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Trainerlevel: 29

Trainerpoints: 1,081/2,551


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Anniversary Cupcake17458,856 / 114,189
Cursed Rapidash444198,152 / 592,741
Gengar (Retro)342109,641 / 412,128
Drifblim234241,758 / 491,614
Disguised Exeggcute376414,018 / 531,571
Witch Vulpix400358,020 / 481,201

All about Me!


Heyya, I’m Nex. They/Them/She/Her pronouns please! I love to write, draw, and sung in my free time but I'm mediocre at best ngl. I also enjoy theater and cartoons! Fandoms I'm currently active in are Steven Universe, Sanders Sides, The Owl House, She-Ra, and My Hero Academia but there's a ton of others I like, just aren't too into right now. Right now I'm not active a lot, partially because I'm not too into Pokèmon anymore but I really like the site more for the people than the Pokèmon lol. It's mainly because my mental health is absolute trash right now. I don't know what else to write now, have a good day. Make sure to get a good night's rest (assuming you're not up at 1am when you gotta be up by 10am like me), eat an actual meal today, and have at least one glass of water today, other than that all around stay hydrated. I will know if you don't, and I will sprint to your location at full speed if you don't.

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Trainer ID: #288221074
Registration: 06/04/2018 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 992:32 Hours
Total interactions: 106,918
Money: 531,401
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


2 Days ago
I’ve been working on a fully colored shaded drawing with a backround for like the past week. I did it on paper and now that I finished the sketch I can’t find it 🤡
2 Days ago
So, this is gonna be my first year helping out with the Halloween party at my school. We decided on the name for it today, it’s gonna be Woogie Oogie Boogie. Yes, there were people thinking of actually good names but over half of the people there (including me) voted for Woogie Oogie Boogie and I am so here for it 🤠
2 Days ago
Whoops forgot this place existed again

But you what I haven’t forgotten?

Spooky month.

A year of two ago I made a Halloween playlist and it’s still small but the thing is I can’t trust myself to comeback and remember to add what you suggest myself so now I’ve just got it on collaborative. 🤡So here’s a link. Add whatever you want, don’t just put random stuff in there, it doesn’t have to be straight up a Halloween song, it’s just gotta have the vibes. Use the playlist as you please! :>

Have a pleasant October
8 Days ago
By Nuggetz - 3 Hours and 36 Minutes ago.
Bruh, I'm super bored rn.

Share #NuggetIsCookingChickenAndRice , ♥️ and tell me in the comments if you prefer white, milk, or dark chocolate.

I'll choose someone to give 300 nuggets to by the end of the day.

It’s basic but I prefer milk. 😔👍
3 Months ago
Lilith and Hooty’s friendship is the purest thing out there in TOH.

Also, check last post for context but we only need 3 more likes! :0
3 Months ago
Ok so, I’ve decided on something. If my post before this (the rp one) can get 9 total likes I’ll make the rp. I want to do it but I want to make sure people will actually join. Check out my profile (cause I made the post a few hours ago) and go to my feeds to see it!
3 Months ago
Ok so, RP idea:

Some humans believe that heaven is the ultimate paradise, yet as an angel born and raised in heaven you know how much of a lie that is. There’s still jobs that need doing, bills that need paying, and money to earn. You, an angel born and raised in heaven, are considered lower then those who lived a life on Earth before, despite how you’ve lived your entire life under the strict rules of the land just like everyone else to stay in heaven. Just like the rest of your squadron one a month for five days stay on Earth to make sure everything’s in order. This time once you and your group is done you regroup and attempt to open the portal to go home yet, it doesn’t work. What will you do?

3 Months ago
Ya know what would be really chaotic?

A PH playlist where where any PH user could add whatever songs they wanted.

The question is who would rickroll the playlist first.

Thoughts on such an idea?
4 Months ago
Ok but Bo Burnham’s new album is just 😌👌
4 Months ago

Hello, I’m Veronica McSawyer and I will be taking your McOrder. Welcome to McPokéheroes how may I McHelp you this wonderful McDay?
4 Months ago
Im at a soccer game to support one of my friends and one of the referees is wearing knee high socks with crocs
4 Months ago
I'm off to do this year's dance recital for my dance class. Wish me luck! ☺️ I'm super stoked to do this dance 'cause we didn't do it last year due to COVID-19. That and I'm excited to see everyone else's dances.
4 Months ago
Stolen? What? Nooooooooo.....

Hey, so on a scale of 1-10 how serious do you think I am? Of course, 1 being the biggest flow to ever exist 🤡 and 10 being a stone brick.
4 Months ago
( • . •) Me starting a big homework assignment that I have only my booked weekend to do at 3:30 pm

̖̟̳̘̥̗̞͇(̖̺̣̙̩̙͍̺ ͖̦̠̟•̮͍ ̞̮̲.̯͕͓̬̺̙ ͍̩͙•̣̼̦̩̘̰͓ͅ)͍̤̤ Me only half way done at ͚̠̩͎̳̱̺̠9:50 pm
4 Months ago
Wait, wHAT? R E A L L Y ? !

Dude I'm so excited.
4 Months ago
Me: *doesn’t twist the cap all the way on my soda bottle*

The bottle: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-
4 Months ago
(Continuation of last post)

So I’m thinking of it bring a sorta adventure and/or maybe romance story. I just don’t know how I would go about the romance part and I’m not sure if it would even be necessary tbh. :/ Right now I’m leaning towards a good-ish ending where Maria and Betty manage to get home where they find their way to Betty’s kingdom but by the time the recollect and go back to Maria’s the rest of her family’s been executed.

I’m still not sure if I’ll go with that though. Right now I’m just really looking for suggestions and/or criticism on what I got so far. To whoever’s read to the end of both of these posts I’m sorry for their length. Take this cookie as a reward. 🍪
4 Months ago
In my English class we’re doing an excise where we make paper dice, roll them, then each one will have a setting, character, and conflict so we’ll have to use them to make a story. I got...

Setting: A mountain
Character: A princess
Conflict: Man vs. Nature

I haven’t started writing yet but here’s the idea I’ve started:
On a mountain far, far, away lived Princess Maria Pidgel and the rest of her family. One day it had been claimed her family was a fraud and the real was missing. None of the proof they gave was enough to convince their subjects. Soon they were overthrown and discarded in the dungeon. One night while in her cell Princess Maria was visited by a close friend from the neighboring kingdom, Princess Betty Swawella. Princess Betty helps Maria escape and promises to come back for the rest of her family. They run away in the middle of the dark into the miry (very muddy or boggy) woods. On the way they get lost and have no one but each other.
4 Months ago


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