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Trainerlevel: 44

Trainerpoints: 2,431/5,851


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Magcargo444,352 / 5,941
Magcargo443,945 / 5,941
Magcargo444,560 / 5,941
Magcargo443,037 / 5,941
Magcargo45353 / 6,211
Slugma35415 / 3,781


Face reveal/Weedle art

(Am I handsome?)
Look at this beautiful art of my nugget!

Made by rainbowblitzer

Made by: Prinklix

Made by: AliceAngle*Sweets*

Made by: Hipsterpotamus

Made by: SilverFox

Made by: *Fabulous~Weeb*

Made by: Amalee
Made by: Prinklix

Made by: Hipsterpotamus

Made by: Ace_Trainer_Max

Made by: Godfaking

Made by: God~

Made by: ~Ragdoll

Made by: Gloom

Made by: ShockWave65

Made by: Undyne_The_Undying

Made by: KaiFIREYREDninjago2007

Missing Megas

Missing megas list:

- Autumn Alakazam
- Cursed Rapidash
- Yorebro
- Autumn, Summer, and Spring Amphros
- Obsidialix
- Mecha Tyranitar
- Crystal Aggron
- Winter Camerupt
- Candaria
- Banettenstien
- Sala de Menci
- Lord Salamence
- Eastern Lopunny
- Lucario Sensei

Badge Showcase

Set #1
Set #2
Set #3
Set #4


Nuggetz hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #999661268
Registration: 16/07/2018 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 1358:54 Hours
Total interactions: 180,767
Money: 6,553,093
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Haha! My favorite music YouTuber liked and commented on my comment! So far I'm the only one he's commented on too! So awesome! 😁😁😁
16 Days ago
Hmmm 🤔

(Online within last 24 hours: 1,906 members)

Every 7 days, 5 nuggets is given out, right?
That's 9530 nuggets a week! 1,360~ a day! If 1 nugget is 1,600 pd, that's 2,176,000~ pd worth of nuggets just thrown out there!

Where does it all go????
16 Days ago
Like this for a chance 😲😲😮😧😧😳🙀🤯🙀😮😳🥺😱😮🙀🥺🙀😮🙀🤯
23 Days ago
And so #FavoriteSong has now come to an end

Alpharr has been randomly selected out of the hashtag sharers to win! Congratulations.
1 Month ago
I'm literally so bored rn.

Post #FavoriteSong with your favorite song and I'll give out a Million PD. Cuz I'm bored. Idk when it'll be over. Maybe a day or two.
1 Month ago
Can you give the rumble mission pokemon.more berries? Like, it says they get 3 oran berries but can I give them more somehow?
1 Month ago
I have the Reese's puffs commercial in my head and it won't leave me alone.

Eat em up eat em up eat em up eat em up
2 Months ago
Update got me like

Aw sweet I love gambling! ...

"You have 0 Game Chips at the moment"

... aw sweet I love not having money!
2 Months ago
Did anybody find all the eggs yet? If so, what black magic did you use to find them all? 👀
2 Months ago
I seriously wonder how I was supposed to find some of these eggs without the map. Do I just casually wonder into a page that hasn't been looked at for years with no clear link or connection to the event and think "yup, perfectly balanced". 😅
2 Months ago
I got a fortune cookie today. It said "You'll be receiving an important phonecall today".

I'm literally scared to leave my phone alone now.
2 Months ago
I literally didn't read the update to the berry stuff so I went through this speedclick event with like, 7 berries and thought "Man, I should go buy more real quick".

Literally MILLIONS of berries up for sale right now. 4 Pd and dropping. I'm flabbergasted
3 Months ago
Ah haha 😎

Congratulations! A shiny Arceus hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #75)! Your PokéRadar reset and needs new batteries.

And it only took 3 months 😎
3 Months ago
Is it possible to shiny mega hunt a Mewtwo?
3 Months ago
Congrats to the winner of #Gen9Divine

"By Alpharr - 6 Days and 14 Hours ago.
The fire type one"

Fire type one superiority 💪.
3 Months ago
Sorry I haven't been active, #Gen9Divine will be announced today.
3 Months ago
I've noticed a weird phenomenon happening in the item market.

If 1 person has 10 of an item worth 500 pd, then the recommended price stays at 500.

However, if 10 people have 1 item worth 500 pd each, then they'll constantly try to drop their prices, making the recommended price drop.

This makes it possible for the recommended price to both lower and for actually price to increase, like what it's doing for electric gems. As the recommended price drops, the actual cost of the gem stays or even goes higher. Very weird, not sure what I'll do with this theory.
4 Months ago

To celebrate me getting all the non-event megas and for gen 9's reveal, I'm doing a little giveaway! Just ♥️, share the hashtag, and comment which starter you're excited to partner with!

Winner will be randomly picked to get 350 nuggets :)

Personally, I like apple-dino :) I really hope they make the evolutions even cooler.
4 Months ago
I saw a post that said "YOOO, CHECK OUT THE NEW GEN 9 POKEMON" and I was like, 'heh, people really do be falling for fakemon 😂.' Then all of a sudden, my YouTube feed is flooded with the open world next gen pokemon game????

YOOOOOO I KNEW POKEMON WAS JUST BIDING TIME TO MAKE AN EVEN BETTER SWORD AND SHIELD. The signs were literally all there, pushing work to other producers to make space, trying new mechanics before implementing them completely, waiting to see how fans react to change vs traditionalism.

4 Months ago
Being a ghost sound kinda cool not gonna lie. Think about it, just kinda floating around, doing whatever you want. No need to eat or sleep or use the bathroom. Just float and have fun.

I'd totally be a ghost.
4 Months ago


(Click me plz)

Here's a cold one, sit down with me and let's take a load off.

Also, here's my Pokémon Go Friend code: 6542 3739 8566 User: Snail4U feel free to add me :)

Shinies I want


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Even more art of nugget