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Trainerlevel: 74

Trainerpoints: 9,960/16,501


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
9182,378,063 / 2,530,927

A little intro

Welcome person

Name's Abigail, simple right? Yeah too simple I know like 3 other people with the same name. Anyways im 19, borthday is on Jan 20th, and I clearly enjoy a good dose of memes every day. Just look at my feeds, 75% of it is just random trash and the rest is just me talking about my OCs. I talk about my OCs far to much... Maybe you should check out my book Endless Sky in the contact links- ANYWAYS, I suck at casual conversation so if you palpad me expect me just scream randomness in return.

Im taken- surprisingly, thought I was finna be single forever, and I like drawing, I draw too much.

On Sept 23rd around 9:30 eastern time, ~*The Gary*~ was hatched on chain 6189. After starting the hunt in late december, spending thousands of nuggets for daycare flutes and mega cuffs, and even receiving thousands of ground gem gifts mostly from HT_Beta_Bruh. She finally hatched after about 9 months of struggling. Many times I almost gave up, if I hatched 780 eggs after 6189, I was going to give up. But Gary pulled through. A name I was going to give my SM months before it even hatched, if it even hatched. Ofc it hatched female but idc. I still love her.

Art gallery


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One of the first Ransolites in existence on pokeheroes! She and her friends Abyss and Cortoler help run a shop where more Ransolites can find homes with other pokehero users!
Status: Cave Crystal Dancer

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A sneaky fella, likes to hide in water like a crocodile and sometimes scare others just for fun. Is actually pretty nice if you get to know him and ignore the sneaky side. I swear he's not doing anything illegal... I think
Status: No Interest

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Gibby should've left the crystals alone in that cave, now he's stuck with a mini version of himself that wont stop following him everywhere he goes and eats his food.
Status: No Interest

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A shy Ransolite that seems to be a deer of some kind. She's always accompanied by a snail and a ladybug that she seems to trust a lot more than anyone and anything else around her
Status: No Interest

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Happy bear Ransolite with 2 lovebird friends. He likes hugs!
Status: Can Crystal Dance

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Really REALLY likes dark quiet places, sleeps a lot and would get mad if you wake him, but he wouldn't really do anything about it
Status: No Interest

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Really REALLY likes dark quiet places, sleeps a lot, and will fight you if you wake him up and be noisy. Daren is his best friend and he always helps him as Daren isn't really confrontational. So he makes up for that.
Status: No Interest

Ransolites! Part 2

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Status: Cant Dance

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Status: Can Crystal Dance

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Status: Can Crystal Dance

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Status: Can Crystal Dance

Shiny Hunt

YourLocalGayOStar is currently hunting Solar Eevee.
Hunt started: 05/05/2022

Chain: 91




Game Records

Trainer ID: #59932071
Registration: 29/07/2013 (9 Years ago)
Premium member until 15/Jul/2023
Game Time: 2465:58 Hours
Total interactions: 782,200
Money: 15,384,045
Starter Pokémon: Meganium



Okay details- If I like the name you offered, u get the Ran, if I use the name you offered and alter it a bit, you get the Ran

This is a female, got this purple water magic deal going on, who cares about backstory no one knew what her life was gonna be when she was born and named
A friend offered Boevra that I liked, but didn't think it would fit

The name must be abnormal considering those around her are like- Ardabur, Yatida, and Arderi, not exactly common normal names like Charlotte, Ashley, or Ethan if u get my drift

It is possible for me to not like any, I'll delete this when I either find a name or not
Today, 02:22
Just a friendly reminder the Ransolite discord is open!
It's a good place to show off your rans, discuss details with others, plan future dancing pairs, or even join Discord exclusive giveaways/events!
Its usually quiet and thats okay! We dont need 24/hour daily conversations! You can simply use the chat to get quick replies to questions or requests like seeing your inventory!

If interested in joining, shoot me a Palpad message!
5 Days ago
Im in much too much of a dragon mood
I drew like 8 pieces of art recently and more than half is just dragon art
5 Days ago
The giveaway is closed and winners are slowly being sent PMs for their eggs!
15 Days ago
With a LONG time of thinking, a filler event has been decided as Pokemon! But things will be a little unique for this event as oppose to every other normal event.

For starters, THESE six eggs are being given away! And half of them are shiny, which ones? Well, hatch them like any other pokemon game to find out!
Keep in mind these are still Ransolites though, so expect unique patterns/traits that a normal pokemon otherwise dont have. Like stripes on a charmander or fur on something that otherwise doesnt have fur

Just comment anything and in 3-7 days I will pick the winners!
The event in question should be soon, but not right now!
22 Days ago
1 Month ago
The downside of removing myself from any Bleppo related things is that now I have no idea if I even still own the ones I have or if using them will get me yelled at or something :/
I mean, I dont hate the Bleppos themselves, just rather distance myself from the people behind it.
No one told me I cant use them anymore, but still
1 Month ago
Fun fact
In all of Wings of Fire, Cricket and Blue is my most hated couple cause of 100% how it started.
Literally like 10 minutes and this "I will never disobey a Hivewing" guy falls in love with the first female HW who is nice as if no Silkwing was ever nice. Bet he'd feel nothing if it was a dude.
Like come ON
Couldn't there be some time to learn about each other before they both practically simultaneously fall in love?? For little to no reason besides "So we're hiding from Hivewings together.. guess its love"
1 Month ago
Me waking up wondering why people in this country is so insane over a cluster of cells but not care about an infant baby
Like no joke I think it costs 22k just to have a baby, imagine being a teenage who made a mistake, u aint got money lol

Im s o r r y but I will never understand how people only look at one part of a "problem" and ignore larger issues. Like money, especially money. Kids are expensive man, we- well I used to, but man they drain money 😭
What if you're single cause the dude dipped? How do you not only care for this poor baby but also work to get money to survive? Why do we still not have free healthcare? Idc if it makes taxes increase, as long as I wont wake up to a couple thousand dollar bill from a heart attack I had no control over
1 Month ago
Ngl its pretty hard to make 4th of July Ransolites when im currently really angry and disappointed with the USA
1 Month ago
I r e a l l y should avoid getting political at all costs
But man, I am both annoyed and horrified at what the future is going to become now that hundreds of thousands of millions of USA people's lives are going to be ruined because of one simple mistake, or by other's mistakes
Either by causing another baby boom during a time where houses/sustainable money in general are already hard to get
Bankrupting many women/families as their medical bills shoot through the roof with unwanted births (Lol no free healthcare)
Adoption centers flooded with the masses of unwanted babies to the point we might have a similar situation with covid at its peak (overfilled hospitals)
A sudden spike in pollution as more people suddenly appear and heat up the already burning world
Or being thrown in jail because something didnt go right
Or being forced to deal with an event that I cannot go into more details just know its utterly horrifying and illegal
And some more horrible things
1 Month ago
you'd think having a new wifi router will make things load fast?
no it does not
in fact everything is so insanely slow now that I can hardly do anything besides stare at the 5 messages taking forever to send and draw, avoiding all my games
1 Month ago
Btw my new computer from like a month or two ago has like, promotions or something everywhere saying how great the speakers are yet at times they glitch and make my computer sound haunted- something my other computer or any ones before it ever did so no it wasn't a wifi/internet issue its this computer's issue
1 Month ago
Dunno why but I always feel personally offended when someone outbids me by 1 PD
1 Month ago
Everyone: Happy fathers day!

Me w/o one cause he sucks and I haven't spoken to him in years: 🧍‍♂️
1 Month ago
Fountain finally increased shiny chance
I have 10 eggs stored away to hatch B)
1 Month ago
me totally not being 500 DP short of a shiny plush
1 Month ago
Me: I cant blame anyone for hating my Tetris oc, he's a horrible person and-
*proceeds to plan with my rp partner a way to give him someone who cares about him and its super wholesome and just 🥺*
1 Month ago
Pride flag themed Ransolites are coming!
1 Month ago
Probs should've said something sooner but there is a Ransolite Discord server open!
In order to get in you must ask either me or Error for an invite. We would rather not invite young children due to the fact some curses are allowed but thats abt it.
You do not need a Ransolite in order to get in, but you cant be a week old account either. We want people to actually play PKH first before diving into the other things it has.
2 Months ago

Used some bases to make trash



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