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Stupid starter pignite

Forum-Index Discussion Stupid starter pignite
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Posted: Wed, 27/08/2014 19:53 (7 Years ago)
pokeheroes asks me what type of pokemon i'd like for a starter, I choose cute, it gives me tepig (tepigs arent cute). It evolves into a ugly pignite. Put it in a box never to be taken out ever again.
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Posted: Wed, 27/08/2014 19:56 (7 Years ago)
If you want, I give you a Charmander for free ^^

EDIT: Oh, you already have a Charizard...
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Posted: Wed, 27/08/2014 19:57 (7 Years ago)
Gurl, you should LOVE your Tepig!! You cant Get rid of it and lemme tell ya, It aint leaving.
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Posted: Wed, 27/08/2014 19:58 (7 Years ago)
Well, cute lies, just like beauty, in the eye of the beholder. I think Tepig is cute (the evolutions are really manly, but I like that).
You know, to be honest, I was hoping to get Cyndaquil as a starter, but I got Tepig as well. But this is how PH works.
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Posted: Fri, 29/08/2014 09:54 (7 Years ago)

Personally, I find Tepig cute, but not its evolutions, lol. But, I feel bad when I hear someone hating on their starter, since it kind of reminds me of Pikachu due to it not being Ash's first choice, but they eventually bond.

And as others have said, even if you don't really like it, you're stuck with it since you can't trade or release your stater, sorry. But maybe you'll grow to like it?
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Posted: Fri, 29/08/2014 09:57 (7 Years ago)
You will love it.Same with me as charmander.
Your starter pokemon is based on your OWN Nature.
Soon you will like it
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Posted: Fri, 29/08/2014 10:09 (7 Years ago)
i hate the pigs(tepigs)
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Posted: Wed, 03/09/2014 08:37 (7 Years ago)
It's not that bad, and maybe you'll care for it in the future.I personally don't mind my starter, it was a Chikorita, but I was hoping for a Snivy.
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Posted: Wed, 03/09/2014 08:49 (7 Years ago)
I kinda know how you feel. I like Snivy, but I was hoping I'd get Turtwig or Bulbasaur. Now, I'm sort of wishing I didn't evolve my starter, because I like Snivy more than its evolutions. But I've gotten used to him. :)

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Posted: Wed, 03/09/2014 10:01 (7 Years ago)
Boy I love my Tepig,

Especially since it evolved into a Emboar! Its a girl but she is still chubby cute <3

Stahp hating your tepig
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Posted: Wed, 03/09/2014 11:57 (7 Years ago)
I find Pignite cute though. O.o

I didn't really like my Swampert, I wanted Feraligatr. I had tried everything to get rid of it. But then I loved him.
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Posted: Tue, 03/03/2015 18:37 (7 Years ago)
I know the feeling. No matter what i try i can not get rid of the pignite. I wish i could trade to someone who could love it, for i cannot love this pignite.
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Posted: Wed, 04/03/2015 12:46 (7 Years ago)
Tepig is so cute though? Plus if you're not happy with what it evolves into you don't have to evolve it.
I also don't know what your personal aim of the game is, but don't you want a full dex? You would still have to get a Tepig later on to complete it.
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Posted: Wed, 04/03/2015 13:01 (7 Years ago)

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Posted: Thu, 05/03/2015 13:02 (7 Years ago)
I have it as a Starter too, but i thinks its really cute :D