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About Me

23 ~ Female
Hi all! Just so you know my page may say that I'm online when I'm really not. I do a lot of work from my computer and I tend to leave this tab open in the background for hours on end.
I have boxes labeled Extra and Special Extra. Anything in the Extra box is on the cheap end and I would be willing to trade for PD, fossils, keys, boxes (not blue), or gems. If you are interested in anything from the Special Extra box, please inquire via PM or PalPad.
Feel free to add me to your firendlist! Barring certain circumstances, I will usually return.
Palpad does not work well on my phone, and I do access PH from my phone a lot! If I don't respond for a while, I'm not ignoring you, I just can't see it until I'm next on my laptop!
Messages with solicitations for things I'm not buying/selling (e.g. it's not listed above, in my feeds, or on the GTS) or handouts aren't appreciated and will be met with the block button.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #718450426
Registration: 01/06/2016 (6 Years ago)
Game Time: 1615:00 Hours
Total interactions: 1,397,344
Money: 6,187,448
Starter Pokémon: Empoleon


What are the colored Miniors going for these days? I've got some extra light blue ones, want to put them up for something fair.
3 Years ago
Oof. Missed more than half of this one since I wasn't paying attention to the clock. Was on track for a Victini, but guess I'll have to wait for the next one
3 Years ago
It occurs to me- I think the no limit on how many can do an SCE is dragging down the performance. The limit probably served as a way to save servers
3 Years ago
894 interactions, half of the last one. However, if you load the clicklist before the SCE starts, and then start clicking once it's going, should help with the issue of reaching them. Was pretty laggy with it loaded, but at least I was able to do something
3 Years ago
So I had to format my laptop and I lost one of my game saves and I'm devastated. I thought I had backed it up, but this program saves files that look like saves that I did back up but hides the real ones somewhere I did not back up. I had like 150 hours in that one and was right before the final boss. ;~;
3 Years ago
Aww. Unown flake also makes regular unowns in the daycare...
3 Years ago
Anyone out there still interested in trading for Flight Rising stuff? I've still got a lot of treasure, gems, and I think a decent stock of old items. Palpad or PM me if interested!
3 Years ago
No premium sale, so I guess I'm still holding out. I've put my Ditto and Unknown Flake in the daycare for the time being, so I'll have extras for sale at some point! The lack of premium bonus means they'll be slow to come, though
3 Years ago
Oof, missed the special pokemon yesterday. What was it? I'll get going on breeding one
3 Years ago
So we have gas leaks. Again. So no heat for a while...
3 Years ago
Oops, accidentally took the Oak pokemon. Oh, well
3 Years ago
#MyWishForChristmas Hoping for a nice keyboard, my current one is pretty cheap and sad
3 Years ago
Anyone want to exchange gifts?
3 Years ago
Aw, I just realized something. There's no sale right now. :( Will I have to wait for summer for the next one? I'm waiting for a sale to get my premium back
3 Years ago
Ok, I don't think I'm getting Treasure Hunt notifications or GTS notifications anymore for some reason
3 Years ago
Hm. Weird, I'm not getting GTS notifications for some reason
3 Years ago
I got...a megable Feebas? Wasn't aware that was megable...
3 Years ago
2018 was a big year. Graduated, got a good job, lots of awesome stuff :D
3 Years ago
I have 14 green keys and 14 purple keys. Would anyone be interested in trading one of these key sets for the other box color?
3 Years ago

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