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Retro Egg Deleted in Recruiting Mix Up

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Posted: Sat, 08/10/2022 14:57 (5 Months ago)
So I have a rumbler at the Burned Tower and it just brought back a Zubat and a Retro Egg. I had 1 open space in my party.

I went to adopt them both, but the Zubat took the last open space in my party before the egg was adopted and the retro egg was just straight up deleted and I was able to resend the Pokemon, but there's no egg still with it of course. It's gone.

Technically the Zubat was the first thing in the recruit list, but shouldn't eggs be given party priority and Pokemon be sent to boxes? If you HAD a full party before you go to adopt an egg, it will tell you about it and you can make space. But I had space and it was taken last minute. And now I can't get the egg which I would've preferred if I had known about this issue. ^^
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Posted: Sat, 08/10/2022 15:00 (5 Months ago)
Totally agree with this, It hasn't happened to me, however it's probably really frustrating. It's a shame this wasn't implemented in the first place.

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