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Dream World

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Lugia 26 Days ago
Pestilence 1 Month ago
Shadow_Darkrai 2 Months ago
PenguinPowerful 1 Year ago
Frenzy322 1 Year ago
Zacharie Car 1 Year ago
momalia 1 Year ago
RayeMichelle Welcome to PokeHeroes!!
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1 Year ago
Zacharie I got bills I gotta pay
So Im gon' work, work, work every day
I got mouths I gotta feed,
So I'm gon' make sure everybody eats
I got bills!
All these bills pile up my desk
They looking like a mount (Everest!)
All the little kids run around
I can hear their stomachs growl (grrr!)
It's a full moon out
And my girl just keep on howlin' (ooh, ooh)
She said she gonna leave me
If I don't come home with fifty thousand (fifty thousand?)
1 Year ago
Timekeeper 1 Year ago
Akemie Welcome ♥ 1 Year ago
*ABSBOR* Welcome to PH, Coco_cookie! 1 Year ago