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Trainerlevel: 103

Trainerpoints: 3,327/31,929


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
30581,139 / 279,991
Aguageist (Leah)
314123,859 / 296,731
Aguageist (Leah)273219,290 / 224,407

Shiny Hunt

Akemie is currently hunting Pumpkabowl.
Hunt started: 17/01/2023

Chain: 104


Game Records

Trainer ID: #888420295
Registration: 18/01/2015 (8 Years ago)
Premium member until 22/Sep/2024
Game Time: 4275:42 Hours
Total interactions: 4,212,741
Money: 13,212,135
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


I feel a bit motivated to design something.
Comment a pokemon or animal/creature and 3 emojis for me to make an adopt from ♥

(I just hope I can finally design something that is worth showing after weeks of nothing xDD)
Yesterday, 18:39
Congratulations! A shiny Pumpkabowl hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #70)!

20 Days ago
It evooolved ♥
1 Month ago
Omg, I am so excited!! 💜
I really hope you like this event and all future ones I/we in the team together will create! Had so much fun with this one. And I have so many ideas :3
1 Month ago
What are your favourite Gen 9 Pokemon, Paldean Variant, Paradox and Shinies?

Mine are:

New Pokemon: Tinkaton and Finizen
Paldean Variant: Clodsire (I count it as variant)
Paradox: Flutter Mane and Slither Wing
Shiny: Orthworm and Glimmora (and Chi-Yu but it is unobtainable rn ;W;)
1 Month ago
[Pokemon Scarlet/Violet]

I got completed the pokedex and got the shiny charm now. Soooo happy.
Here is an image of the certification
2 Months ago
[Pokemon Scarlet/Violet]

I am done with the story and only need about 50 pokemon for a complete dex. Anyone wants to swap exclusives? I have Scarlet <3
Also looking for the water and Grass Starter. I can breed the fire one :3
2 Months ago
Got the game early and I love it so much already ;w; ♥
Took the fire starter because I saw the evo-leaks and it is the least awful looking one :'D

2 Months ago
[PWYW Binary Commissions]

I have not really drawn something in weeks and just downloaded ClipStudioPaint on my new PC. I want to experiment a bit with the binary pen. Here are some examples from artfight 2022.

• Put the reference and what you are paying in the comments.

• No humans or anthro/human-like for now. I struggle too much with them ;w;

• I will choose the ones I feel the most atm.

• I will message everyone as soon as I finished the respective art.

• I can do icon or fullbody art. Just state in your comment what you want ♥
2 Months ago
Happy Birthday, Akemie!
I wish you health and much happiness for the future!
Are you having a party with your friends today? Or are you spending your day at the Emera beach?
Whatever it is, I hope you have a very nice birthday!

My bf got me these for my bday and they are so cute omg ♥
Our cat likes them too xD
2 Months ago
Remember the Mew x Sylveon x Mismagius fusion I did a few weeks ago? It won!! It is now an adopt on virtuadopt ;w; ♥

Here it is (triggerwarning for the shiny with multiple eyes and a belly mouth!)
2 Months ago

I.... I FOUND RAYMOND. aaaa I love him sooo much ;w; ♥
I started a new island on my new switch which will be a witch-themed island with cats from all personalities.
Got Lolly yesterday and today after only 6 tickets Raymond. My dreamy ♥

(Also happy I don't have to kick out other beloved villagers on my first island for all the cats I want. I got Shino, Marshal, Julien, Judy, Zucker, Marina, Merengue and Ione (can't remember the last two OwO). I could try to get Sasha there too now :O)
3 Months ago
Not even two weeks until my birthday but I am waaay more excited for Pokemon Scarlet xD
I can't wait to play the game aaaaa
3 Months ago
Oh wow, shiny Regice from Wonder Trade :O

Thank you!!
3 Months ago
I just bought myself a new nintendo switch (mainly to make a second AC island plus the new pokemon game).
I thought I had animal crossing as a digital copy but I was wrong. Now I have to buy the game a second time to be able to visit my other island ;w; Dang xD

(If I could only pay in art haha)
3 Months ago
Doing a fusion for a contest on virtuadopt.
Can't decide which color version I should use ;w;

What do you think?
Version 1 or Version 2? ♥
3 Months ago
Hello, random shiny Chatot ♥
4 Months ago
Statistics of this years sky gifts and retro eggs for me:

652 recieved sky gifts - 11 Retro Eggs
1:59 chance (1.69 %)
4 Months ago
Last 21 sky gifts of this year. Sadly still no shiny retro Corsola for me but maybe I have some luck next year ;w;

Also rip all my PD xD Thank you everyone, who sent me gifts! ♥
4 Months ago
[Buying Sky Gifts] (until the event ends)

I am buying sky gifts for 10k PD each!
If there is a retro egg in your gift you will receive an additional 10k PD.
If the retro is shiny you will receive an additional 100 nuggets or a plushie art (you decide)! ♥

No need for a message or something. I will just send everyone the PD who sends me a gift!
If you don't want the PD, just state it somewhere xD
4 Months ago

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