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Shiny Hunt

RoxasNuggetsXIII is currently hunting Numel.
Hunt started: 16/03/2022

Chain: 2,228
49 65 0

Station of Serenity Shiny Shop

Shiny Mega Camerupt

~Rarity: -

~Payment: - PD / - Nuggets

Slot 1:
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
Slot 4:

Flirty Minun

~Rarity: -

~Payment: - PD / - Nuggets

Slot 1:
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
Slot 4:

~Rarity: -

~Payment: - PD / - Nuggets

Slot 1:
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
Slot 4:

Current Art Projects/WIPS

Art Stuff To Remember (Not In any particular order)
1. ONIKITSUNE Has (?????) Free Art Vouchers left
2. SensGirl25 has 2 Free Art Vouchers Left

Art Shop:
1. Closed
2. AlienSnowflake

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Trainer ID: #594901222
Registration: 23/02/2017 (5 Years ago)
Premium member until 02/Sep/2023
Game Time: 4621:20 Hours
Total interactions: 6,158,129
Money: 172,375
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


So I'm visiting my grandma for her birthday. She looks at tye photo I gave her of me and Onikitsune, and she randomly says "will you look at how sexy your boyfriend's mustache is" 😂💀💀💀💀💀💀
Today, 01:37
Watching Pewds and Ken talk about how no one in the US has an electric kettle

Me: *Peeks out in the kitchen at mine* I must be a rarity in this country for having one. They're so convenient and I also don't understand why not a lot of people get them. I know my boyfriend has an actual metal or steel kettle he sits on the burner and waits for the whistle. But I know he'll also appreciate the electric one because you know I'm taking that with me. My family will have to buy their own.
Yesterday, 16:35
Got another private trade with the same user again? Hopefully blocking will make it so they can't put trades up to me anymore. If you want to ask for an item, do it in the public trade. Please don't send private trades to random users without asking.
2 Days ago
Even though the move is scheduled for October, I'm still putting things in totes waaay in advance. Only keeping the necesities out until the final days. My room is looking empty but also cluttered with all these totes. My windowsill is almost empty and my desk nearly cleared. I gotta get my chest-of-drawers out of storage soon and bring that here so I can also have that with me to put my Keyblades in. They're currently in my tv box. Once I get them moved I can put my tv back in it's box for secure travel. My last tote will be full of the rest of my clothing and bedspread. Not sure yet if I'll need anymore totes, but for now I think everything will fit in what I have. Also put in a moving quote to Trinity and see what they say and what they can do when it comes to also shipping my car.
2 Days ago
I feel like my nerves have reached their limit these past couple days. Being stressed out with health, the lonliness having to be apart from my partner for 5 more months, my little sister being very rude and dramatic always fighting with my mom and being entitled, the constant dog barking, the awful stench of dog urine in the hallway because no one wants to take care of the dogs and repremand them, the disgusting stuff my older sister does and leaving dirty dishes and papertowels everywhere. I'm constatntly shaking and feeling like I'm about to have a meltdown. I ripped my room apart putting things into totes in preparation to move in October... but if things get any worse here I may expidite that and make it a July move instead.... I cannot handle all this chaos, I miss the quiet and calm of his place...
4 Days ago
Teaching Onikitsune to play Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 💙 it's cute sharing my beloved game franchise with him and seeing him enjoy playing it.
1 Month ago
When he makes a nice dinner but all the dairy products kill your gut and you get stuck on the toilet. 😭 I need to give up on dairy entirely this actually doesn't feel worth it any more.
1 Month ago
I'm so tired today. Been up well past 24 hours. But I've been at Onikitsune's place all day and I'm already having the time of my life 💙

I'm gonna knock out quick when I finally go to bed too much traveling and laughing in one day. I still feel like I'm on the plane when it's leaning from side to side when turning in the air 😂
1 Month ago
Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Event is going on right now in Japan! It's currently 12:53 AM for me and I'm staying awake to stalk Twitter until the event ends. So far there's been a lot of hype stuff being shown!

Any and all KH20th Spoilers in the comments below!
1 Month ago
We have rolled the dice twice for 2 SoRoku Disney Dates pieces.

First one location The Final World. Type S.

Second one location Keyblade Graveyard. Type N.

I'm especially excited for the second one :3
1 Month ago

About Me

☆Name: Zaine McCartney

☆Age: 26

☆Taken By: Him♡

☆Hobbies: Digital Art. Video Games. Writing.

☆Likes: Kingdom Hearts. Dinosaurs. Pewdiepie. Shiny Hunting. Baking Food.


!!Please Do Not!!:
Ask for free items, or ask if I have items for sale, unless I made a post regarding such things.

Ask for any Pokemon that is NOT in my Trade/Sell Box.

Ask for free art. Nor commission me when my shop is closed.

Ask me to buy items off you unless I made a post stating otherwise.

Known Cheaters/Beggars will swiftly be blocked and reported. I don't tolerate these people.

Old Amber Fossil: 52/500
Bird Fossil: 84/100
Light Stone: 9/100
Dark Stone: 3/100
Enigma Stone: 15/250
Latias Egg Count: 4/150
Latios Egg Count: 1/150
Light Rock: 28/150
Hard Rock: 10/150
Cold Rock: 14/150
Grecious Orb: 8/100
Lustrous Orb: 3/150
Ruby: 5/150
Emerald: 6/150
Grey Feather: 22/100
Orange Feather: 33/100
Purple Feather: 36/100
Red Lunar Wing: 1/100
The Art of Defence: 5/100
The Art of Combat: 2/100
Resolute Stone: 13/250
Cobalt: 1/50
Terracotta: 1/50
Viridian: 13/50
Meltan Candy: 4/300
Mesprit: 29/50
Azelf: 16/50

Bring back what once was mine

~A wounded heart may take years to heal~

~Who we lose can feel like they're gone forever~

~But even if they're not here anymore~

~Doesn't mean they've left our side~

~And one day we will see each other again~

♡Healing♡Hope♡Peace♡I Love You♡


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