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Trainerlevel: 27

Trainerpoints: 868/2,213


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Alomomola13360 / 438
Basculin (Red)12219 / 469
Trubbish26460 / 2,107
Barboach18250 / 1,027
Goldeen261,929 / 2,107
Tentacool20845 / 1,576


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Ilannah47347 9 Months ago
karashadows 10 Months ago
Bigbearz1991 10 Months ago
Zabuza 10 Months ago

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karashadows hasn't collected any medals so far.

Game Records

Trainer ID: #717237021
Registration: 29/02/2016 (3 Years ago)
Game Time: 161:19 Hours
Total interactions: 99,646
Money: 86,898
Starter Pokémon: Emboar


By ~Markiplier~


Since I hatched a shiny Zigzagoon, I think it's time for another giveaway. This time, I'm giving away 100 nuggets. Share the hashtag and I'll pick a winner at reset
11 Months ago
By Rare_pepe - 22 Hours and 12 Minutes ago.

howdy, if u use/post the hashtag #despacito2 then u can get some goodies like:

- 200k, 3 shiny Venusuars and a megable Bulbasaur
-100k, and 2 shiny Venusuars and a megable Venusuar
-1 shiny Venusuar and 100 dp worth of plushies that u want

ends on July 26th ;0
11 Months ago

Considering the amount of participants I got in this giveaway I think it would be deliberately unfair to have a single winner so yeah let's make it much more better with 3 prizes to 3 random users, henceforth the prizes are updated as follows :

1st Prize - 1000 Nuggets
2nd Prize - 500 Nuggets
3rd Prize - 250 Nuggets

Everything else remains same and no need to bother about choosing the number. So yeah once again good luck and hope you have a nice day.
1 Year ago

By Moone -

Hmm.. I should do a hashtag giveaway... to spread the love >w<

Share the hashtag #ItsJokeBuuBuuDesuWaSmolDemon (I'm in idol heaven right now, as you can see x'D) and you'll get a chance to win...

1st Place: 115 nuggets!
2nd Place: 150k PD!
3rd Place: 50 nuggets and 50k PD!

and... for a 4th Place... a Shiny Aerodactyl and a Mega-Able Buneary! ^w^

This will end on June 30th, at reset! So, one day! Good luck everyone!
1 Year ago
By: Sebastiann


To be an ironic waste of space (and because my boyfriend said I wouldn't make this post)

Share it to enter, ends June 30, 2018 at reset


1- 200 Nuggets and a Shiny Heracross
2- 50k PD and a Shiny Heracross
3- Shiny Heracross

[Please Click Here To Share ]
1 Year ago
I've never hosted a hashtag thingy before :0 !!!

Share #ohheck and 3 random users will win ,,

1. A shiny Jangmo-o + 200 nuggets
2. 50 grass gems + 100 nuggets
3. A batch of random boxes/keys + 300k PD

- ends tomorrow at reset -
1 Year ago
By techno314
Alright, lets get this raffle started. I am giving 800 nuggets. All you have to do to enter is share this feed and that is it. Everyone who enters only gets 1 ticket and cannot get more. Good luck.
1 Year ago
By Monkey_D_Luffy

1 Year ago
#FreeMil Final Round by Argentis

Given that this weekend is an SCE weekend, well, best get started today no?

How to join:
1) Get FreeMil to be the top trending hashtag before 23:59 on Feb 25.
2) Pick a number between 1 and 100.
3) Pick a Pokemon between Bulbasaur (#1) and Zeraora (#807)
4) Hope you get lucky on Feb 26, on site, for your number and Pokemon being chosen!

This is strictly a give-away. No PD for ticket buying, everyone has one chance to win!

[Google Share]
14 & vulpix
1 Year ago
By RoxasNuggetsXIII

Hey guys. Did you know that I've now been on this site for a whole year?! It's crazy to see how time flies. I love this site and I love a lot of the people I've met on here and became great friends with and I felt like celebrating. Thought it's small it's still something ^^.

So if you share the hashtage #Roxas'AnniversaryEvent you will automatically be placed into a raffle where I will put everyone's names into a random generator who have shared this hashtag and will pick out the three names that will come out of it. There will be three prizes. There will only be one entry per person

~First Prize is a Flirty Minun and Flirty Plusle
~Second Prize is a Spring Amphros
~Third Prize is a Torcharch with an everstone attached to it.

The winners will be announced at reset tomorrow ^^ Good luck everyone
1 Year ago
Does anyone know how to find the hoops rings. I need help
1 Year ago
#interactionexchange please?
1 Year ago
By Solaire

Hello, all!

I have decided to shiny hunt Zekrom, and in return, I am setting up a HUGE raffle with nearly 8.5 million PD worth of rare Pokémon up for grabs (this includes a Ditto and an Articuno in the mix!).

I have set up a page for this shiny hunt and raffle. You can find all information regarding my hunt on this page here!

Sharing this working post is also worth 2 tickets for the raffle (you can find a working version on the shiny hunt page, at the very bottom of the first feed). So get to sharing! ^-^

We are currently 3 dark stones away from the next prize!

See y'all around!
1 Year ago
1 Year ago
1 Year ago
By Jiren
Alright. I'm thinking of a number between 1-151.

Closest guess (or the right guess) will get 1 shiny Riolu + 1 mega-able Riolu!

All you have to do is share the #JirenRaffle with your number and you're entered! Reposted due to coding.

You only get one answer. Ends at reset.
My number is 14
1 Year ago


hi guys, I'm gonna be leaving pokeheroes, It's been fun but I feel like I'm not enjoying the game.

so i'm gonna be giving away EVERYTHING I own, I have 794,491 pokedollars, 101 nuggets and alot of items and pokemon, it might not be much but hey, it's free stuff.

so if you're interested in a chance of winning all this free stuff then share this hashtag and this message.

if nobody enters the raffle by some time in the future I'll just give all my stuff to a friend
1 Year ago


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