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Trainerlevel: 65

Trainerpoints: 2,704/12,739


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Bronzor17 / 8

About Me

Lania // 22 // Lazy

• Amateur artist
• Self-conscious
• Short attention span
• Makes too many inappropriate jokes
• Weirdo who only replies half the time

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #786850026
Registration: 17/06/2015 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 1989:05 Hours
Total interactions: 341,398
Money: 818,298
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


Can’t Take My Eyes Off You plays in my head when Furret gives me attention. Especially when she gives it out of the blue.

She’s a true friend to me and I love her <3
4 Days ago
Ooh I’d love art from this person

*looks for the code needed for the form to prove you read rules*

*can’t find it*

*insecure about my reading skills on top of not getting much wanted art*
4 Days ago
ft a nanners
5 Days ago
Just because
5 Days ago
I’m starting to become overwhelmed by the amount of characters I have but I love them and can’t imagine parting with them. I just easily feel clustered and thinking about making a storage account so I don’t have to look at them unless I’m in the mood to use them. I’m not a hoarder! I plan on using all of them again some day or I would rehome them. No babes deserve dust unu
7 Days ago
“Who’s your favorite? Jigglypuff or Snorlax?”

-implodes with impossible choice-
7 Days ago
I can now draw a rose. It always looked hard so I never bothered to learn. It’s simple and I’m proud ;w;

Which also means I can now make better quality flower crowns for characters uvu
7 Days ago
Furret: Lania

Me: -looks behind me then at her- who?
8 Days ago
I thought today was Wednesday. Did I die for a couple of days?
11 Days ago
Making a concept sheet for a character and I’m so embarrassed for the labeling part I’m doing because my handwriting has been the same since the first grade.
11 Days ago
Thinking about making an icon art shop bc I’ve spent all my munz at other art shops. I just don’t take commissions typically bc god forbid I finish anything 😂 😭
11 Days ago
The neighbor across the street is cutting our front yard grass right now

Must be quarantine behavior because I didn’t ask if he could and he didn’t ask if he could. What’s happening lol

This is the neighbor who slurs and drinks a lot tho
18 Days ago
Almost two hours later and I pushed my tongue piercing back into its original hole that I took out several years ago. I’m entertained and amazed I actually could lol
19 Days ago
Lately I’ve been wondering because Naruto was one of my first anime as a child if Kakashi is why I have a thing for white hair/black eyes or if I like Kalashi bc I have a thing for white hair and black eyes
20 Days ago
But handsome stranger,
You have made her wonder... Is she pretty?
20 Days ago
Got cheap wigs coming in the mail tomorrow. Never worn wigs :’]
22 Days ago
24 Days ago
Drawing a butt in my first serious drawing. I’m growing up, y’all.
26 Days ago


Julia Michaels
0:17 ━❍──────── -2:55

Art Credit

Collecting © Akemie
About Me © Furret
Avatar © Tesoro
Credit © KrowFields(TH)