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Current Shiny Hunt (CLOSED)

Closed for now
Currently not accepting shiny mega orders ^^''


Slots available:

1. Free shiny shop

Due to irl issues, I'll only be shiny hunting for shops.
If you would like one, please visit this shop

0 : Shiny - in storage

About Me

Hey, if I decline your request/offer/trade/whatever don't take offense, I'm just not interested.
If you block me then that's tough luck, do not care ;P
In fact that's your loss, you won't be able to enter my giveaways, chat etc and most likely I'll just block you back ^w^
I only block people who block me or are harassing towards me and my friends ^-^
If you have blocked me because I rejected your offer then I'm sorry but thats just childish.


Yeah, my avatar sucks but I like it... I am a beginner in the digi-art world XD

Xanje: •°☆Sly☆°•
Google play: Layla Galaxy

Train with my precious please? ♡


No, I don't like Christmas... I hate it. I prefer Halloween.

Gotta problem? Lemme know and I’ll help you ♡


Depressed but still smiling! (If you can call it a smile... heh... ^w°)
Dead on the inside, kinda mentally insane but hey, that's life... °~°"
I'll live, I suppose...
I don't want to live but... I don't want to go either so... I'm stuck in limbo...
My life is trash and I just need a break.
If you want to know more, here you go ^-^"



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Trainer ID: #88364660
Registration: 26/03/2018 (1 Year ago)
Game Time: 286:50 Hours
Total interactions: 70,508
Money: 37,924
Starter Pokémon: Meganium


Hello! I am back to give out sky gifts!

Heard from a friend that the event was on so thought I'd pop on to send some gifts!

♡ this post so I can send you a gift
Yesterday, 10:57
Ok yeah I'm just going to leave.
There's no need for people to be so harassing over a dog... Don't even know where this came from??
I really do not need the chaos so I am leaving.
I dunno if I'll be coming back at any point, I'm just really tired of it all...
I'll be gifting most of my items to some of my friends and leaving so... Good bye ^^"
23 Days ago
(Close feeds, excuse me)

Can people stop pmming me saying "your dog isn't ill"? It's insensitive and rude.

I've already had enough stress -n-"
23 Days ago
Gonna have a little rant in the comments, you can ignore if you want ^^"
23 Days ago
Might be able to post more now things have calmed down :3
Side note: Just caught a shadow weedle and pikachu on chain 3! o.o
24 Days ago

Sure it was your basket and not a poltergeist?
Definitely wasn't a ghost cause they're not as polite

26 Days ago

You fed ~Çlaymøre~ a Bluk Berry!

The Pokémon raised by 118,722 Exp. Points.

You have been rewarded with 17 Pokédollar!
26 Days ago

Normally I don't share hashtags unless they have meaning and this is one of them. They're just children! I have a jewish friend and there is no difference between her and I. They are just another one of us. They're not "aliens", outlaws or evil so why treat them as such? They're just sacred little children trying to survive in a corrupt society. Why cause such chaos when you're trying to bring world peace? Wouldn't forging alliances to gain trust, to trade and communicate be far better then murdering thousands of innocent souls?

They're. Human.

Excuse the long post. When I have something to say, I say it XD
29 Days ago

Congratulations! That's so amazing!!
I hope you both have a long and happy marriage and may you be showered with gifts!!
Just don't call your child nugget, call your dog that maybe! XD

My family and I all wish you an amazing wedding and honeymoon!! I'll definitely be on herochat!
1 Month ago
I have to go on hiatus for a while, I don't think I'll be able to shiny/sm hunt for users or post for a few months. Having a few irl issues ^^"
1 Month ago
Ants have taken over our street and gardens! FLYING ants!!!
1 Month ago
Having really serious irl issues at the moment so I might not be able to sm hunt Ralts this time but I still have everyone's names for the future so no need to worry about that ♡
Also soon to leave school for good! Can't believe it's gone so quickly! o.o But at least I'll be at college full time! ♡
1 Month ago
"Oh, look! Seems like this egg comes from your Pokémon! (I wonder how this works exactly?)
Releasing in 23:19h"
2319! We've got a 2319!

Cringe I know, I just had to XD
1 Month ago
Someone blocked me for wishing them happy birthday... what the flip?!
1 Month ago
By Auction House - 13 Hours and 42 Minutes ago.You have been outbid on an auction!

Auction:  Vanillite
(Your bid: 1 )

I never even bid on an auction! Q-Q
1 Month ago
Boi do I have a "great" story...
Took my harlequin bun and giant chinchilla bun to the vets to have their jabs and claws clipped. The harlequin was fine, panicked a little but soon calmed down. My Chinchilla bun however... (c)
1 Month ago
By PokéRadar - 1 Hour and 3 Minutes ago.Congratulations! A shiny Sentret hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #267)!

Yass! My hunts over!
1 Month ago
I finally made my own avatar and it actually worked!! \(>O<)/
1 Month ago
So... If bread can’t earn money... Where do they get their dough from?
Cause if they ain’t got naan money, they ain’t got naan dough and if they ain’t got naan dough then they’re toast!
Which is a pitta but I guess if you were raised without money wouldn’t you be toast too?

I’m on a roll with these puns today! XD

I am so sorry but I just had like a whole jalapeño loaf and my head is buzzing! XD
2 Months ago