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Trainerlevel: 38

Trainerpoints: 4,076/4,369


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP


Game Records

Trainer ID: #120219279
Registration: 30/06/2020 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 811:30 Hours
Total interactions: 116,603
Money: 133,435
Starter Pokémon: Infernape


could someone help me fill the pokedex? I'll list some pokemon I need in the replies. I'll pay whatever, as long as it's fair.
Today, 00:27
tbh I don't like interacting because there's always a slight fear in my mind that I might be accused of using an auto clicker somehow.
Yesterday, 04:10
Look! A wild Larvesta () ( SHINY) is eating your honey!

3 Days ago
Look! A wild Slowyore () is eating your honey!

You can get these from the honeytree!?
3 Days ago
I will use anything as a reason to wear a suit.
I love suits. they make me feel so happy and good and happy.
3 Days ago
Mother makes me angry ergrgr
5 Days ago
some help me evolve machoke ???
5 Days ago
I haven't the slightest idea on how to draw glass but I'm not gonna look at a reference photo until it's too late.
6 Days ago
Oh no, the treasure box was empty!
Well, better luck next time.

I used to be so lucky with this. wonder where all my luck went?
6 Days ago
how have I failed consecutively since 5th grade and still end up in 10th?
This doesn't make sense, and I can't understand a thing.
7 Days ago
I didn't get the notification for the calendar so I'm going to miss out on one of the event legendaries.
sad emoji
7 Days ago
Whichever person in the family got me sick has a death wish.
8 Days ago
Im trying to organize my boxes, trying to finish the kanto dex.
So, imma ask for a pokemon later if i cant get my hands on it.
#35-#38 are some i cant get if anyone has an extra.
Ill pay 5k or so for each.
9 Days ago
Evil emoji evil emoji
I drew zacharie again and made it a new profile picture
Evil emoji
11 Days ago
I hate children.
13 Days ago
I love my handwriting so much.
But then I write for too long and then my hands hurt so then I get sad because I can't continue writing.
14 Days ago
Little brother just told me to draw him a dog guy so ig hes turning into a furry.
Hes telling me how to draw it and stuff.
15 Days ago
The air has been so empty as of late.
Maybe I should finally come to terms with it?
18 Days ago
I swear these people are going to make me commit a crime.
Im awfully tired of them.
20 Days ago
My sleep schedule has gotten used to being awake all night and falling asleep in the morning.
21 Days ago


About me

Fake name
14th of July

Current favourite song;
As Above, So Below- Whitey

Current Favorite album;
Let's Never Go Home Again- Whitey

A few things I like;
Music, Video Games, Ravens, Roses

Pokémon I like;
Ghastly, Salamence, Oddish, Leavanny, Lurantis, Lilligant, Intelleon...

I dislike people, but I still try as much as I can to help others. If you're in need of something that i may have, don't be afraid to ask.

This account information may soon be formatted in a different way. It may include drawings, my own handwriting, and other things that are more important.

Zacharie is not my character, and not my real name. Zacharie is a character created by Mortis Ghost, and featured in the game "OFF", an RPG game Mortis created in 2007...