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thiccy thiccums
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Trainer ID: #51295866
Registration: 14/03/2018 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 731:05 Hours
Total interactions: 162,527
Money: 711,444
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


Hey guys so you probably haven't seen me on ph, I wouldn't be surprised if you where to ask why either.

Actually scratch that last bit, not sure if anyone would really actually want to know me activities for the last four days.

Anyways, some people are being very rude to me irl and I have to deal with them so bye ph for a bit longer ;)
4 Years ago
Interaction exchange?
4 Years ago

Someone needs to save poor old Hexe

Share SYH (Save Your Hexe)to show support
4 Years ago
By Bonemewl - 8 Minutes and 3 Seconds ago.
Well since i'm gonna be leaving i'm gonna make a quick raffle for all the pd that I have by... sometime tomorrow I guess? (Will be over 400k) Enter by posting the #aurevoirmewl in a feed post.
4 Years ago
You know, I really hate it when people just put 'offer' in the gas trade description. It's just as bad as putting nothing, since you don't know what to offer or what they want. It's just filling it out so that it's not blank, and that just makes it worse for me. Why bother putting that if you don't have to in the first place? Or better yet, say what you want so that people have an actual thing to know to offer before they go in. You can't tell if your offer, or even offers are going to be accepted or not because you have no idea what they want. Even just putting something as simple as 'pd' is better, since you can go to price check and check the pd price for the items. Sorry for the vent, it just makes me mad.
4 Years ago

4 Years ago

Tokyo because Lucario got it wrong last time so not voting the same as him Uwu

(No offense I'm sorry just don't have another reason to vote it so I just said that XD Sorry)
4 Years ago
So two of my friends really like making their own bnha characters, and doing class today they where looking through something and found that someone had made the super original oc that they had made. Like apparently the two oc's where the same besides their name... So like for the rest of class the where crying/screaming/yelling/laughing about how someone stole their oc, So I said "Fine, give me two characters form bnha and I'll make on oc with the two of them to cheer you up"

And I kid you not, one of them literally said Best jeanist x Recovery girl


So I guess I have to make that now, but hopefully they are happy afterwards
4 Years ago
Daily ph fact:

Did you know? If you click the down button when betting on higher or lower when you haven't entered a number, it will automatically put 100 game chips in a bet!
4 Years ago
By LucarioLover99 - 1 Minute ago.
4 Years ago

Though I'm happy that this is spreading really well, I'm also kinda unhappy since I've tried to do something like this before but without prizes... Yeah almost no one shared it, and it seems like some of the shares are only to win prizes, so... I abstain from being in the draw to win anything. I hope the helps ph :)
4 Years ago
Wow I swear on my life this has happened and spread like crazy on ph before... I didn't join the giant bandwagon that time, or any time I've seen things like this going around, but I guess I will now

So sorry if I don't know you well enough to give you a real one but comment why you think of me and I will reply with an honest opinion, though I don't have many friends so I kinda doubt I'll get very many if at all? Idk

Seriously with how many people are doing this someone should just make a hashtag so that it can be organized easier
4 Years ago

Angell didn't vote? Ohno

Espeon is probably my favorite evolution, sticking with it for the tournament.
4 Years ago
*screams* Why did the new event mon have to be a mon I love

Debating whether to pay a bunch or not ;-;
4 Years ago

Thank you all for sharing and helping advertise for tournament. Sorry for the delay, but the winner is...


Sending the gift shortly, thanks again to everyone who helped!
4 Years ago
*Me, looking for eggs at the last second*

Oh I forgot this place, seems promising

*There are no eggs*

4 Years ago
Flour Fine flour which can be used for baking.


Give item

Why did I do this

4 Years ago

Thank GOD you have finally done one where I can easily vote for one side. I love Espeon way more than Slyveon.
4 Years ago

I know it isn't much, but thanks to some wonderful people we have some really great prizes up for grabs at our tournament!

Separated by winners of the tournament, we have:

1st Place: 1 dragon gem + 1 Calcium, Carbos, Protein, Zinc + 1 root fossil + 100 nuggets + 2 dawn stone + 2 dusk stone

2nd Place: 10k pd + 100 grass gems + 5 Spray Ducks + 2 weather balloons + 2 star pieces + 1 sun stone + fire stone

3rd Place: 5k pd + 10 normal gems + 1 resolute stone + 1 nebula stone

As a small bonus, for those who share, you will be entered in a raffle where you have a chance to win:

2 dragon gems, and 300 normal gems!
4 Years ago

Shiny Hunt

Steel5299 is currently hunting Solosis.
Hunt started: 01/05/2019

Chain: 13



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