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I'm Feeling Lucky

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Posted: Sun, 29/05/2022 01:28 (6 Months ago)
Sending Birthday Plushie! Looking for the Event Flaffy as I already have Raven's plushie!

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Posted: Sat, 23/04/2022 21:01 (7 Months ago)
Idk about that one because I remember encountering Nappy 2 years ago when i first started and I went through 10 pokeballs and it suddenly ran away from me. Ever since, I have yet to see it again.

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Posted: Sat, 23/04/2022 18:18 (7 Months ago)
I gotta say, I love the clarification on how to obtain the harvest sprites. Those shiny ones are definitely one's I am going after now.

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Posted: Sat, 16/04/2022 00:06 (7 Months ago)
Today's birthday plushie for me? I got you yours shortly

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Posted: Fri, 15/04/2022 20:48 (7 Months ago)

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Posted: Wed, 13/04/2022 12:03 (7 Months ago)

All locations are the same for each platform for a user. If you use mobile, there will not be any spot that is harder than the others. Each spot is randomized and can be seen from any platform.

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Posted: Mon, 11/04/2022 23:47 (7 Months ago)
I hear you. I did almost 100K Interactions in a 5 hour sitting. Definitely a workout.

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Posted: Mon, 11/04/2022 20:22 (7 Months ago)
Don't give up. You got this! You got so far so don't back down!

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Posted: Mon, 11/04/2022 20:19 (7 Months ago)
Any egg in the egg hunt is listed within the event announcement page. From what I have seen, there is no quaxly egg though.

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Posted: Fri, 08/04/2022 01:58 (8 Months ago)
I have been waiting so bad for this event!

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Posted: Mon, 04/04/2022 01:02 (8 Months ago)
Can someone send me the birthday plushie? Sending you one

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Posted: Sun, 03/04/2022 20:01 (8 Months ago)
I myself have never accessed the stonks page either, so don't feel that you're alone. I stand with you on your say abut the stonks.

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Posted: Sat, 02/04/2022 19:55 (8 Months ago)
Sending you a plushie!

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Posted: Sat, 02/04/2022 15:25 (8 Months ago)
Sending to you

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Posted: Sat, 02/04/2022 15:20 (8 Months ago)

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Posted: Sat, 02/04/2022 00:43 (8 Months ago)
Sent one back to you!

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Posted: Sat, 02/04/2022 00:25 (8 Months ago)
Sent you a plushie!

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Posted: Sat, 02/04/2022 00:01 (8 Months ago)
Giving another back! Since I made 25K interactions today, have another!

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Posted: Fri, 01/04/2022 23:58 (8 Months ago)
Here's your plushie!

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Posted: Fri, 01/04/2022 23:34 (8 Months ago)
Sent you a plushie 💛

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