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Forum Thread

Minor Updates

Forum-Index News Minor Updates
Posted: Tue, 02/07/2013 21:55 (4 Years ago)

Minor updates

This thread is to inform you about recent smaller changes on this site.
Starting with the first new feature:

Smileys available!
I hope you will like them! In case you don't, I will implement a setting feature to turn them off again in the next few days.

//Update: Fixed them a bit.
Posted: Wed, 03/07/2013 13:53 (4 Years ago)

You can now view your bought lottery tickets from upcoming and previous draw. (Suggested here)
Check out the Lottery!

Note: It does not yet show lottery tickets bought before today, since they were deleted after the last draw.

Posted: Wed, 03/07/2013 21:28 (4 Years ago)
New forum features:
=> View last posts while writing a new one.
=> You receive a warning when another user posted something while you were writing. (Especially useful for forum games)
Posted: Fri, 05/07/2013 20:13 (4 Years ago)
New features added:
- Giving and taking items from Pokémon
- Ability to like a news post on the Index-Page
- Rename your own threads
Posted: Sat, 06/07/2013 01:00 (4 Years ago)
The navigation bar got a new look!
I also changed the whole navigation system itself (What you might not even notice).

Hope you like it (:
Posted: Sat, 06/07/2013 18:49 (4 Years ago)
It' time to compete with other members!
Ranklists now available in the community section: View current rankings - Gotta climb up the rankings!
Posted: Sat, 13/07/2013 10:05 (4 Years ago)
"Direct links" are now available! They're very useful for adoptables-sharing-sites (e.g. yarold). You can find them on the summary page of your Pokémon near the BB-/HTML-Codes.
NOTE: Interacting through those links gives your Pokémon/Egg less Exp. Points/EHP than normal interacting does. To be precise, they only gain 25 % of normal experience. But still, this is pretty useful.
Posted: Sat, 13/07/2013 14:41 (4 Years ago)
The [spoiler]-Tag now works properly in the forums!
Unfortunately I forgot where I have placed them apart from the forum on this site
Tell my if you find any broken spoiler.

Posted: Sat, 13/07/2013 18:49 (4 Years ago)
Legend Egg Vouchers can now be redeemed!
Check the Prize Exchange if you already won a voucher! (without even noticing it?)
Posted: Sat, 13/07/2013 21:14 (4 Years ago)
New premium features:
"Daycare Exp" and "Super-Breeder" is now available for premium account members.
Learn more
Posted: Sun, 14/07/2013 15:00 (4 Years ago)
Quick reminder:
The Mew Event ends today! Be fast to catch it - it will not be available for a very long time then

Interesting fact: Mew is currently #1 on Pokémon highest frequency. Check out the ranklists!
Posted: Sun, 14/07/2013 22:49 (4 Years ago)
New Contact Fields:
Share your Userpages/-profiles from other websites (e.g. social networks) on your userpage! Use the "Contact Links"-Feature from the Settings-Section.
You can choose if you want those links to be public or only visible for users which you have added to your friendlist.

Posted: Thu, 18/07/2013 19:21 (4 Years ago)
Selling items is now available! Check out the item shop for further information.
I'm going to add the other suggestions (Add total price to Buy-Field and Show user's stock next to the item.) soon.
Posted: Sun, 21/07/2013 15:13 (4 Years ago)
New Shortkey added!
Interacting is now easier and faster (At least a little bit)
Interact with a Pokémon and then hit "R" to find the next random Pokémon. Try it out!

More shortkeys to be added soon.
Posted: Mon, 22/07/2013 19:55 (4 Years ago)
Using a clicklist is now available! Go to the union room and select "Create random clicklist" so you don't have to generate a new random Pokémon after every interaction.
It will create a list of 30 Pokémon/Eggs for you that you can click through without using multiple tabs. Use the "N"-key after each interaction to switch to the next Pokémon of your clicklist.

Posted: Tue, 23/07/2013 13:10 (4 Years ago)
Firstly: Some bug fixes made and the Retro Eggs now have their own sprite!

Secondly: You've already made more than 999,000 interactions in total! If you can make it to 1 Million today, then there's going to be a x2 Multiplier on all interactions tomorrow! I think this won't be to hard to make, will it?
Posted: Mon, 29/07/2013 20:19 (4 Years ago)
New item added to the itemshop!
The Wide Lens helps you to find out the species of eggs in the daycare. It needs about 30 minutes to analyze one egg and you can only scan one egg at the same time.
Go and get yours now! (Or start saving money first)
Posted: Tue, 30/07/2013 16:09 (4 Years ago)
Gifting Pokédollar
to other members is now possible! Unfortunately you have to pay a tax of 5% of the desired amount per transaction.
Posted: Wed, 31/07/2013 10:09 (4 Years ago)
Untaken eggs in the lab are now replaced by new eggs every 15 minutes (approximately).
Posted: Wed, 07/08/2013 15:31 (4 Years ago)
Changing Shaymin's forme is now possible! You need to give a Gracidea to it in order to change into Sky Shaymin.