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Forum Thread


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Posted: Mon, 09/07/2018 18:25 (2 Years ago)


^^^ By the lovely Cony <3

~•°ONIKITSUNE | 25 | Curious Fox°•~

•°Naughty Shiny Collector°•


• This Diary is for Hoarding my art / Art Commission Ideas So please do not post anything here on my Diary!

• All Art Shown here is Owned by Me~ ONIKITSUNE but is done by the lovely artists who's name I labeled with underneath their name with each lovely piece of art they've have done.

• Please Do not Use Any of the Art posted in this Diary without my explicit permission!!
Which may / will probably be never

• As you will be soon to be able to tell I very much like to Hoard Fox / Ninetails Art~

• I Do like to sleep what fox doesn't like to? XP

• Also Getting free Free Naughty Shiny's as gifts is pretty nice XP~

box which is where I place my Naughty Shiny's Currently is holding
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Trainerlevel: 81

Forum Posts: 383
Posted: Mon, 09/07/2018 18:53 (2 Years ago)

Title: My lovely Art Supreme Hoard XP

The ninetails Art Spree XP

Kit Avi By Cony <3

Kit Avi By the lovely Tesoro <3

Birthday Gift from JadeING XP

My Lovely Kit in his original form By Cony <3

A gift done By the FluffyButt Arahkan XP

My Kit Done By the lovely Tesoro <3


A Birthday Gift from JadeING XP

Another Birthday Gift from JadeING XP

A Autumn Rustle by Giltine13 XP

By Akemie XP

By RoxasNuggetsXIII XP

Kit is up to Something By RoxasNuggetsXIII XP

A Floofy Ninja Gift By RoxasNuggetsXIII XP

A playful Kit by ProfessorGreenie XP

A cute Little Kit Done by Hime-Nyan for Christmas XP

By JadeING Anthro KIT Challenge I threw at Them XP

By JadeING Fancy Anthro Kit XP

A lovely tender Kit x Mononoke Piece by Cony

A very cute KIT X Mononoke Snuggle By JadeING XP

Winter Snuggles By JadeING XP

A Tender KIT X Mononoke Cuddle By JadeING XP

Mononoke Got a Little Hungry By RoxasNuggetsXIII XP

Mononoke Ninetails Original done by Arahkan XP

A cute Mononoke Struting her stuff by Hime-Nyan XP

It Looks like Mononoke Took a trip to feudal Japan XP By RoxasNuggetsXIII XP

A Snow Ball Fight between my Mononoke Ninetails and JadeING's Azalea Priya XP By JadeING XP

Elegant Anthro Mononoke Nintails By JadeING XP


Kidorquil Kit's new Pet!


A toasty version of my Kidorquil By RoxasNuggetsXIII XP

A icy version of my Kidorquil By JadeING XP

Darkrai Ninja Fishy XP By JadeING XP

By JadeING

Spooder Piece By the FluffyButt Arahkan XP

By RoxasNuggetsXIII

By RoxasNuggetsXIII

Thorn The Traveler By the lovely Hime-Nyan

Thorn The Traveler Plushie By the lovely Hime-Nyan

By MeepTheMareep02

By MeepTheMareep02

By Bear For a special someone of mine <3

Kit after he hugged his New pet XP By RoxasNuggetsXIII

By Ninja

By Ninja

By Ninja

By Ninja

By Ninja

By Ninja

By tofvu

WIP Will update with more art later! XP

Trainerlevel: 81

Forum Posts: 383
Posted: Mon, 09/07/2018 19:22 (2 Years ago)

Title: Art Commission Ideas for the Future!

Hey, Jade! One piece of Art, plissu!

What do you want me to draw?:I would like a full body of a two pokemon type fusion between a Finneon as the Body type and a Yveltal as the Theme
Further information?: Hmm For the pose Jumping like the last Fishy XP
Payment: 200 Golden Chocobo Eggs XP
Other?:Unlike the Darkai Fishy you just did I'd like two piece butterfly like twin tail
Password:Spaghetti With Cheese XP
For when Jadeing's shop has a slot open again

What I want to order: Custom art

Description: A vulpix similar to my last commission

*The under belly same color as inner ear and tongue

*The head curls similar to the tail design
*In a open Yveltal Oneies(To expose belly)
(Oneies open on ends of sleeves for paws to poke through and one Yveltal tail to partly cover tails or for them to lay onto?VVV)

*1)Sitting down maybe or 2)on it's back playing with the power anklet?<<<(I like second one more)

*playing with a power anklet?^^^^
*Moon like eyes with light blue markings like last one
*Got to have the paw boots XD
*Back ground just a simple purple to contrast it but like last one on how you did it

Payment: Gotta Figure that out later Cony you wanna look at this one VVVV


What I want to order: Custom Art

Description: Yin Yang Ninetails duo

Yin: Would be Kit being he is a Dark color

Yang: Would be A Princess Mononoke themed White [Alolan] Ninetails representing Light color

Positioning: I'd like for them to intertwine in a circle to kiss / touch noses though in a way their chests are shown so the White [Alolan] Ninetails chest piece is not Hidden completely from view.
Could [Kit The Midnight Ninetails and The Mononoke Ninetails have their tails sorta fanned out to form a circle for the Yin Yang?]

Background: Hmm not sure if I'd want one maybe one similar to the sassy ninetails piece you did for me?

VVV White [Alolan] Ninetails Info
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For the White [Alolan] Ninetails while kit has his eye mark the white one will have 3 red marks
2 Fang like red marks on the cheeks [One on each side]
And a downwards pointed triangle Ex: Picture Reference #1

For the mask I was thinking you could sorta make it into a chest plate That is surrounded by the chest floof. Ex:
Mask Reference Picture

You can skip the red ears on the mask I'd want you to instead of the ears on the mask maybe make the tip part/the edge of the White [Alolan] Ninetails ears red[Like a diamond shape of the end of the ear.

If you could put arms bands on the white ninetails front legs [if both upper parts of the legs are visible. [see mask ref for visual]

Ex: Done by Arahkan For me VVV

VVV New Kit Description: info
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For the new Kit for the most Simple but Imposing addition would be Power Anklet Like Shackles with a few chain links attached

If you wanna do a intertwining chain in the tails from the Power Anklet on that one tail that's up to you if you wanna try that XP

Payment: MY SOUL ~Joking~ XP 10 Shiny's + 5 Resolute Stones


Note to self digikit