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Trainerlevel: 49

Trainerpoints: 2,489/7,251


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Lasagna 36
1,0201,288,010 / 3,124,261
63743,383 / 1,219,219
(Zoroark (Hisuian))
441125,826 / 688,575

Pokemon Favorites
Region: Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova
Type: Psychic, Steel, and Ghost
Pokemon: Scizor, Metagross, and Spiritomb
Gym Leader: Wallace, Drayden, and Larry
Elite Four: Lucian, Grimsley, and Larry
Champion: Steven, Cynthia, and Alder
Villain: Archie, Cyrus, and Colress

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Game Records

Trainer ID: #708164419
Registration: 06/03/2014 (9 Years ago)
Game Time: 1478:41 Hours
Total interactions: 767,983
Money: 149,327
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


I've been playing Violet some more lately. Last night I was climbing up the giant crater thing, and I fell into it. I found a shiny Meditite (reminded me of the first shiny I ever found). Also, about 2 hours ago I found a shiny Noibat. The past few days my luck with shinies in the mainline games has gotten better.
5 Months ago
Bro, I just found a random shiny Litleo in Pokemon Violet. This is the third shiny I've ever found in a mainline game. (First being in Platinum when I was like 8, and the other being in Ultra Sun).
5 Months ago
I'm trying to find a somewhat cheap copy of Pokemon White 2, and I keep finding things that look like scams. Like I just found this one website, and the seller I found is also selling this gba game called "Pokemon Dark Cry". This is going to be an interesting experience to find this game for a reasonable price.
5 Months ago
i finally decided to try to complete my pokedex for violet, and i'm only missing two pokemon as of now. that being palafin and sandy shocks. i hope i can complete this soon.
5 Months ago
I drew a picture of Grimsley.
5 Months ago
the past few days i've been playing pokemon masters(its been a year since i played it), and it's been consuming a lot of my time lol.
5 Months ago
181 eggs hatched... still no shiny as of now.
5 Months ago
Rn it's running really hard outside my house (there's a lot of thundering and lightening happening. Also it's like 1 am). About 10 minutes ago there was a big *DUN DUUUUUUN* outside. And next thing I know is this toy from my childhood turns on and goes "Hi! I'm Barbie!" That made me scream more than the storm outside.
5 Months ago
I think it's kinda funny I forgot I had a shiny Aggron. My memory is so bad lol
5 Months ago
so far i've hatched 89 tandemaus eggs. i hope i can hatch a shiny soon.
5 Months ago
meloetta with danny devito's face

just got done drawing this, and i wanted to show it off here.
5 Months ago
man i'm craving something sweet to eat. like a carrot cake or a strawberry shortcake. those cakes are soo good imo.
5 Months ago
Ngl I was surprised that I got Zeraora to show up around 5K interactions. I wish I (and others) stay lucky with this event thing.
6 Months ago
i'm 6 days late, but happy pride everyone :))
6 Months ago
By Anniversary - 3 Hours and 7 Minutes ago.
You've been a member on PokéHeroes for more than 9 Years now!

Wow. 9 years already.
9 Months ago
no thoughts. brain empty rn.
10 Months ago
man. i love wooper.
1 Year ago
Interaction Exchange?
2 Years ago
I wonder how much a shiny mega Ditto would cost if it were real. 🤔🤔
2 Years ago
Riako is a legend
3 Years ago

kore | 20 | He/She/They

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Discord: jills.sandwich (kirbo)
Fire Emblem Heroes: 8498854443 (kirbo)
Pokemon Masters: 3479-4909-2543-1967 (kirbo)
Ensemble Stars: 6073869515 (kirbo)

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Shiny Hunt

kore is currently hunting Tandemaus.
Hunt started: 12/06/2023

Chain: 327


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