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The magical music sanctuary

Forum-Index Roleplay RP Sign-up The magical music sanctuary
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Posted: Thu, 09/08/2018 23:15 (5 Years ago)
As a young student in about 6th grade, most musicians pick an instrument to learn. But little do they know, some people are different. Long ago, visitors from an alternate universe taught the tinkerers who made instruments of music to enhance the magical properties. This, however, led to many problems. Though the art has been lost to time, some instruments still exist bearing these same talents. The key, is to know where to look.
Since wielding such items is dangerous, those left have created a sanctuary. This sanctuary can only be located by those who wield the instruments in question. Good luck, and happy sanctuary comes to those who search.

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-All basic roleplay rules apply.
-Please use at least basic descriptive writing(he punched them>he madly swung at his opponent)
-if you get into inter-character fights, please find a peaceful way to settle who, if anyone, "wins"
-There will be a limited amount of positions per instrument(not everyone can play trumpet or saxophone)
-You may only play ONE magical instrument
-Some instruments will not be on the list due to the illogical price, size, or difficulty of the instrument.
-The password is Jazzhands, which should go in the other section

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Violin-manipulate grass and vine 1/3
Viola-manipulate trees /2
Flute-manipulate air currents /2
Bass flute-manipulate RAIN water /1
Eb clarinet-calm animals /1
Clarinet-Manipulate foxes /3
Bass clarinet-manipulate small garden plants /1
Soprano saxophone-create forcefield /1
Alto sax-manipulate wolves /2
Tenor sax-manipulate wolves /1
Bari sax-manipulates wolves+foxes /1
Trumpet-flamethrower /2
Mellophone(marching French horn)-Water spout /2
Trombone-sandy blast /2
Marching baritone-blue flamethrower /2
Tuba/susaphone-Create large barriers /1

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My forms:
Will be made once people start joining.

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Posted: Fri, 10/08/2018 05:09 (5 Years ago)
Name: Paul
gender: male
age: 12
instrument: Violin
backstory/history: just a young boy learning the violin who needed to move to full size. Little did he know, that new violin would change his life.
appearence: A blue long sleeved shirt, casual jeans, and messy brown hair.
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Posted: Sat, 11/08/2018 02:02 (5 Years ago)
Accepted, please hide password and spread the word.
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Posted: Mon, 13/08/2018 23:32 (5 Years ago)
also going to add and switch out some instruments.
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Posted: Tue, 28/08/2018 19:19 (5 Years ago)
Name: Lillian
gender: female
age: 15
instrument: flute
backstory/history:she had a simple life, run around with friends, draw Ect. She always liked the flute that’s why she started playing it.
appearance: *art not mine


Have a wonderful day y’all, you deserve it :)
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Posted: Tue, 28/08/2018 23:47 (5 Years ago)
Accepted.please hide the password.