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Trainerlevel: 72

Trainerpoints: 5,635/15,623


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
my dad
587928,401 / 1,294,336
Skarmory514 / 114
Skarmory512 / 114
Skarmory532 / 114
Skarmory5102 / 114
(Mega Frosmoth)
13720,572 / 56,719

A little intro

Welcome person

Name's Abigail, simple right? Yeah too simple I know like 3 other people with the same name. Anyways im 19, borthday is on Jan 20th, and I clearly enjoy a good dose of memes every day. Just look at my feeds, 75% of it is just random trash and the rest is just me talking about my OCs. I talk about my OCs far to much... Maybe you should check out my book Endless Sky in the contact links- ANYWAYS, I suck at casual conversation so if you palpad me expect me just scream randomness in return.

Im taken- surprisingly, thought I was finna be single forever, and I like drawing, I draw too much.

On Sept 23rd around 9:30 eastern time, ~*The Gary*~ was hatched on chain 6189. After starting the hunt in late december, spending thousands of nuggets for daycare flutes and mega cuffs, and even receiving thousands of ground gem gifts mostly from HT_Beta_Bruh. She finally hatched after about 9 months of struggling. Many times I almost gave up, if I hatched 780 eggs after 6189, I was going to give up. But Gary pulled through. A name I was going to give my SM months before it even hatched, if it even hatched. Ofc it hatched female but idc. I still love her.

Art gallery

The RP bois

Lucerne (lu-sern)

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~Name: Lucerne
~Species: Celestial Beast
~Age: 10404 (retired and "aging" currently 21)
~Gender: Male
~Abilities: Can become any creature/monster, no longer has weapons upon retiring
~Likes: Stars, space, his friends, Avaro(bf), Gordon Ramsey quality food, flying spaceships (even though he doesnt have one anymore)
~Dislikes: Zen, Armageddon, Tetris, war, destruction/hate, bad tasting food, being in closed/small spaces, being powerless, black holes.
~Friends: A group in OCTown, Avaro, Beta, Jay, Abby, Sweecky
~Family: None Illunan(brother), Aurum(dying niece), Sybil (adopted niece) Blaine(adopted grandnephew), Aiko (sister in law), Snowva (aunt in law), Hayden(uncle in law)
~Emotion: Relaxed
~Injuries: N/A

Avaro (av-uh-row)!

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~Name: Avaro
~Species: Dragon
~Age: 22
~Gender: Male
~Abilities: Can breath some fire in his human form, but its much stronger in his true (dragon) form, able to fail at cooking anything as well
~Likes: Lucerne (bf), flying in warm breezy weather, flying in general, flowers, jokes, the color blue
~Dislikes: Slugs/snails, berries, Tetris, basements, people touching his wings (makes him feel sick), people who abandon their kids without reason (Cytris)
~Friends: A group in OCTown, Lucerne, Beta, Abby, Jay
~Family: Violo(mother), Fero(father) Wintur(Great Grandfather), Queen Celia(aunt), Kathax(cousin)
~Emotion: Relaxed
~Injuries: N/A

Just all the trash


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One of the first Ransolites in existence on pokeheroes! She and her friends Abyss and Cortoler help run a shop where more Ransolites can find homes with other pokehero users!

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A sneaky fella, likes to hide in water like a crocodile and sometimes scare others just for fun. Is actually pretty nice if you get to know him and ignore the sneaky side. I swear he's not doing anything illegal... I think

Ransolites are sold HERE!

Shiny Hunt

YourLocalGayOStar is currently hunting Skarmory.
Hunt started: 20/01/2022

Chain: 60
0 1 0




Game Records

Trainer ID: #59932071
Registration: 29/07/2013 (8 Years ago)
Premium member until 13/Jul/2022
Game Time: 2190:27 Hours
Total interactions: 693,249
Money: 6,275,631
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


The Ransolite Cave has reopened! New eggs, new items, adventure and more!
Be quick cause eggs can sell fast!
And as promised, the winner of the first Valentine Ransolite is RainbowEevee
Congrats! You'll receive it via PM!
Yesterday, 22:42
According to PKH time, its my birthday!
I am 19 now! funny to think I have played this game since I was 11

On the side note, the Ransolite cave may be closed ATM, a new update should be soon and plans for the next event are in motion!
In fact, the first VA event Ran has been made!
Just comment below for a chance to win it, for free! (Keep in mind if u dont own one, winning this one will lose your 50% off common) Good luck! Ends whenever the cave reopens!
3 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Snom hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #2937)!
A day early
3 Days ago
5 Days ago
Me: *tryna figure out how to keep my year long plan stable and not have a mental break*

My older sis: Stay out of my business jerk omg

Me: *is literally being affected by her staying here, unsure if her sudden plans can work and worried if they dont, things will start spiraling downhill* ._ .

I mean come on I am trying but my family situation is really crumbling rn and all I tried to do is fix it
12 Days ago
So- that aint good
You see, every reset the Ransolite cave gets a swarm of adventures for some reason- yall got the entire day lol
Well a few days ago my older sister got kicked out of her ex bfs house and moved back in with us cause shes irresponsible and never saved a penny despite having a job for over a year
And all she does while awake is play Apex and Overwatch
which absolutely DESTOYS our wifi
So I would sit here trying to roll and send adventures as wifi cuts in an out every few mins to every few seconds and I really hope the wifi doesnt just outright die cause I need it to send Rans and adventures
I dont need Wifi to make them tho luckily
13 Days ago
I have no idea how long its been since OStar has been my avatar...
years maybe?
welcome back OStar lol, u match most my username and who I call myself once more
for like
a month before I change it again
15 Days ago
Nobody wants free shiny snoms >:((
15 Days ago
Send me a private trade if u want free shiny and/or mega able snoms
Just specify what u want and have trash mons.
1 trash mon = 1 shiny OR one mega able (specify)
2 trash mon = 1 shiny and 1 mega able OR 2 shiny (specify)
3 trash mon = 2 shiny and 1 mega able nothing else
15 Days ago
Happy new years
May I suffer longer with this cursed hunt B)
22 Days ago
The end of event boosts have been applied in the Ransolite cave!
As well as more eggs dropped!

Sadly Adventures had a bad nerf. So not all things are good news.
It was done that way to make it easier to manage 75+ rolls over time and not all at once.
If I find a way to roll a list 75 times and get a list of the 75 top items quickly in seconds, things might chance.
But I have been unlucky on my search for quick rolls so this is all we got to hopefully release stress and work more on eggs and further updates!
23 Days ago
Results are in! The three egg winners are
Congratz! I'll PM you on the egg(s) you can choose/have obtained!
24 Days ago
When reset comes the shop will CLOSE, so dont accidently try and buy an egg or do an adventure
We will reopen in about a day or so idk
24 Days ago
The Christmas event in the Ransolite cave is coming to a close and will end on reset on the 29th
Now is your last chance to craft (or now buy) any potions or try a swing at getting an event egg in the adventures
Or just buy one of the last remainders
And deciding right now because I want to, these last days are different and any egg or potion found in an adventure will guarantee a unique trait that little to no other Ransolites will have

Thanks you to everyone who participated! We learned a lot about how the event runs and understand better on how to make more in the future! It sucks not all events can be this big, but its great the first one was!
27 Days ago
Merry Christmas to all!
Friendly remind of the Event going on in the Ransolite cave! (Tho keep in mind adventures today may be heavily delayed)
But there is NEW eggs! Hopefully not the last of this year, but if so, its crazy to think over 100 eggs sold in just over 2 months! And theres even more eggs that were FREE from adventures, dances, and giveaways! Speaking of giveaways...
Its Christmas! 3 winners! Comment below for a chance to win oneof these eggs! (UC egg in the works will be added later lol)
Good luck and Happy Holidays! (Keep in mind if you dont own a Ran and win one, your half off common discount is gone!)
Also I have a poll for future events if you want to look at that!
28 Days ago
I decided to keep my dad and level her up to 1k
Powerful red gyarados
29 Days ago
You have opened 23 out of 24 doors so far.

Missed a day B)
Missed as in I did the task but forgot to collect the egg
30 Days ago
I just got someones dad from the SWT what do I do
1 Month ago
*ceases to exist*
1 Month ago

Used some bases to make trash



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