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Trainerlevel: 82

Trainerpoints: 18,090/20,253


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Benny 💖
(Mega Gyarados)
5821,104,787 / 1,272,399
(Mew (Retro))
24664,239 / 211,449
9431,910,228 / 3,176,487
(Mega Altaria)
368187,557 / 244,426
(Mega Rapidash)
503638,470 / 760,537
(Giga Butterfree)
304175,756 / 278,161

Shiny Hunt

Akemie is currently hunting Black Rock Eevee.
Hunt started: 29/05/2020

Chain: 58


No, this is not an official PH event.

No, you can't buy one from me - cause this does not exist.

Collecting Lake Trio Vouchers ♥

28/50 | 19/50 | 21/50

One Shot, One Kill!

Game Records

Trainer ID: #888420295
Registration: 18/01/2015 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 01/May/2021
Game Time: 2734:58 Hours
Total interactions: 2,385,653
Money: 7,950,416
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


Working on my first big drawing since weeks/months. It is for art fight :3
I censored the wip of the character to not spoil it (and I have to rework it with the liquify tool too) :'D
But maybe the owner will recognize it anyway xD
Yesterday, 18:54
I was waiting the whole year for Art Fight to start. Now it has started and I got ZERO motivation and I am just unhappy about my art ;w;

If anyone wants to do an art fight trade/revenge-thingy, leave your account in the comments ♥ Maybe I get some motivation in the next days :'D

(I am team sugar)
2 Days ago

My first random lab shiny here was Sewaddle.

My very first melan on PFQ is.... you guessed it: Sewaddle

This little cutie seems to love me xD
6 Days ago
Why I always have warm feet: My cat is lying under the table, cuddling with my feet xD

(therefore bad light and "bad" photo :'D)
7 Days ago
[Art Fight]

I am team sugar. Feel free to attack me
9 Days ago
OMG! Those new plushies!!

I am totally collecting that Galarian Ponyta *o*
10 Days ago
If you could choose the colors of shiny pokemon which one would you recolor and what would it look like?

I would love to see a white or black Gengar or a greyish darkbrown Lillipup :3
12 Days ago
[Pokemon SwSh]

Did you know that you can actually breed Alolan/Kantonian Pokemon that are not native to the Galar region?
You just have to put an everstone on the pokemon to pass down the form owo

not gonna lie that this has blown my mind and I am totally breeding for that shiny alolan vulpix
12 Days ago
Your Wide Lens just finished scanning your egg and it turned out to be a Cottonblu egg.

Soooon :3 (39/40 egg storage filled with cottonblu eggs :D)
15 Days ago
Thinking about making a GF-character for my pokesona Black Rock Eevee. I want it to be based on Dead Master (also from Black Rock Shooter). But which Eeveelution should I shoose? 🤔
18 Days ago
*cuddles everyone*

22 Days ago

I got a new pokefusion up for auction for ZC.
If you are interested feel free to make an offer on Pokefarm
25 Days ago
To everyone who is as sick of this "why is xy banned"-matter as me:

Here is a picture of my cats sleeping. Have a good day ♥
30 Days ago
Congratulations! A shiny Ponyta (Galarian) hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #56)!

30 Days ago
Ahhh, it is so beautiful ;w; ♥
1 Month ago
Me: "Let's save up some PD for some egg storages."

Also me: "Increased shiny chance? I'm buying those Mew Vouchers owo"

Send help :'D and luck
1 Month ago
I am currently working on a commission for someone on PFQ - a cyberpunk-dog-aggron.

And omg it is sooo hard to draw owo The front left (right one from viewers perspective) leg is wrong, I know. I have to change it when I finished the rest >w<''

What neon-color do you think would fit the best for some element? I thought of either turquoise or orange :thinking:
1 Month ago

I would love to trade nuggets for Zophan Canisters on PFQ.
1 nugget = 1 ZC

I got many nuggets to spend - so any amount would be awesome ♥

(You can palpad/PM me)
1 Month ago
Note to self: Don't let your half empty plate unattended - your little cat will eat the food as soon as you go away >w>
1 Month ago


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I am collecting:

and anything I am still missing ♥


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