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Trainerlevel: 49

Trainerpoints: 7,054/7,251


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
(Mega Mr. Mime)
800869,730 / 1,922,401

Hoarding these Babies!

Feel free to send one if you want! I'll try to send right back :o)

Thank You!

Clown Enthusiast : Mr. Mime Fan

i have to redraw this in an update so!! temp mini abt me for now ^^

-name: RC/clown/chazzy
-pronouns: they/she
-age: 19 yrs old
-bday: july 25th [leo!]
-ethnicity: mexican
-got that adhd and autism ooo
-fav pokemon games: bw 2, pkmn legends arceus, pkmn usum
-fav pokemon: cmon.... u know this.... [it's pawniard]

howdy howdy! the name's rc! i just chill out on this site, doing my own thing :0). I'm very timid and have the adhd, so don't be alarmed if you randomly shoot me a message and i don't reply for a tad haha!
my main passion is character art and designing- i adore learning more about these things anytime i can, same w animation! i hope to someday use these tools to tell my stories that have been brewing in my lil head for so long >:^))! my main main dream is mastering stop motion animation and making a lil stop motion puppet shop hehe...
i'm an oc freak!! i loveee talking abt my worlds and characters

pokemon related wise, i was first introduced to the series via white 2 and fell in love with it since!! im a nerd for unova and love it w all my heart, but also sincerely adore alola,,, legends arceus does have my heart even moreso recently! im very passionate on my opinions w some of the games so headsup!! in truth my favorite game will be the one where mime jr is a starter don't @ me i need this [fr tho, i told yall i was a mr mime fanatic keke!]

in conclusion, im an anxious lil clown nerd who does goofy lil art, thanks for stopping by!~ <3

Shiny Hunt

RC_CLOWN is currently hunting Mime Jr..
Hunt started: 09/10/2022

Chain: 1,183
36 33 1


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #688654181
Registration: 27/03/2018 (5 Years ago)
Game Time: 712:47 Hours
Total interactions: 1,518,451
Money: 2,091,197
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


hey hey! update to people waiting, pls know i didnt forget anything here, it just stresses me out so much to visit this site rn >< the deadlines coming up for the project that ive been hyperfocused on so i should be finished w everything by this month, my biggest apologies hrgh, i rlly hate getting motivation block then leaving people to wait forever, i gotta get better at that grrg
9 Months ago
I PROMISED SO HERE U GO!! art dump wahoo like i said itll prolly just be active with oc tournament stuff bc im legit so hyperfocused?? im still putting my soul into that so PFF,, normal art will come sometime later i promise, feel free to stop by or nah! it's cool either way! <3
11 Months ago
happy new year u guys!!! rahh!! here's hoping it's a nice one ;v;

unfort after i finish all my art stuff here, i am prolly just not gonna be around too much for some times >o< the char tournament im in just started so ill prolly only be around like. here n there bc i hyperfixated on that, and being on like 3 things at once is my limit so ERK!!

ill prolly start an art thread to post about it! so eh!! hopefully i can manage enough to be around and more consistent tho, but thought id give u guys a headsup,, im fine, my brain is just sooo overloaded pft
11 Months ago
quick apologies to everyone expecting art from mee!! ive got. so many xmas gifts to draw so ill be a lil occupied for right now but i wont leave anything too long ^^'!! i didnt forget yall im just everywhere lol
11 Months ago

ALRIGHTYY!!! drumroll annnnddd the winners for the custom mystery dungeon oc pfps are....

1. Alysrazar
2. Hikari~
3. ~SilverTheHedgehog~ !!!

congrats!!! and tysm everyone who entered nonetheless!! honestly may do another one for these for funsies just some other time >w< but for now, woooott!! ill be contacting the winners for the details shortly ;v;
11 Months ago
#clownrescueteam alright, times up!! Will be posting again with the winners announcement, thanks again for sm interest u guys waaa!!
11 Months ago
#MyCoolestPokemon that's way too hard I cant decide,, i love all my mimes but ig itd be Sam since she represents a fun little win, the types of clowns i adore, and a concept of mine that became an official site mega that ill always be proud of >w<
11 Months ago
HEY THANKS TO IMPULSE, i couldn't think deeper but now i thought some more and here's some quick other things

IMPORTANT: there will be THREE potential winners now! 🤡🎉

EXTRA IMPORTANT: pls pls plsss have a ref sheet/detailed description of some kind ready for your char if you win!! I set the deadline for a week from now just for some to potentially make one, but i sucked at remembering to specify originally.
Good luck once more!! TYSM for all the interest yall ^^
11 Months ago
WHO NEVER TOLD ME IT WAS THIS CUTE AND FUN TO MAKE A PMD PFP THINGY HUH!! and it's so easy too i,, i loved seeing it come together, and now i rlly wanna make some more rgrgh
actually u know,, impulse, i wanna do a quick lil raffle for them bc ive both never done one and i feels it'd be fun,,

hashtag is #clownrescueteam [post the tag to enter]

TWO winners chosen at random! prize for each is a free pmd-styled gif icon with two expressions to switch from of your pokemon character, example being the pfp i made!

rules: pokemon ocs only! nothing overly complex either, as i have to work w a 40 x 40 grid. if u have an oc you feel may be too complex but arent sure, post it w the hashtag, ask, and ill answer!~
disclaimer as well, this is near my first time doing these so they may turn out foofy! these are freehanded too, i won't be tracing over any premade sprites from the game ^^

raffle ends next friday at my reset time [6:00 PM CST]! i'll announce when and draw winners after, good luck !!
11 Months ago
omg pokesona lore
11 Months ago
hehehe my 2nd pokesona's ref is done,,, splonk, hereees mimzy
she's just the optional one until i figure out what to do w them but i like,, i love the changes i made to this goober's design too, sobbing, i feel both proud and giggly at myself for the absolute wackness i went with for a fusion that should be relatively tame PFF. way more. more uh. uh. something than borealis- ig they represent my excitement and goofiness rather than professionalism and comfiness idk, both of them dont rlly have a symbolism i just love mr mime and didnt wanna throw away borealis so theres two now :03
she's my cringe 2013 edgy sparklemime era baby and im proud of them >:0), an absolute wreck of a design but i cant help but adore it STILL
11 Months ago
WOOO after so long, my main gorl has a ref!! i love them so much theyre so much comfier looking now. some minor changes here and there bc i finally figured out what to do w the shoulders and legs and man. puffing them out like sweater and sweatpant cuffs came out rlly nice. maybe ill draw some outfits for them in the future but for now, theyre just a very simple anthro mimey PFF. also forgive the sloppy writing everywhere can u tell i rushed it :sob:
1 Year ago
this seemed fun + ive been wanting to do it for a bit! honk honk
1 Year ago
AHH! my dad secretly bought me pkmn scarlet as an early xmas gift!! LETS GO IM SO HYPED!! Ik its so buggy rn but. I must look at it.
Will most likely stubbornly hunt for a shiny starter asap so? If anyone's got some tips lmk!! I gotta research more on the picnic stuff [ i think that's the new + soonest option?]
Regardless mmm so much happy \o/
1 Year ago
Not me naming my mimes goofy things BC I thought iv breeding for the perfect specimen alongside this hunt would be fun PFF
Im now a lab, i supply the gold star clowns yes I do.
1 Year ago
Quick thing but im SO SORRY to anyone who's sent me stuff/chatted to me recently; im horrible w responding at all rn BC im very burnt out and overstimmed since theres a lot online r n. I dont hate any of u!! My brains just overflowing.sorry in advance still, im good otherwise n sorry if that's worried/annoyed anyone omo I am just this sometimes
1 Year ago
HAPPY GEN 9 DAY YALL OOOGH!! Im legit too poor to ever afford it for another month at least prolly but like. Eventually I will RUN to get scarlet... Until then my spoiler avoidance extends 👀 HAVE FUNSS! Fuecoco count your days
1 Year ago
man,, all I gotta say so far for SV is that if they shiny lock the starters again i WILL throw a fit 😭 my ideal game experience is playing the game 3 months after I get it with a funny colored crocodile how dare that may be robbed again
1 Year ago
hear me out, what if she evolved
i was doing this as a joke bc i famously don't care for mr rime but it actually started turning out cute WHY!!
1 Year ago
unofficial day 1 of drawing mime jrs over cat memes as art warm ups
1 Year ago

: Ultimate Clown Goal on PH :

Mr. Mime Profile Theme Goal!

Jolly Jr. : STATUS : Not Hunted yet.


Galarian Mr. Mime : STATUS : Not Hunted yet.

Total Progress :

I'm just a gal who loves their Clowns :^)c

: honk honk :

muchos gracias furret


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