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Formerly: Wait
Trainerlevel: 33

Trainerpoints: 1,710/3,299


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP

Weekly song

Cosmo Sheldrake

Sailing seas in bathtubs green to grimy shores
Waging war to wade in fours and sway of course

Scream and shout,
Trickle down and out,
I'll build a home at sea.

Songs so far
(Most are from Whitey)

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Death A.M. (Whitey) ~ 1/16-1/23
Staring A Hole In The Floor (Whitey) ~ 1/23-1/30
Wait a Minute (Arlie) ~ 1/31-2/07
No More Right Or Wrong (Whitey) ~ 2/07-2/14
Civilisashun (Whitey) ~ 2/14-2/21
I Had a Wonderful Night, It Just Wasn't This One (Whitey) ~ 2/21-2/27
Is There A Place I Can Go (Trudy and the Romance) ~ 2/27-3/7
Pale Machine (Bo En) ~ 3/7-3/13
Samuel and Rosella (Lemon Demon) ~ 3/13-20
Axolotl (Cosmo Sheldrake) ~ 3/20-???

(I just like these songs, and wanna share them.)


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #120219279
Registration: 30/06/2020 (2 Years ago)
Game Time: 562:45 Hours
Total interactions: 83,599
Money: 501,844
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


Ive been at this hospital for 3 hours and I'm bored, and my phones at 3%
Dear God help me
Yesterday, 21:57
Some pokemon in pokemon go jumped when I threw a ball, but I threw it a lil too high, and so I got an excellent throw.
Thats nice.
Yesterday, 20:47
Mental health woo
Yesterday, 19:03
I just went on some random guys fortnite account and won on solos for them.
2 Days ago
Forget about what I said about the battery, Iphones are just annoying.
Two step verification for everything, battery is trash...
Dude I can't do the two step verification, I don't have a phone number.

Only thing I found nice is the camera.
2 Days ago
looking at the same word 20 times, and then it turns into some alien language you can somehow understand.
3 Days ago
reading a book...
now I REALLY wanna write...
but then I just cringe at myself for doing so.
imma write more in the comment thing because I dont wanna take too much space here.
3 Days ago
the sewaddle evolution line is becoming a favorite for reasons unneeded.
Imma horde them one day. for sure. mhm. for sure.
3 Days ago
okay so I took a break from giving out the 5k pd cause I got distracted by FlightRising, and imma go there again and get distracted. again.
4 Days ago
So I'm giving 5k right now to a large amount of people, and whoever receives some, just take it.
I said I'd give 5k to whoever participated in the lil giveaway I started about 6 days ago.
4 Days ago
somehow I can change my accent completely, I can get myself sound exactly like a few people... and I can take an artstyle from someone and replicate it.
it's weird..

I'm gonna steal someones identity one day.
5 Days ago
With about 500 names/points in the lil randomizer, it's time to get the #PoachedEggs winners....

1.. Rimi
2.. Shadow_Zekrom,
3.. Professor~Adminus

Imma try to get the rewards out in a lil bit (My hands hurt from the copy and pasting, so I'll take a break for now.)... it might take more than a day since it seems I need to gather pd.

anyways, congrats to yall, rip my bank balance-

(Repost thing cause a small spelling error+ a few more things that'd annoy me, also I messed up on a url. three times lol.)
6 Days ago
oh lord no.
I have to put down like 86 names down... about 1- 8 times for each.

this'll take quite the while...
I'm already through 18 though, so thats good.
6 Days ago
I need how learn to draw realism
Then I draw w friend and mre fantsize

dear god someone help m
6 Days ago
Well it seems that #PoachedEggs has ended, and sadly, I got this message when I went to the lab;

"Oh, hello Zacharie... *sigh*
Guess what? I lost in the contest against Professor Oak because of you. ... Well, anyways. It's not that bad. I'm just really disappointed."

I need to count up everyone's points, and put it in some type of randomizer... so it might take a day or two... or three to add everything up... but I'll try to get it done as soon as possible.
6 Days ago
Hey, Zacharie!

How is my Exeggcute doing? ... ... Oh, it's currently on Level 73, I see.
Well, according to some friends of mine, Prof. Oak's Exeggcute is on Level 81, so you have to work even harder! But I'm sure you can do it.

10 Days ago
Hey, Zacharie!

How is my Exeggcute doing? ... ... Oh, it's currently on Level 70, I see.
Well, according to some friends of mine, Prof. Oak's Exeggcute is on Level 72, so you have to work even harder! But I'm sure you can do it.

Aight, I'll be away for the day.
I think we have about... 78 people for the #PoachedEggs Giveaway.

I think I'll have winners announced on Monday.
Also, You can up points by Liking any feed I give that include the poached eggs hashtag, feeding a berry and showing me the proof in any way, and then just sharing the hashtag daily.

anyways, off I go.
10 Days ago
So ig from what I'm hearing, my spring break lasts about... a day... plus the weekend.

how great .-.
11 Days ago
Well lads, a first giveaway for me.
prizes are a bit much cause I wanna win this lil rowan quest for once.

1, 3 dragon gems + A Articuno + 50 Nuggets.
2, 2 Dragon Gems + A Shiny Combee.
3, 1 Dragon Gems + A Mew.

and then whoever attends and does something will get like... 5k.

Our lil Hashtag will be

Share it to get like 2 points, like this to get 1, and feed Amelia a berry for 3 (Give proof or whatever in the comment/ reply thing)

This ends when the quest ends, Sunday.
11 Days ago
Hey, Zacharie!

How is my Exeggcute doing? ... ... Oh, it's currently on Level 49, I see.
Well, according to some friends of mine, Prof. Oak's Exeggcute is on Level 42, so you're currently in the lead!

if anyone could please feed a berry to Amelia?
I'll try to return the favour tomorrow.
12 Days ago

[Human soup] human soup


[Human soup]


About Me I Suppose

Name-- Willis
(You can call me whatever)
Pronouns-- He, Him
--- gay ---

Age-- 14
Birthday-- July 14

A Love Fool

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Favorite Pokémon-- Salamence, Gastly, Chimecho, Chingling, Wurmple

Favourite Event Pokémon-- Plaguekrow, Cherose(both), Maneki Espurr

Colours-- Neon Violet/Purple, Sanguine/Blood Red

Favourite Singers/Song Artists-- WHITEY (NJ White), Den Svenska Bjornstammen, Wild Nothing, Christian Franz Klusáček, Bo En

Favourite Songs: Literally every song from Whitey.

Favourite Games-HALO, Minecraft, OFF, Pokémon(Why else would I be here?)

Favorites(others)-- James(Pokémon, Best character), Masks.

EXTREME FAVORITES-- Flowers (Roses especially), Stars, Ravens
those three are both beautiful and perfect

vV--Hates, dislikes, fears--Vv
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Hates-- Sounds, Rap, Humanity(People just disgust me), Country music, Car Rides, Social Media, (They throw around valuable things as if they're nothing.).

Dislikes-- America, conflict.

Fears--Imperfection (Atelophobia) being unable to say goodbye, Friend says I'm afraid of myself.

vV--More About Me--Vv
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I don't watch anime.

Very low self-esteem, a bit emotional, but I can recover quickly. (We find it hard to get upset, it's so much easier to forget. There's more than one way to get over it)

I am not in a relationship, No longer.
I doubt I'll be in one soon.

I am misanthropic (hatred of people), but you can talk to me whenever. I get awfully lonely.

I have a slight personality disorder. (main difference is happiness levels.)

Reasoning my account has so much info is because I don't know if it's true.

Planned hunts

These may or not be in order, they're just a few hunts I want to get done.











I WILL do hunts for others, but I WILL NOT be doing special hunts for them(legendary, Unown, Starters, Events)

(more to be added)