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Formerly: cisuMoTsnetsiL
Trainerlevel: 29

Trainerpoints: 1,026/2,551


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Anniversary Cupcake11938,856 / 53,551
Cursed Rapidash408478,654 / 500,617
Gengar (Retro)307238,212 / 331,278
Drifblim219237,605 / 620,566
Disguised Exeggcute345441,726 / 447,639
Witch Vulpix361318,431 / 392,047

All about Me!


Hey there! I’m Music, nice to meet you. I’m an Agender Pansexual so please use gender neutral pronouns when referring to me. I love to sing and write stories even though I do it much more as a hobby than I do professionally. I also love fantasy, adventure and animation. I’ve been taking jazz dance classes for a little over 2 years now as well. I’m normally not the one to approach a person first so I’m very sorry so I’m very sorry if I stop replying and/or don’t start the conversation because my communication skills suck lmao. Anyway, tip of the hat to you and I hope I can get to know you nevertheless. Bye for now! 👋

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #288221074
Registration: 06/04/2018 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 988:42 Hours
Total interactions: 105,526
Money: 467,827
Starter Pokémon: Samurott


Im at a soccer game to support one of my friends and one of the referees is wearing knee high socks with crocs
14 Days ago
I'm off to do this year's dance recital for my dance class. Wish me luck! ☺️ I'm super stoked to do this dance 'cause we didn't do it last year due to COVID-19. That and I'm excited to see everyone else's dances.
19 Days ago
Stolen? What? Nooooooooo.....

Hey, so on a scale of 1-10 how serious do you think I am? Of course, 1 being the biggest flow to ever exist 🤡 and 10 being a stone brick.
19 Days ago
( • . •) Me starting a big homework assignment that I have only my booked weekend to do at 3:30 pm

̖̟̳̘̥̗̞͇(̖̺̣̙̩̙͍̺ ͖̦̠̟•̮͍ ̞̮̲.̯͕͓̬̺̙ ͍̩͙•̣̼̦̩̘̰͓ͅ)͍̤̤ Me only half way done at ͚̠̩͎̳̱̺̠9:50 pm
22 Days ago
Wait, wHAT? R E A L L Y ? !

Dude I'm so excited.
22 Days ago
Me: *doesn’t twist the cap all the way on my soda bottle*

The bottle: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-
23 Days ago
(Continuation of last post)

So I’m thinking of it bring a sorta adventure and/or maybe romance story. I just don’t know how I would go about the romance part and I’m not sure if it would even be necessary tbh. :/ Right now I’m leaning towards a good-ish ending where Maria and Betty manage to get home where they find their way to Betty’s kingdom but by the time the recollect and go back to Maria’s the rest of her family’s been executed.

I’m still not sure if I’ll go with that though. Right now I’m just really looking for suggestions and/or criticism on what I got so far. To whoever’s read to the end of both of these posts I’m sorry for their length. Take this cookie as a reward. 🍪
24 Days ago
In my English class we’re doing an excise where we make paper dice, roll them, then each one will have a setting, character, and conflict so we’ll have to use them to make a story. I got...

Setting: A mountain
Character: A princess
Conflict: Man vs. Nature

I haven’t started writing yet but here’s the idea I’ve started:
On a mountain far, far, away lived Princess Maria Pidgel and the rest of her family. One day it had been claimed her family was a fraud and the real was missing. None of the proof they gave was enough to convince their subjects. Soon they were overthrown and discarded in the dungeon. One night while in her cell Princess Maria was visited by a close friend from the neighboring kingdom, Princess Betty Swawella. Princess Betty helps Maria escape and promises to come back for the rest of her family. They run away in the middle of the dark into the miry (very muddy or boggy) woods. On the way they get lost and have no one but each other.
24 Days ago
Any of y’all got got fantasy-esc roleplays I could join? I doodled this and I am now determined to use this character in same why. I also need a name first but whatever-
2 Months ago
So, for a cosplay I needed high heels. I don’t wear those so I didn’t own any. So, when I bought the cosplay I had to buy shoes as well ‘cause the one I got did come with them. They came today and I applaud people who wear these on the regular ‘cause idk how they do it.
2 Months ago
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Well looks like I came back to P.H just around the right time then. Am I considered old yet?
2 Months ago

I mean, my pfp already fits so might as well make it official
2 Months ago
Ok so, on one if my poles it is 2 people now who have said that they think I’m 0-9 yrs. old.

I... I didn’t think I gave off that kinda aura. Do I??? This is boggling me.

Also applying that logic, if that was true that would mean at most when I would’ve joined P.H I would have been 7 yrs. old and I find that idea hilarious.
2 Months ago
cisuMoTsnetsiL? Nah, nah, nah,

2 Months ago
Me after finally finishing season 1 of The Owl House: Haha, that’s certainly not giving me the happy brain chemical now is it.
2 Months ago
Eleven | Onety-one | Oneteen
Twelve | Onety-Two | Twoteen
Thirteen | Onety-Three | Threeteen
Fourteen | Onety-Four | Fourteen
Fifteen | Onety-Five | Fiveteen
Sixteen | Onety-Six | Sixteen
Seventeen | Onety-Seven | Seventeen
Eighteen | Onety-Eight | Eighteen
Nineteen | Onety-Nine | Nineteen

How do y’all say 11-19?
2 Months ago
Ok so, I made a playlist for all my irl friends to add their favorite songs to cause I thought we could all jam out to it when hanging out. For everyone else they just told me but this one friend, that one I just gave my phone and let them choose some cause they couldn’t decide. Here’s the math I did for the aftermath:

Me: 5 songs = 5/52 = 9.615%
Friend 1: 2 songs = 1/26 = 3.846%
Friend 2: 5 songs = 5/52 = 9.615%
Friend 3: 0 songs = 0/52 = 0% (Has yet to decide on songs to add)
Friend 4: 40 songs = 10/13 = 76.923%

They make up almost 80% of the entire playlist right now.
Should I fight fire with fire and add even more of my own songs-
2 Months ago
Visited my grandma for the weekend.

Came back with a whole croquet set.
2 Months ago

Sorry for being dead. I’ve been busy with school and stuff. School’s still going but I’m gonna try and check in a bit more often tho.
3 Months ago


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