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Trainerlevel: 40

Trainerpoints: 771/4,839


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Noctowl17232,315 / 89,269
Woobat16955,299 / 86,191
1,017706,834 / 3,696,678
Mightyena16976,286 / 86,191
Wounded Sigilyph
17421,351 / 91,351
Floette (White)16869,153 / 85,177

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #910507206
Registration: 07/05/2014 (8 Years ago)
Game Time: 2001:47 Hours
Total interactions: 271,773
Money: 1,099,183
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


pokes head in for first time in months just to grab something and hop out
3 Years ago
(Im online rarely . but im not dead >_< not sure if anyone cares here though since most of my close friends have my skype and get messages from me everyday. Though just noticed ph is almost at 100k users (though most people dont play anymore as the site says 2000 daily) but hey thats gonna happen this weekend ^_^
5 Years ago
(Im in florida still hours from home but im "HOME"
5 Years ago
4 hours and im leaving (though apparently our first flight is at 7:00 and we have to leave the location we are going to in 4 hours at 3:00 am... I hate doing international travel >_<
5 Years ago
Got 26 more hours till i head out on my trip .well actually im not going to the airport for 37 hours but im going to meet up with my group in 26 and after that well you might not be seeing me since ima be sleeping and the plane flight is really early in the morning after that wifi is gonna be iffy
5 Years ago
Alright this is officialy my last message. Getting my wisdom teeth removed see ya peeps
5 Years ago
Its 1:30 am . do i face the coming morning that will result in my wisdo. Teeth being removed or do i keep doing art stuff and get as tired as i can cause this is gonna be a long day ._.
5 Years ago
When your cat steps into the paints you have while your painting and runs off leaving pawprints everywhere>_< i honestly would expect this from my dog but from my cat really?
5 Years ago
Havnt even had my wisdom teeth removed and im going through hell cause one decided to push through already . so my gums are swollen
5 Years ago
Wooo schools over (well i have a test on thursday) BUT ITS OVER ^_^

after next thursday dont expect to hear much from me till july
5 Years ago
Im wide awake. And honestly tomorrow (well today since its 3 am) is technically the last day of school still has to write one last paragraph for a project anyway dont think im falling asleep
But its almost over (just gonna go to school to bother some peeps to sign my year book and do that paragrapg
5 Years ago
Mom tells me puerto rico has voted to become a state
First question :wait didnt. They not want to be come a state
Second thought : (HOW THE FREAK ARE THEY GONNA CHANGE THE FLAG) i mean i know theyve done it before but if they do it again theres so many flags ya need to update

(Though that is if they decide to but the usa flag has a star for every state that wouldnt be true if another is added and its not changed)
5 Years ago
I got a shiny ho-oh from my moon wonderlocke. O_O

Also its a legal (looks like it might even be legit but im not 100% on that )

... Im not going to use it though . but i may look for some help to trade it over to another game to keep it
5 Years ago
NUUUU i just lost dartrix in my wonderlocke

Got hit with continental crush . if it was just a regular rock type move it wouldve had a chance but the z-move obliterated it .
Rip my starter that was brought back to me

Now i need to figure out what i cab replace it with (luckly my wonderlocke hasbeen good to me and i have a huge storage of pokemon .but its still sad it was about to evolve :(
5 Years ago
Finally on my way back .and my sun nuzlocke team has changed (though i have a stock of pokemon ) i managed to get a zubat again (twice. So ive had 3 zubats since this is a regular nuzlocke where .dupes are allowed )but. We had a bunch of. Evos and a few deaths my current team being dugtrio marowack incinaroar golbat magneton (anyone know where to evolve it in sun . ? Cause i need that magnezone) and ribonne(which in both my nuzlockes weve refered to as tiny death cause thats what it is its been a real help in both)
5 Years ago
Alright im going camping tonight into tomorrow so im doing my sun nuzlocke when i can (probbably in the middle of the night under my sleeping bag) ill update everyone on that whenever i get back online (because cellular connection sucks on the camp grounds.) I wont be rping tonight
5 Years ago
I got a rockruff from my wonderlocke (btw still only lost 1 pomemon. Current team honedge gyrados sandslash deino ribonne dartrix (i might replace sandslash but than again ive worked so hard on it so to get rid og it now >_> but i have two potential pomemon to replace it. This egg move rockruff or mudsdale both of which are among my favorite pokemon
5 Years ago
The next pokemon.wingul.... Ima just box it as gyrados will have flying water covered
5 Years ago
Well i got a full team for my wonderlocke now magikarp (obtained level 1) sandshrew (obtained level 1) honedge (obtained level 1) cutiefly(obtained level 1) deino (level 13) youngoose (obtained level17) now everyone but my newest deino is level 15-20 but this kinda shows you how many wondertraded pokemon are fodder from breeding (though said fodder often have good egg moves if your in a wonderlocke) anyway this is seriously showing how much easier a wonderlocke is than a nuzlocke. Atleast to me. Ive only lost 1 pokemon(not including earliers incident) anyway ill probbably swap youngoose soon as i have another capture coming up soon
5 Years ago
Most recent adition to my wonderlocke team
Cutiefly . level 1 with quite a decent moveset (guessing it was bred) of absorb moonblast leech life psychic.

Also it seems with the wonderlocke i might have a full team from the get go (i mean if we dont include the pursuit incident . im thinking im going to ignore pursuit deaths from now on.)
5 Years ago



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