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Posted: Wed, 26/09/2018 00:50 (4 Years ago)
Jake follows lacy, wondering why they were even away from the group.

Toshi is being silent, hanging out with the group and wondering where he is.

John is being silent, not quite sure why they were going on a field trip.

(Ima go to sleep. Gn)

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Posted: Wed, 26/09/2018 00:31 (4 Years ago)
Jake shrugs. "That's probably a good idea. It might not be safe to not stick with the group." He looks around, trying to see if he recognised anyone.

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Posted: Wed, 26/09/2018 00:23 (4 Years ago)
Toshi reamerges from a long period of fuzziness and doesn't know where he is because wynaut.
Jake also reamerges from a long period of fuzziness.
Basically all of my other characters do the same thing because it makes perfect sense and there shouldn't be any questions about anything I just said. Got it. Good.

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Posted: Thu, 13/09/2018 23:26 (4 Years ago)
(Um, combat class I guess????)
Toshi eats a piece of bread and a burrito. He wishes that he had more time but he was already late for class.

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Posted: Thu, 13/09/2018 23:07 (4 Years ago)
(I have no idea what's going on, but who cares about that fact really)
Jake is still practicing his magic. He could now use 75% of his abilities rather than the basic 50% he used to use. He wanted to work on an ultimate attack like the ones they used in like every superhero movie or anime involving special powers.

Toshi feels himself become hungry after spending hours making no progress on going faster, so he goes to the food place(I don't remember what this school had for meals xD) to grab a bite to eat.

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Posted: Sun, 09/09/2018 03:28 (4 Years ago)
(don't know what's goin on, but...)
Jake is practicing tenor sax, because sax bros for life.

Toshi runs around the gym, trying to balance his speed with his ability to perceive things and find an equilibrium. He wonders how well his powers would work against another person, and hadn't yet had to fight anybody.
Johnny is looking around the woods again, trying to find more evidence of the mask(because nobody has mentioned yet that the mask is ded to him)

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Posted: Fri, 07/09/2018 03:10 (4 Years ago)
Jake managed to summon a butcher knife with his half power, which was easier than he thought, but harder than one normally would think. He undermined it, and saw his sleeve reapear. He just barely noticed that whenever he summoned a weapon, one sleeve disapeared. That meant that he could only summon 2 weapons at once.
Toshi speed around a track, tracking his speed(bad puns). He had managed so far to travel 100 while still slightly being able to perceive things around him. He wasn't at a the flash level, but maybe the MCU quicksilver level of he trained a little bit harder. He had also noticed that he could shapeshift into things he touched. He hasn't been able to do this with speed, but found it useful for hiding.

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Posted: Wed, 05/09/2018 02:34 (4 Years ago)
Jake nodded in agreement. He practiced again.

(Gtg, gn)

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Posted: Wed, 05/09/2018 02:25 (4 Years ago)
Jake pats her lightly on the back. "I feel like in the past few months, I haven't really thought about much except for my magic and you." He says, hugging her. " but I guess life throws at us what it throws at us. "

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Posted: Wed, 05/09/2018 02:19 (4 Years ago)
(When you almost forget about what your characters even do because you've been busy. Oof, I gtg very soon. Also I'm listening to ready player one while I rp wish I had read it sooner.)
Jake had so far only been able to use a half of his magical form. He had only one working sleeve and barely was able to summon a large steak knife. "Not really. I mean, maybe some day I'll be able to summon a katana or a rapier, but not today." He looks at his dusty saxophone case. He hasn't found time to practice much lately.

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Posted: Wed, 05/09/2018 02:09 (4 Years ago)
(I will post a little, but don't expect me to be on forever)
Jake has, um, been in a blank stage of life for the past 250 pages? He suddenly is aware that he is in his dorm and has been trying to use his magic for the past, um, uh, idk, 275 pages.
Cass had been doing stuff at school. She had been taking a spells class that was to help her do things with her form like quickly extend her axe handle midswing.
(Constantine isn't really a movie movie, but it's a horrorish show)

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Posted: Tue, 28/08/2018 23:47 (4 Years ago)
Accepted.please hide the password.

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Posted: Mon, 27/08/2018 21:00 (4 Years ago)
John goes to class and begins to act like somebody who doesn't know what their magical power is yet. He begins thinking of what he had said when he hasn't been able to use magic.
Toshi walks to class, not up for running such a short distance. He sees some people, but not that many.
Jake is, well, um, idk where he is and he is currently blocked from leaving by the force of starrie not being on.
Cass walks into class feeling very down. She hadn't really done very much and wasn't quite sure how to 100% switch forms. She was still working on it tho, so she hoped for at least participation points.

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Posted: Mon, 27/08/2018 20:25 (4 Years ago)
John walks back to the road, and homes back to the school. He hasn't shown anybody his magic yet, and hoped to never have to use it here. He always wondered why the students hadn't been taught the advantages of not openly using their magic everywhere they went.
Toshi walks into the school. He was gonna need to go really fast if he wanted to be able to outmanouver his opponents. He didn't know how fast though.

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Posted: Mon, 27/08/2018 19:28 (4 Years ago)
John finds a spot in the forest that was full of burning and slashing Mark's on the ground. Maybe the mask was here after all, and has already passed. I better not come to conclusions yet. he thinks, finding a lot of traces of dark magic and light magic clashing.
Toshi feels himself suddenly stop, and switches back to his normal form. I wonder if I could win the tournament. I mean, I have the speed. he thinks, not knowing about what his power did fully.

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Posted: Mon, 27/08/2018 03:48 (4 Years ago)
(IDK. Depends on if you plan on making more versions of this rp after this one does out. Because if this rp becomes inactive, then the fan club seems more like a group dedicated to a dead rp than an actual fan club for a role play that is still going)

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Posted: Mon, 27/08/2018 03:45 (4 Years ago)
(I looked back 3 pages or so, but I'm still confused. So, what is going on exactly? Or better yet, will it matter if my usable characters atm just wait for things to play out until there's an opening?)
Toshi runs around in a circle, focusing primarily on trying to maintain a steady speed. He wants to endure at a slower speed rather than speed up and not be aware of his suroundings.
Johnny is looking through the schools records, trying to find out if the mask was still around here or if it was somewhere else(cause nobody bothers to mention to new students that a freaking parasite of massive proportions was recently destroyed there).

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Posted: Sat, 25/08/2018 01:47 (4 Years ago)

Toshi feels a sudden urge to use his power to try and utilize it in training. He changed form, and starts running at a slightly faster sprinting speed. He feels the rush of the wind, and enjoys it. He the feels himself suddenly stop, and realised that he had mentally been focusing on not the running but the rush of the wind. He realised that it was actually his body trying to veer away from the woods. what is in the woods? he wonders, thinking of there maybe being treasure or things that he didn't want to see.
Jake wraps his arms around her. He waits for something weird to happen to ruin the moment, because there would always be something, especially here.

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Posted: Thu, 23/08/2018 02:09 (4 Years ago)
Jake shakes his head. "No, nothing of that sort will be involved. It will just be two people charting out a path through the woods. We could become history, I mean, I bet there are wild card and maybe even dragons in there." He says, ignoring the hand on his chest. "Maybe next week we can try going a few miles deep. Start small. "
Toshi walks past jalilia(don't question how, Tricia is most active on here from what I can tell), and his amulet falls out of his pocket on the ground. The amulet beckons to jalilia, asking her to take it and use it to save those she couldn't before.
(I get to bed soon. I need sleep for high school. SO, ima get off now and leave it at this for my chars)

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Posted: Thu, 23/08/2018 02:03 (4 Years ago)
her form sorry that they keep doing this. It must make it hard to accept forms when they're burried under pages upon pages of not quite as related content.

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