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Paranoia's Gifts

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Riako Merry Christmas! 4 Years ago
Saknar 5 Years ago
DragonLeap You have recived this magikarp randomly it is proof of how lucky you are, it would be great if you were to send another plushie to another random person maybe me!, maybe you could donate me some money, anyway keep this message going and make another person happy by sending any plushie, you dont need to though 5 Years ago
Saknar Come back soon. ;-; 7 Years ago
Aisling From the friendly users at the GTUAY a Plushie~! 7 Years ago
Ms_Serket 7 Years ago
cresco I hope this will give happiness! 7 Years ago
Squirtle002 Hey there~ 7 Years ago
EldinKata 7 Years ago
Lady_Litwick 7 Years ago
ShiroIcez 7 Years ago
Lady_Litwick 7 Years ago
Miss-X 7 Years ago
Siege 7 Years ago
Riako Thanks for joining the birthday party! 7 Years ago
Dialga117 7 Years ago
Riako Christmas Gift 7 Years ago
Finhawk Because you deserve one of these. :] 7 Years ago
HyperBeam 8 Years ago
SpicyPants 8 Years ago
cresco 8 Years ago
Pinkerton I saw you haven't had a Plushie in a month, I didn't know what you wanted so here's a Grimer giving you a hug 8 Years ago
KageMara It's dangerous to go alone, take this! 8 Years ago
Faizaan 8 Years ago
Paranoia Event Distribution 8 Years ago
Spade *Trollduck Face*
Rejects Friend offer[LOL xD]
8 Years ago
pradeepmittal2 Waiting for rayquaza plushie xD 8 Years ago
pradeepmittal2 Waiting for rayquaza plushie xD 8 Years ago
Abby Raffle prize, there it goes! yay! 8 Years ago
Lady_Litwick thanks for participating in my raffle here's a cute present :) 8 Years ago
babyboucher99 8 Years ago
Liana10 8 Years ago
pradeepmittal2 Thanks for being an awesome friend and helper ^_^ 8 Years ago
AnimeEmber 8 Years ago
CarpetMonster I hope you like your plushie! ^^
It is a Slowpoke because of the Slowyore hunt. ^^
8 Years ago
Gothbutter *places Magikarp precariously on top of Jirachis' head*
*waits to make sure it will stay*
*decides it will and poofs away*
8 Years ago