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Trainerlevel: 54

Trainerpoints: 467/8,801


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Fionna 19 Days ago
L7wenny 1 Month ago
L7wenny 1 Month ago
KD6-37 1 Month ago

Shiny Showcase

If you want to buy a Pokemon..:

Only Pokemon I will sell/trade are in my extra box, and only Pokemon that are in the same generations as the Pokedex's I have completed

if you want to trade for one i only accept Pokemon i don't have

i will usually give common Pokemon away basically for free, its the events, Rares and legends/Mythicals that will cost some poke-dollars

and there is also a chance that i just don't want to sell them and they are only in that box because I have ran out of space


(really didn't want to make this but people just keep asking, i'm not really good at talking to people so don't expect me to say much and please just get right to the point if you are going to ask)

Game Records

Trainer ID: #834057083
Registration: 13/12/2019 (4 Years ago)
Game Time: 579:00 Hours
Total interactions: 3,447,898
Money: 3,197,449
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Nice, a random shiny Blitzle!
2 Months ago
#NewBeginnings i have no goals for 2024 i just want to do the advent calendar task lol
4 Months ago
oh my gosh i just got my first lab shiny!!!
4 Months ago
does pawmo evolve from rumbling or something? i found a forum post saying the evolution wasn't available then but is it now? how do i evolve it???
5 Months ago
i hate when i'm trying to do the trick or treat and then i accidentally block or friend someone because i don't feel like waiting for the webpage to fully load...

(so if i randomly added you to my friend list / block you this is why)
5 Months ago
Beauty contests give way more festival points than I thought they did. Just got 1k points for just 3 photos!
8 Months ago
How are we suppose to get the mew? Will it just be added to our parties soon? Do we get it from ancient cave?? howwwww
9 Months ago
I sure hope this scs helps with the prof contest or else im going to lose
9 Months ago
Does anyone have tips to level up my Wailord really fast since im like 11 levels behind and the powerorbs barely boost levels
9 Months ago
Something tells me that this professor contest is gonna be a pain because it is literally impossible to get Wailord to the same level or higher aaaaaaaaaa
9 Months ago
Can someone help me with the new ancient cave quest?

(put the question in the comments just in case we aren't supposed to spoil the quest or something)
9 Months ago
nice i think i got the 12th retro raikou!
9 Months ago
how do i make minior turn into its core form
9 Months ago
Wow this 4x interaction is crazy a solosis egg i got an hour ago is already a reuniclus!
10 Months ago
By PokéRadar - 10 Minutes and 35 Seconds ago.Congratulations! A shiny Solosis hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #50)!

Way quicker than I expected wow.
10 Months ago
Need help on how i'm supposed to get some Hisui forms and Pokemon,

(specifically: Voltorb line, Lilligant, Braviary, Sliggoo, Goodra, Avalugg, Wyrdeer, Overqwil and Enamorous)
10 Months ago
Wow sunny castform weather I haven't seen that in a while
10 Months ago
Can I please borrow someones Regigigas for a bit I promise I will give it back once my Sinnoh Dex counts as complete and I'll give you a Zarude and 50k for helping.
10 Months ago
How do I evolve Tangela since it needs ancient power to evolve?
10 Months ago
I'm only missing ONE EGG!!

can someone please give me a forum or something that has ALL the page links because the one that i used seems to have some missing pages
1 Year ago

Current Goal: Finish Unova Dex

Unova dex Progress so far:166/175
(Need both Meloettas, Victini and Zen Darmanitan)

Kalos dex Progress so far:88/117

Completed Goals:
Kanto dex (completed 17/11/2022)
Johto dex (completed 12/12/2022)
Hoenn Dex (completed 1/1/2023)
Sinnoh Dex (completed 4/6/2023)

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