Premium member until 06/Dec/2023
Game Time: 3345:15 Hours
Total interactions: 20,788,945
Money: 6,741,510
Starter Pokémon: Piplup


I am interested. If I start my shiny Yveltal hunt. Would people be interested in buying Yveltals with dragon gems?
You would only need to pay the dragon gems, not the other 3 kinds of gems it takes.
If so, how many dragon gems would you be willing to pay considering that an Yveltal costs 75 dragon gems and 225 other gems?

Please share in the comments! If enough people were interested I could start early and it wouldnt take much longer ☆
18 Days ago
It appears that you own 1x Magearna PB Egg Voucher! Redeem now.

You received a Magearna (Poké Ball) Egg! It was placed in your Party.
Take good care of it!

A huge thanks to the person who gifted me this ☆
1 Month ago
So, I went through my friendlist today.
I unfriended accounts that got permabanned
I unfriended accounts that hadn't been online for a few months and never made it beyond trainer lv 10.
But mostly? I unfriended masses of accounts that have been offline for. Over. Two. (2). Years.

I purged my friendlist from ~430 to ~125. I unfriended over 300 dead accounts.

This took hours, no joke. And let me explain you why:
Pokeheroes needs 8 seconds for the page to load after unfriending someone. This means I spent ~40 minutes just WAITING for pokeheroes to load so I could clear my friendlist.

So, thats it. I am done for the day, i will go and drown that realization in hot tea and a heated blanket.
3 Months ago
By Rumble Report - 1 Minute and 16 Seconds ago.

Your Giga Drednaw challenged a legendary Pokémon (Boss Battle)!

→ Rumble Overview

By Rumble Report - 1 Minute and 41 Seconds ago.

Your Wash Rotom challenged a legendary Pokémon (Boss Battle)!

→ Rumble Overview

By Rumble Report - 4 Minutes and 23 Seconds ago.

Your Swampert challenged a legendary Pokémon (Boss Battle)!

→ Rumble Overview

By Rumble Report - 4 Minutes and 48 Seconds ago.

Your Lanturn challenged a legendary Pokémon (Boss Battle)!

→ Rumble Overview

By Rumble Report - 5 Minutes and 13 Seconds ago.

Your Swampert challenged a legendary Pokémon (Boss Battle)!

→ Rumble Overview

What the...😅? 5 of 6 pokis rumbling have their battles in a time span of 5 minutes xD?
6 Months ago
Yes!!! Shaymin Egg
Shiny Chance: 100.00%
8 Months ago
Look! A wild Nappy () ( SHINY) is eating your honey!

The mysterious Pokémon disappeared but it left an egg!
8 Months ago
Omg!!! 7th OS shiny Pichu Ukulele!!
9 Months ago
Random fun fact:
It took 48 days to get the 10 berries to 100.

I already had cherri on 100 and oran quite high, but I lvled 2 blue 1 berries, so if I would have sticked to green 2 only, (and didnt loose spirit towards the end) it would have been faster ;)
11 Months ago
Relic Crown
✓  1x Relic Band
✓  1x Relic Statue


1 Year ago
Ok you cant believe what happened.
I was aiming to get 8 shinies. 4 for me, 4 for a friend that hunted me 4 deoxys.

I only managed 6 and couldnt take it anymore, I needed to have fast hatching eggs again, that chain took so long xD so I decided to hatch the remaining eggs after the 6ths shiny with orbs just to be free of it.

This happened:

By PokéRadar - 1 Minute and 26 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Cosmog hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #251)!

By PokéRadar - 2 Minutes and 7 Seconds ago.
Congratulations! A shiny Cosmog hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #250)!

So happy rn!!! I managed to hatch 8 cosmog shinies!!
1 Year ago
Here I thought I was clever, cooking almost 1k biscuits in my garden.
Welp, the site isnt tricked that easily 😅
1 Year ago
Eggs hatched: 11,528
Shinies hatched: 198
Adopted lab eggs: 2,906
Adopted daycare eggs: 5,908
Adopted tall grass eggs: 952
Pokémon from the Gem Collector: 944
Pokémon caught at the Beach: 2,381
Pokémon caught at the Honeytree: 111
Pokémon adopted at the Safari Zone: 1

Yikes, tree will hurt the most. More eggs from lab/ tall grass though than I thought!
1 Year ago
First on site shiny Hoggy!!! 🥰🥰🥰
1 Year ago
Congratulations, you have collected 10 puzzle pieces!
You received 1x Exp. Share as a reward.
Congratulations, you have collected 50 puzzle pieces!
You received 1x Exp. Share as a reward.
Congratulations, you have collected 150 puzzle pieces!
You received 1x Exp. Share as a reward.
Congratulations, you have collected 300 puzzle pieces!
You received 1x Exp. Share as a reward.
Congratulations, you have collected 500 puzzle pieces!
You received 1x Exp. Share as a reward.
1 Year ago
Your Eiscue didn't really enjoy watching you eat this ice cream. It seems... different.

Somehow this just makes me sad😅
1 Year ago
Can someone please explain how "we dont want users to hurt themselves with clicks" and "30k interactions only give you 191 Sweethearts, which arent even enough for 4 cards" go together?
I mean yeah, its a few more days, but many people dont click that much. At this point, I might be pessimistic, but the shiny mega event poki from Halloween seemed easier to me? And this isnt even a SM, but "just" a shiny event poke if you even manage to get it. And even the 5 cards for the regular seem so difficult compared to the usually 3,500 activity points for events?

So all in all my conclusion:
After the second day I was kinda confident on being able to obtain the SM with just clicking and dream points from that clicking (plus T&Ting oc).
But I dont see me reaching even a 50% chance for this event here, since I didnt sit on XX.XXX DPs (seriously, kudos to all who do).
I really dont see the proportionality between these two events.
1 Year ago
Guys... guys...
4050 resets on bdsp for a shiny piplup.
I wasted over 110 hours on this. For 2 shiny starly and no shiny piplup.
1 Year ago
Emera Dex completed finaly :D

Congratulations, _Nyx_! Your Emera-Dex is now complete!
Wow, really can't believe it... you achieved this huge goal and helped me so much with my research! I still remember the day when I gave you your Starter-Pokémon, Piplup. Well, time flies by... I'm already getting a bit sentimental.
Anyway, the whole PokéHeroes Staff and all residents of Emera Town want to congratulate you!
...Sadly I don't have a certificate to give you for this huge milestone, so no one will ever know when visiting your profile, but hey, you know what you achieved, right?…right.

…What are you still wating for?
Oh huh, the special egg? Uhm well, yeah, I…don't have one as a reward for you. How about you just take one from these 4 here?…No? Well, then… oh! This great feeling after achieving something big is the true reward for all your work, isn't it?
Yes, yes. Go now and continue your work on your pokedex; I am sure your Emera Dex might get new entries soon.

Thanks Prof.😐
1 Year ago
Since the shiny Impasta is just a Veggie Impasta I will break my porygon hunt and will hunt Impasta now xD
4 Years ago

Long time shiny hunts - p1

5/250 => 2%

5/250 => 2%

2/150 => 1%

4/350 => 1%

3/150 => 2%


Uxie 4/49Mesprit 2/49
Azelf 5/49

Hoopa 6/100



Mysterious Kalos Egg Hunts

(6,413/11.250) (4,501/11.250)

(0/11.250) (639/11.250)

(6,413/11.250) (5,673/11.250)

(10,077/11.250) (12,511/11.250)

(6,413/1.500) (5,464/1.500)

Yearly goals

Shiny Hunt Goals

[✖️] Shiny Dialga Hunt

[✖️] Completing the Hisui Dex in Shiny

[✖️] Completing the Giga Dex in Shiny

„Accomplishment“ Goals

[✖️] Getting 12k Nuggets for Premium

[✖️] Reaching 10k Dragon Gems

[✖️] Getting Staid in Shiny

[✖️] Getting Bold in Shiny

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