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Forum Thread

Fahad’s Diary

Forum-Index Diaries Fahad’s Diary
Trainerlevel: 60

Forum Posts: 104
Posted: Tue, 06/02/2018 09:01 (1 Year ago)

Yo! Name’s Fahad Khawaja, Welcome to my diary and pls don’t post anything here, Thank you.

This Diary is for my personal use, For keeping track of things and as i’m a really forgetful guy so to keep some important things here and some recent happenings.

About Me

•Name: Fahad Khawaja•
•Age: 18•
•Sex: Male•
•Zodiac Sign: Scorpio•
•Country: Pakistan•
•Language: English and Urdu•
•Eye Color: Brown•
•Hair Color: Dark Brown•
•Height: 5’ 8”•
•Skin Color: Light Brown•
•Birthday: 4 Nov 1999•

Trainerlevel: 60

Forum Posts: 104
Trainerlevel: 60

Forum Posts: 104
Posted: Tue, 06/02/2018 15:50 (1 Year ago)

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