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Honeytree: Reload page without ?scare=true

Forum-Index Suggestions Honeytree: Reload page without ?scare=true
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Posted: Mon, 09/01/2023 13:29 (2 Months ago)
This is going be a bit hard to explain, so bear with me.

When you scare away a Pokemon at the honeytree, you use this link

However, the '?scare=true' part of the url remains. As such, if you reload the page (e.g. to check for new pokemon) without removing that bit of the url, you may accidentally scare away a pokemon without even getting to see what it was. Or, if your mobile browser was closed on that page, and it reloads due to you reopening your browser, you may also accidentally scare a Pokemon.

What I'm suggesting is that the page immediately loads back to the regular honeytree page after scaring a Pokemon to avoid accidental scares when the page is reloaded.

Something similar can be seen in trades with Leah, there's a url for each trade that causes the exchange (below is the magnetic bait trade)

but the page immediately loads again with the below url to display the confirmation message (this displays the 'Thank you for the exchange! I will put the fish in my aquarium, hihi!' message)

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Posted: Sat, 14/01/2023 16:47 (2 Months ago)
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Posted: Tue, 17/01/2023 03:37 (2 Months ago)
Support, as the way it is now definitely seems like an oversight. this function should be a given.